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The Spartacus Workout

The Spartacus Workout
Three years ago, producers at Starz asked Men’s Health to create a workout worthy of the name Spartacus, the network’s hit original series. With the help of Rachel Cosgrove, C.S.C.S., an Ironman triathlete and 2012 personal trainer of the year, we did just that—and it became the most popular workout in Men’s Health history! Now we’ve made it even better. Cosgrove’s newest version of the Spartacus Workout is called the Triple Set Scorcher. DIRECTIONS Perform the following workout 3 days a week with a day of rest between each session. PLUS: Spartacus—The Greatest Workout Ever— is now available on DVD! Photograph by Ture Lillegraven Next » 1a: Plank with Leg Lift Assume a pushup position but with your weight on your forearms instead of your hands. 1b: Dumbbell Chop Hold a dumbbell with a hand-over-hand grip above your right shoulder, as shown. 1c: Dumbbell Lunge Hold a pair of dumbbells next to your sides and stand tall with your feet hip-width apart. 2b: Dumbbell Push Press 2c: Goblet Squat

50 Bodyweight Exercises You Can Do Anywhere Who needs a gym when there’s the living room floor? Bodyweight exercises are a simple, effective way to improve balance, flexibility, and strength without machinery or extra equipment. From legs and shoulders to chest and abs, we’ve covered every part of the body that can get stronger with body resistance alone. Full Body 1. Stand up tall with the legs straight, and do like Lil’ Jon and let those fingertips hit the floor. 2. Standing with the knees slightly bent, jump up as high as possible (pretend Jeremy Lin is watching!) 3. Embrace that inner grizzly. 4. Starting on your hands and knees, bring the left foot forward directly under the chest while straightening the right leg. 5. Ready to catch some air? 6. Turn those stairs into a cardio machine—no magic wand necessary. 7. Beginning on all fours with the core engaged, slowly walk the hands forward, staying on the toes but not moving them forward. 8. 9. Nope, we’re (thankfully) not walking the plank. 10. Legs 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17.

Burpees Exercise: Lose The Fat In One Simple Move That was the drill every morning in middle school. I hated it. I know everyone in my physical education class hated it, but we did not have an option. All we wanted to do was play basketball, softball or flag football, but not this. At the time I did not understand just how valuable an exercise this was. Build Athleticism Using A Simple Exercise In order to becoming athletic or simply get fit it takes doing a lot of cardio or lifting weights- or so we are told. Bodyweight workouts are often not even mentioned in gyms and are rarely talked about in fitness magazines. Burpees Exercises- A Full Body Exercise To Lose Fat The burpees exercise is a simple exercise that only requires your body and nothing else. In order to do a burpee you have to follow this sequence: Note: the movement should be done without stopping and each repetition is performed non-stop, moving from one repetition to the next. Do as many burpees as fast as possible for a period of one minute. Why This Exercise Works So Well

My Rules for Consistent Happiness I work at a newspaper, I'm at home at 2 am or even later. I also have a second job. yeah, I guess its good advice, but not realistic. Are you really sure there isn't a decision point in there? I have a pretty full life too, but rarely can I imagine a situation where I didn't have a choice to disengage at 9:30p if I so chose. I am sure most people have the choice, but they would have to give up other things or let people down. Some things are not by choice - if you have a child who is crying and cannot sleep at 2200, it would mess up your perfect schedule. Or even if you include fun things that you would absolutely miss, like seeing the fireworks at the ballpark on 4th of July because they occur after the game has concluded, usually around 2200-2300. Just think about people like George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Edison, Benjamin Franklin, Martin Luther King Jr., Albert Einstein, Barack Obama and whoever else you can think of. Everyone has the same amount of time every single day.

CHFA's "Revive in Five" Challenge Looking to kick-start your health and fitness routine? Great news, you have come to the right spot! CHFA has developed a five week program designed to revitalize your health in just five weeks through fitness, an organic diet, and complimenting supplements. The Revive in Five Challenge is a well-rounded approach to revitalizing your health from the inside, out in just five weeks. You’ll find great fitness tips developed by Kristi Richards, World Champion and Olympic mogul skier and Nanci Guest, Dietitian, Strength & Conditioning Coach suggestions for organic foods to include in your diet, and natural health products (NHPs) with which to compliment it. The Revive in Five Challenge is designed to benefit participants at any level of fitness and will prepare them for long-term, holistic health. You can download the complete program here to stick on your fridge or you can find more details on the main page for each week.

Insanity Workout Drop serious pounds and sculpt sexy curves with Insanity, the DVD craze that lives up to the hype. The magic behind the routine comes from plyometrics: explosive, full-body exercises that rev your heart rate and ratchet up metabolism to torch megacalories and build lean muscle. We asked Insanity creator Shaun Thompson for his top multitasking moves to help you get an insane body in only 20 minutes. You'll need: Zilch. The plan: Do each sizzler for 1 minute without stopping between exercises. The HEISMAN Works: shoulders, arms, abs, butt, thighsStand with feet hip-width apart, elbows bent, arms close to body. Stance Jacks Works: shoulders, abs, obliques, butt, thighsStand with feet together, arms raised to chest level, elbows out, fingertips touching. Hit the Floor Works: abs, butt, thighsStand with feet shoulder-width apart, arms down. Works: abs, butt, thighsStand with feet hip-width apart, knees soft, arms down. Double Diamond

5 Fast Rules to Be Bigger, Leaner, and Stronger: The World's Smartest Workout If you want to pack on muscle fast, the old saying is true: You need to train smarter, not harder. Using my five new principles of size, all it takes is 3 exercises, 3 days a week. Monday 1. Bench press 2. Chinup 3. Do 25 total reps of each exercise, using a weight you can lift 4 to 6 times before your speed slows down or your form changes. (Tuesday: Rest) Wednesday 1. Do 40 total reps of each exercise with each arm or each leg, using a weight you can lift 10 to 12 times before your speed slows down or your form changes. (Thursday: Rest) Download the 8-Page Pack on Muscle Like a Pro Guide Friday 1. Do 15 total reps of each exercise, using a weight you can lift 2 to 3 times before your speed slows down or your form changes. For more cutting-edge workouts and no-nonsense training advice, order your copy of Men's Health Huge in a Hurry, by Chad Waterbury, at TAKE CHARGE OF YOUR HEALTH, BODY, AND LIFE!

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