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The Family Guide to Movie Reviews

The Family Guide to Movie Reviews

Les Enfants Terribles Summary[edit source | editbeta] This story concerns the siblings Paul and Elisabeth who start this story without a father and with a bed-ridden mother, whom Elisabeth looks after. At school Paul is obsessed with the feminine looking Dargelos, while Paul’s school friend Gerard is enthralled by the siblings. However after Paul becomes ill when Dargelos throws a snowball with a stone inside at him, Elisabeth cares for both him and their mother. The game devised by Paul and Elisabeth often involves the siblings trying to hurt each other's feelings, where the winner is the one that leaves the contest with the last word, a sense of superiority and ideally having caused a display of angry frustration from the other. Elisabeth soon takes up a job as a model, where she meets Agathe, a girl who was orphaned at a young age after her drug-addicted parents committed suicide. References[edit source | editbeta]

Les Enfants Terribles (film) Les Enfants terribles ("The terrible children") is a 1950 French film directed by Jean-Pierre Melville and based on Jean Cocteau's novel of the same name. The first feature film of Melville, Le Silence de la Mer (1949), attracted the attention of Jean Cocteau, who commissioned him to direct the film version of 'Les enfants terribles'. Synopsis[edit source | editbeta] Elisabeth is very protective of her teenage brother Paul, who has been injured in a snowball fight at school and has to rest in bed most of the time. The siblings are inseparable, living in the same room, fighting, playing secret games, and rarely leaving the house. External links[edit source | editbeta]

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