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28 Decorating Tricks To Brighten Up Your Rented Home

28 Decorating Tricks To Brighten Up Your Rented Home
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SMP Living If we had to pick one thing that the Parisians do crazy well, it’s picnicking (or maybe fashion). But for this how-to, we’re focusing on their ability to lay out the yummiest wine + cheese + baguette spreads. Learn the easy five step approach to packing a gorgeous French apero from Katie Donnelly Photography plus find even more pretty inspirtion in the VAULT. Living in Paris there are only a few things that are ever certain: rain, red lipstick, the Eiffel Tower, and Parisians picnicking the second it becomes sunny. In France, picnics in the evening fall under the category of “aperitif” but everyone calls it “apero” for short. While there are a few obvious things that always make their appearance (ahem, wine and cheese I’m looking at you!) An apero can consist of many different things but first and foremost, there is always wine. FROMAGE! Your quick guide to serving cheese: If the French culture is anything, it is ceremonial. Snacks! Baguette. Charcuterie. Join The Conversation

10 of the smallest homes in the world: A truly eco-abode Interested in uplifting stories on the natural world, sustainable communities, simple food, and new thinking on how to live well? Please enter a valid email address and try again! No thanks 99 low-cost organizing tips Getting and staying organized isn't easy. If you're struggling to conquer clutter once and for all, our simple 99 organizing tips should help get you started. We know, we know: getting organized can be easier vowed than done. But even if you’re short on time (and budget), there are dozens of ways you can get your house in order. Here are 99 of our favourite low-cost organizing tips; many of them are environmentally friendly, too! 1 Use old baby-food jars to hold spices. 2 Store all your instruction manuals in one binder in the kitchen or pantry. 3 Collect your takeout menus in a binder. 4 Use a cardboard six-pack container to carry condiments from kitchen to deck in BBQ-casual style. 5 Keep a tray or basket on the kitchen counter where kids can drop off permission slips and adults can put mail requiring immediate action. 6 Don’t waste time constantly topping up cereal-sized food storage containers with dog or cat kibble. 8 Can’t find fresh garlic or onions? 23 Got kids?

Live, Love, Laugh Everyday in Kindergarten How To Create a Gallery Wall on a Budget Gallery Wall Inspiration With $200 to spend upfront and a large space to fill, I knew my vision of a gallery wall was not immediately attainable. I would be hard pressed to find just frames for this price, let alone mats and art. I took a different approach in order to spread the cost out over time and avoid rushing into buying pieces I didn't love. What our apartment lacks in square footage it makes up for in height, and while volume doesn't translate to usable area, it can give the perception of a larger space The 12’ wide by 14’ high wall in our living room is the perfect canvas for something striking, that draws your eye up, offering the illusion of a grand space. Step 1: Select frames and create a diagram to play with layout options. I did some research on frames and decided to go with IKEA because of cost constraints and because they had the clean look that I wanted. More on designing the layout for a framed collage: How To: Hang Art in Groups (Like Kate Spade) More on hanging art:

70 Amazing Houses from Around the World Top 70 Most Amazing Houses from Around the World Article by Urbanist, filed under Houses & Residential in the Architecture category. Do you prefer the quiet calm of a house on the water or the daring adventure of a house hanging off of a cliff or an uncanny underground hoome? A giant space in which to sprawl or a tiny nook in which to seek solitude? Whether you aspire to something exotic and unique or comfortable and cozy there is a dream home here for you. Sorted into eight types, here are seventy of the most amazing, unusual, offbeat and unique houses in the world. 1) Unique Beach and Lake Houses: What could be more relaxing and peaceful than an extended stay at a house on the water? 2) Dizzying Cliff and Mountain Houses: If beach houses are relaxing these precarious structures are anything but. 3) Crazy Condos and Townhouses: Of course, not everyone can afford an extra lake house or to live with an amazing view from a mountain home. The complete list of links from above:

Cha-Ching: 5 Domestic Skills That Will Save You Money No matter how small your paycheck, you can always save money by doing things yourself that you would otherwise pay someone else to do. Below are five skills you should have in your domestic toolbox, ideally when you're just starting out on your own, but it's never too late to learn (and to save). 1. Cooking Cooking is probably the most effective money-saving domestic skill you can possibly have. My cooking skills have improved a lot since my 20s when I was first living on my own, but even then I was able to (and did) cook for myself. Nowadays, the internet offers so much cooking inspiration and instruction—there's no excuse not to learn. 2. Sewing your own clothes is usually not a money saver because clothes are relatively inexpensive these days compared to the price of fabric, but the ability to alter and repair your own clothes can save you plenty of money at the tailor's. Sewing for your home is where you can really save money though. 3. 4. 5. What domestic skill do you wish you had?

Community Action Partnership | County of Riverside | IDA: Frequently Asked Questions What is an “IDA”? IDAs, or Individual Development Accounts, are special matched savings accounts designed to help families and individuals of modest means establish a pattern of regular saving and, ultimately, purchase a “productive asset.” A “productive asset” is something of value that is likely to return substantial long-term benefits to its owner — benefits like security, stability and opportunities for more income. RivCo.IDA participants may use their savings and match money toward any one of three productive assets: a first-time home purchase, a small business start-up or expansion, or post-secondary education or vocational training. What is a “savings match”? Why would anyone give away money like that? Savings matches are not “giveaways.” Is there more to an IDA Program than just savings matches? Absolutely! Who is eligible to participate? RivCo.IDA is open to individuals or families who meet the following criteria: 1. 2. 3. What is required of IDA participants?

5 Décor Ideas for A Spring Fling Previous image Next image This month we have focused on getting our yards, patios and decks ready for warmer weather, but that’s only half of the equation. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. (Images: 1.