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Award-Winning NoteTab Text Editors and HTML Editors Create Minimalist Start Page With Favorite Website Ico Bowser startpage users who like to keep it simple will instantly fall in love with (derived from “my favorites”) is a minimalist start page website that delivers great functionality in its simple design. If you do not know what a startpage is, it is a collection of web shortcuts shown in a thumbnail view. When it comes to startpage websites, many of them give you unlimited shortcuts options; this causes a clutter which is counterproductive ““ it makes it harder to reach your desired web shortcut. Features: Check out @ - The Free and Open Productivity Suite Using Dean Edwards IE7 Script The issue When Internet Explorer version 6 (IE6) was introduced in 2001 it was a groundbreaking product but browsers were then being developed so fast that it was soon overtaken by others which conformed better with web standards. IE6 quickly became the butt of authors' humour but, in spite of this, ten years later it is still widel y deployed and, although numbers are reducing, its final demise may well be some way off. Consequentially authors still need to design sites that will give visitors using IE6 an acceptable experience. IE7 script In the recent past authors have usually worked around the problem by writing a specific style sheet and targeting it at this browser [Ref 10] – a process that has often been very time-consuming. You seem to have scripts switched off. Dean Edwards' objective is to make IE6 behave like IE7. IE7 is a JavaScript library to make Microsoft Internet Explorer behave like a standards-compliant browser. The library has been made freely available for use. or

AbiWord IE5/6 Doubled Float-Margin Bug - CSS fixes and workarounds What Goes Wrong With Float Margins in IE6 A coder innocently places a left float into a container box, and uses a left margin on the float to push it away from the left side of the container. Seems pretty simple, right? Well it is until it's viewed in IE6. In that browser the left float margin has mysteriously been doubled in length! Thankfully, IE7 does not show this bug. The Way It Oughta Be The graphic below shows a simple div (tan box) containing a left-floated div (green box) . The Old IE "Doubletake" That exact same code when viewed in IE/Win is displayed in a slightly different way. Why is this happening? Important Points This bug only occurs when the float margin goes in the same direction as the float and is trapped directly between the float and the inside edge of the container box. At Last, A Fix! Steve Clason has discovered a fix, outlined in his Guest Demo, that fixes both this doubled margin bug and a weird text indent bug as well. So What Is It Already? Serendipity Well!

Kingsoft Office - Free Alternative to Microsoft (MS) Office Suite Software Three essential and full featured office applications: Writer, Spreadsheets and Presentation are designed with the familiar Microsoft Office user interface and functionality. As the only office suite product on the market Kingsoft Office Professional 2013 allows you to switch between the traditional Microsoft Office 2003 and new Microsoft Office 2007/2010/2013 ribbon style toolbar. Kingsoft Writer This powerful word processor gives you the ability to create professional looking content. Kingsoft Spreadsheets Gain the ability to create spreadsheets, analyze data and design professional-looking charts. Kingsoft Presentation Create high impact, dynamic presentations, multimedia slide shows, project proposals, interactive reports, and demonstrations.

The R programming language for programmers coming from other programming languages IntroductionAssignment and underscoreVariable name gotchasVectorsSequencesTypesBoolean operatorsListsMatricesMissing values and NaNsCommentsFunctionsScopeMisc.Other resources Ukrainian translation Other languages: Powered by Translate Introduction I have written software professionally in perhaps a dozen programming languages, and the hardest language for me to learn has been R. R is more than a programming language. This document is a work in progress. Assignment and underscore The assignment operator in R is <- as in e <- m*c^2. It is also possible, though uncommon, to reverse the arrow and put the receiving variable on the right, as in m*c^2 -> e. It is sometimes possible to use = for assignment, though I don't understand when this is and is not allowed. However, when supplying default function arguments or calling functions with named arguments, you must use the = operator and cannot use the arrow. At some time in the past R, or its ancestor S, used underscore as assignment. Vectors Sequences

Information flow part 2: Information and metadata | sys 64738 Honestly, metadata is really, really boring. But hey, metadata is extremely useful. Without good metadata, we can’t really solve the findability problems we have on our intranet. In order to give the right person, the right information, at the right time, at the right place and in the right way, we must use metadata extensively. Important note: I’m foremost a practitioner and I prefer systems that solve problems in a pragmatic way. There are some problems… If it’s hard to add metadata to the information and it is mandatory to add it, then all publishers will simply use the first available metadata at hand in order to get past the mandatory metadata. But to any problem there is a solution… The most important thing is that it should be very easy to add metadata to any information. We have decided to have three separate types of keyword metadata: Content analysisKeyword serviceControlled listsTagging service Content analysis and the keyword service Controlled lists, one type of master-metadata