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Michael Moore - SW School of Botanical Medicine Home Page

Michael Moore - SW School of Botanical Medicine Home Page
Started in 1994, this site was maintained by Michael Moore, and was last updated by him on July 22, 2008 When my typewriter broke 14 years ago, I grudgingly purchased my first computer at age ancient used Mac Plus, recommended for low-tech ageing neo-Luddite green hippies such as myself. 12 computers, 4 scanners, 8 powerbooks, 4 digital cameras, 3 LCD projectors and 3 mini DV cameras later, I STILL have two unused ribbons left over from that Smith-Corona. All OCR work is done with FineReader 5 Pro by ABBYY (the best! from crazed Russian software techies) If an ol' bear like me can pull this off, imagine what YOU could do for our collective benefit! Send comments, complaints, input and new site information You are visitor number:

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Turmeric Powder for Skin The skin is the outermost layer of the body that is often easily damaged by environmental factors as well as stress and poor eating habits. Although there is a wide market for cosmetic products that offers to improve skin problems, nature also provides a solution to these. Natural treatments for skin that give lasting results are often better than expensive commercial products and cosmetic procedures. SoftSpot Nano Silver (Colloidal Silver). Nano Silver is a 100% natural bacterial killer. Think of it... Most illnesses are caused by bacteria. Silver has been used from the 1800's by travelers to keep their drinking water pure and clean (They dropped some silver coins in the water when traveling long distances).

Herbal Healing Salve Recipe – The Nerdy Farm Wife 1K+ This is my go-to healing salve recipe for soothing pretty much any scratch, cut, scrape, bug bite, dry skin patch, bee sting, hives and so forth. I have a relative who even likes to use it instead of an eye cream! Think of this as an herbal alternative to something like your typical store-bought, chemical-laden antibiotic cream, without any of the nasty side effects that those can sometimes cause.

Common Spicebush Look for spicebushes in damp, partially shaded, rich woodlands, on mountains' lower slopes, in thickets, and along stream banks, throughout the Eastern United States, except the northernmost regions. Pioneers knew that this was good soil for farms, with moist, fertile soil. The berries, which taste a little like allspice, are an irreplaceable seasoning for me. Rinse them, pat them dry, and chop them in a blender or spice grinder. If you have neither, put them under a towel and crush them with a hammer. This Woman Put A Clothespin On Her Ear For An Incredible Reason. I'm Trying THIS Tonight! I’m a man in his 20’s. It’s pretty much guaranteed that I won’t visit a doctor unless I’m bleeding to death or my organs have begun to explode or something insane like that. I personally like to try to find natural ways to relieve by health woes, few and far between as they tend to be. One thing I experience the most is pain in my muscles. It turns out, according to reflexologist Helen Chin Lui, our ears hold the key to solving some health problems.

Contact Earth Clinic Please tell us what remedy you tried and what ailment it cured. Example: Cayenne Pepper cured my sore throat; Turmeric cured my MRSA, etc. Also, our readers find it very helpful to know someone's age, but this information is entirely optional. Make Your Own Herbal Medicines - Natural Health One of the advantages of herbal medicine for gardeners is that many herbs are easy to grow. In fact, a number of medicinal plants commonly are grown as ornamentals. And why go to the store to buy echinacea when you can grow this lovely flu-fighting herb in your own yard? Even if you don't choose to grow herbs yourself, the basic ingredients for many herbal remedies can be purchased in health food stores and prepared in your own kitchen. When I first started working with medicinal plants, I discovered the trick was not in finding the herbs I needed but in knowing how to use them.

The Lazy Lady’s Guide to DIY: Hanging Herb Garden At some point near the middle of March, I always decide that I’m “done” with winter. The sweaters and jackets get pushed to the back of the closet, the flip flops come out, and I inevitably freeze my butt off for several weeks until the weather catches up with my warm-weather state of mind. Likewise, my cravings for fresh herbs and veggies are always a little ahead of the season.

Mudras: The Healing Power of Your Hands Tanaaz, GuestWaking Times Did you know that your hands hold an innate healing power that has been used for centuries? Mudras are positions of the hands that are said to influence the energy of your physical, emotional and spiritual body. Mudras have been used in the East for thousands of years and were practiced by many spiritual leaders including Buddha. Today, mudras are still used in yoga and meditation. Sometimes we may subconsciously place our hands into mudra positions without knowing it, and other times we use them to help channel and stimulate healing. How To Make An Herbal Home Remedy Kit Share by Katie “Wellness Mama” Despite our best attempts to live a healthy and toxin free life, there are times when illness or injury strike.

Here's how to make non-toxic long lasting Organic Deodorant. Below is my favorite deodorant recipe. It is AMAZING!!! My husband can ride his bike 70 miles in the blazing summer and still no BO! I also love that it’s a great alternative for my girls who are just reaching the age of needing deodorant.

The entrepreneur behind Mario Batali's edible herb wall - Apr. 12, 2010 Jim Mumford's edible walls bring herb gardens to unexpected spaces.By Eilene Zimmerman, contributing writerApril 12, 2010: 9:59 AM ET SAN DIEGO ( -- Mario Batali decided last year to install a garden between his adjoining West Hollywood restaurants, Osteria Mozza and Pizzeria Mozza. But a plain old backyard patch wouldn't do. Batali wanted something more visually striking, something more ... vertical? So he turned to Jim Mumford, the owner of Good Earth Plant and Flower Company in San Diego.