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QUAND? : des Clics et des Calques devebere FABRIQUES - Architectures Paysages Göteborg Bathing Culture “The City of Gothenburg will present the Jubilee Park with a proposed development timeframe of seven years, 2014-2021. If used effectively, the timespan between planning and implementation could contribute to creating a new commonspace; a platform in the city that is both physical and relational.” In this framework, raumlaborberlin is working on the realization of a public bath. As a first step the sauna tower and the changing rooms were completed in 2014. Frihamnen, one of the harbor areas of Gothenburg, is gradually losing its industrial character and is steadily becoming a new, central part of the city, open to be discovered and adopted by the citizens. For sustainable urban growth and the creation of a specific harbour park at Frihamnen it is necessary to preserve the memory of the site by attempting to intertwine with old structures, both physically and emotionally, the feeling and the qualities of the current state of ‚waiting‘ for new uses, buildings and temporary interventions.

MDW Architecture - Studio Studio umschichten is an artistic practice based in the Wagenhallen in Stuttgart (Germany). The studio uses temporary architecture as an approach for immediate action and creates built interventions in order to display local needs, ideas or passion. umschichten visualizes theories, problems or a constellation of men and material by thinking about urban identities and the representation of different social and cultural groups in a city. They work fiercely on the boarders of love and fear in the urban space. Kontakt umschichten Innerer Nordbahnhof 1 70191 Stuttgart Peter Weigand Dipl. Lukasz Lendzinski Dipl. Team Hans Henrik Fricke Cameron Bray Natalie Stricker Alper Kazokoglu Impressum Verantwortlich für den Inhalt Peter Weigand & Lukasz Lendzinski Webdesign Christina Schmid Programmierung Fabian Genthner Haftungsausschluss Die Angaben dieser Internetseiten dienen nur der unverbindlichen allgemeinen Information.

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