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Related:  Fabrication (3D) FreeCAD : Le modeleur CAO paramétrique libre FreeCAD est un modeleur 3D paramétrique fait principalement pour concevoir des objets réels de toutes les tailles. La conception paramétrique permet d'éditer facilement votre design en remontant dans l'historique du modèle afin d'en changer les paramètres. FreeCAD est libre et fortement personnalisable, scriptable et extensible. FreeCAD est multiplatefome (Windows, Mac et Linux) et ouvre et sauvegarde de nombreux formats de fichier tels que STEP, IGES, STL, SVG, DXF, OBJ, IFC, DAE et beaucoup d'autres. En savoir plus... À qui FreeCAD s'adresse? L'utilisateur occasionnel ou le bricoleur. L'utilisateur CAO expérimenté. Le programmeur. L' éducateur.

3D Printing Apps - GCodePrintr, GCodeSimulator, GCodeInfo & more 30 Most Innovative 3D Printing Companies 2016 3D printing business and the number of 3D printing startups continues to grow. Here are the most innovative 3D printing companies in 2016. As the 3D printing industry continues to grow, its landscape inevitably continues to shift and evolve. This feature focuses primarily on innovative and new(er) start-up companies within the additive manufacturing space — those that have identified a new opportunity and/or developed new processes and technology — with one notable exception. However, if you think we‘ve missed any important 3D printing companies, please feel free to add your contributions in the comments section. Innovative 3D Printing Companies #1: 3D Hubs What Does This 3D Printing Company Do? Why Is It One of the Most Innovative 3D Printing Companies? To date, 3D Hubs has successfully closed three rounds of funding, and the number of registered hubs (personal 3D printers and industrial services) has grown to a 40,000 strong network. When: Launched 2013. HQ: The Netherlands More: Website

Inkscape (2D) Mug Music: Turn Water Into an Instrument with Arduino and ChucK What if you could turn any conductive surface into an instrument? Like, say...a mug of water? Best of all, it's cheap; you'll only need $1 worth of extra electrical components (not including the Arduino). For this project, my friend Harvest and I combined Disney's Touché touch-sensing system with Arduino, and then used ChucK to generate music based on the input. Some thank-you's are in order: Prerequisites: You will find this Instructable much easier to follow if you have a basic understanding of circuits. Common problems, things to watch out for, etc: Make sure your laptop is properly grounded when you do this (e.g. plug it into a wall). Github: A .zip download of all code is available at the next step, but here's the github repo if you want to download the code from there as well. More projects: Check out my blog at to see what I'm up to.

eclsnowman/HercuLien: HercuLien - Large Format, Dual Extrusion, Bowden/Direct Drive Modular, 3D Printer. Inspired by many... Created by me. French Home Appliance Wants You to 3D Print Spare Parts Major French brand Boulanger wants customers to 3D print spare parts, launches new website, “happy3D” to host and share their own exclusive brand designs. Cults 3D announced a new platform that will have many people saying “Finally!” The digital marketplace is partnering up with Boulanger, a major home appliance and multimedia specialist in France to help customers 3D print spare parts quickly and efficiently via their new happy3D website. Boulanger is a huge company in France, making this development that much more exciting. The 60-year-old institution boasts 9,000 employees selling and servicing 20,000 products around the country. “To slow product obsolescence, customers must be able to repair their own high-tech devices and household appliances,” says Gaële Wuilmet, Director of Boulanger Services and Innovation, and B’dom. Can Boulanger Make 3D Printed Spare Parts the Norm? For customers who don’t own printers, Boulanger will hook them up with local 3D Hubs members.

Threefab Javascript 3D Making music with JELL-O and 10 other foods And to think, we were always told as kids not to play with our food! Over the last couple of months, we’ve seen a number of edible musical arrangements from chicken nuggets to sushi. Thanks to Nashville and Atlanta-based ad agency redpepper, we can add one more piece of food to the list: JELL-O. In an effort to “make capacitive touch more festive and jiggly,” the team created a keyboard using an [Atmel-based] Arduino and several LED lights embedded inside small JELL-O molds, each programmed to play different Piezo tones when tapped. Hungry for more meal-inspired, piano-like music? Gingerbread Houses Chicken McNuggets Sushi Veggie Burgers Bananas Pizza Carrots Hershey Kisses French Cuisine Oranges Like this: Like Loading... Related Turning chicken nuggets and sushi into music with MaKey MaKey In "Arduino" Happy Hallow-uino! Let’s face it, Halloween is arguably one of, if not, the best night to be a Maker -- a celebration full of carving, candy consumption, and of course, DIY props and costumery.