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Information Architects – The 100% Easy-2-Read Standard

Information Architects – The 100% Easy-2-Read Standard
by Oliver Reichenstein Most websites are crammed with small text that’s a pain to read. Why? There is no reason for squeezing so much information onto the screen. It’s just a stupid collective mistake that dates back to a time when screens were really, really small. So… Screen vs. magazine: 100% is NOT big; image by Wilson Miner. Don’t tell us to adjust the font size We don’t want to change our browser settings every time we visit a website! Don’t tell us busy pages look better Crowded websites don’t look good: they look nasty. Don’t tell us scrolling is bad Because then all websites are bad. Don’t tell us text is not important 95% of what is commonly referred to as web design is typography. Don’t tell us to get glasses Rather, stop licking your screen, lean back (!) Five Simple Rules 1. The font size you are reading right now is not big. We don’t want to click bigger or smaller buttons and we don’t want to change our preferences. 2. Let your text breathe. Good Nielsen – bad Nielsen. 3. 4. 5.

Tipografías embebibles… y compatibles con el español (V) Seguimos con la serie de tipografías “@font-faceables”. En esta quinta entrega tocan algo más de 30 tipografías ‘de palo’… Sans Serif Amaranth by Gesine Todt. Contiene variantes Bold, Italic y Bold Italic Automated stress testing for Web 2.0 applications helps Web developers find programming errors Public release date: 27-Feb-2012 [ Print | E-mail Share ] [ Close Window ] Contact: Gordon 49-681-302-70741Saarland University List of Open Innovation & Crowdsourcing Examples - Best practices Intermediary Platforms Research & Development platforms Innocentive – open innovation problem solvingIdeaConnection – idea marketplace and problem – IP market placePRESANS (beta) – connect and solve R&D problemsHypios – online problem solvingInnoget – research intermediary platformOne Billion Minds – online (social) challengesNineSigma – technology problem solvingIdeaken – collaborative – Community of innovators & creators. Marketing, Design & Idea platforms Collective Intelligence & Prediction platforms

Web fonts with @font-face Home / CSS3 Previews / Web fonts with @font-face Not exactly a feature which is new to CSS3, @font-face was first proposed for CSS2 and has been implemented in Internet Explorer since version 5! However, their implementation relied on the proprietary Embedded Open Type (.eot) format, and no other browsers decided to use this format. With the release of Safari 3.1, however, website makers can use any licensed TrueType (.ttf) or OpenType (.otf) font in their pages. Hey Dummy: This Is What "Responsive Design" Means The Internet isn’t just on your computer screen anymore. It’s also on your phone, your tablet, your laptop, and god knows what else in the next few years. So when you visit a modern webpage, its design should take our multiplatform world into account, and morph to ideally match the size and shape of the screen you’re viewing it on. This is called "responsive design," and it’s becoming more and more common--so much that, at least personally, when I view a blog on my phone and it doesn’t auto-shift to a mobile-optimized version, I get annoyed. Designers can geek out for pages and pages on the philosophy and technical nitty-gritty of responsive web design, but what if you (or your clients) just want to get a fast, layman-friendly snapshot of what it looks like and why it’s important? James Mellers has you covered, with a clever interactive demo called "Responsive Design, Responsively Illustrated."

Design Thinking 2.0: Enabling Innovation with Web 2.0 – Part 3 « IT Organization Circa 2017 In the first part of this series I examined the case for, and some of the key aspects of Design Thinking. In Part 2 of this series, I distinguished between “Core” and “Edge” Capabilities and made the point that Design Thinking typically is heavy on Edge capabilities, whereas most businesses, and certainly, most corporate IT organizations are highly biased towards Core capabilities. Now let’s drill into the Web 2.0 implications of Design Thinking.

Gallery How the US unemployment rate has varied over the last five years, county-by-county and month-by-month Map friends and followers and search terms around the world House prices for different neighborhoods in Boulder, Colorado A view of over 1,000 data sets from the World Bank, covering health, economic and social statistics for the last fifty years on countries around the world The US Presidential election results by state, starting in 1868 Usability Design for Online Web Forms Designers aren’t just creating pleasing graphics for the Internet anymore. As a web designer you need to consider other properties of user interaction and coding. UX design is possibly the most important topic to cover, and this is especially true designing web forms. All webmasters should understand this message. Your goal is to offer the simplest path for your users to move from filling out input forms to hitting the submit button. There isn’t a lot of special effects required, although jQuery form plugins have always been a popular topic.

Support Joomla! There are many ways you can support the Joomla! Project by contributing your time, talent and money. The most important support of the community comes from the many ways in which people volunteer in different parts of the Joomla! Project. 20 New High Quality Free Fonts - Smashing Magazine Advertisement Every now and again we take a look around, select “fresh” high-quality free fonts and present them to you in a brief overview. The choice is enormous, so the time you need to find them is usually the time you should be investing in your current projects. We search for them and we find them, so you don’t have to. In this selection we’re glad to present you Madawaska ExtraLight, Apparatus SIL, League Gothic, Contra and many other high-quality free fonts. Please read the license agreements carefully before using the fonts — the license can change from time to time.

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