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Best Fashion Tips and Latest Fashion Trends for Chic Women

Best Fashion Tips and Latest Fashion Trends for Chic Women
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Outfit Ideas Part 3 | How to Update Your Style, Fashion Advice on How to Put Together Exciting Outfits "Guidelines On How to Improve and Develop Your Style" Continuing from Pt. 2 this is part 3 of the Outfit Ideas-series. Together we're going to take a look at 4 outfit templates on how to make your style different from the rest! From how to maximize your wardrobe's potential to adding new elements to your fashion style. Let's check out 4 outfit ideas on how to add new and stylish elements to your outfits (compared to previous page, the tips here involve spending a bit money): Outfit Idea 5: Look for Outfit Ideas from Mannequins and Online Look Books Sometimes you just have to let the "professionals" to lead the way ;-) If you're not creative by nature, get some outfit inspiration from online look books from great fashion shopping sites such as Singer22, Tobi and Pink Mascara. Fashion shopping sites have fashion stylists who create up-to-date and refreshing outfit combos for their store. For even more fashion inspiration check out fashion social sites such as: How to Use the Inspiration You See

The Business Of Fashion: 7 Surprising Facts About The Fashion Industry [The business of fashion is changing! Today we have our contributor talk about fashion and how the digital world has changed it!] Fashion. Love it or loathe it, it’s something you just can’t ignore. Whether you are flicking through the channels on your TV, strolling down the high street, or standing in line at the bus stop, you’ll likely be facing a constant visual bombardment of ads for the latest designer trends, from brands that you may or may not have an interest in. And it’s no surprise that all those brands are fighting for your attention: fashion is big business. Here are 7 surprising facts about the economics of the fashion industry, that you may not have known. 1. This really puts into perspective just how much the fashion industry is worth. In 2013, the GDP (Gross Domestic Product) of the entire UK was 2.678 trillion (World Bank). In 2011, the total value of the global textiles, apparel and luxury goods market (i.e. the fashion industry) was 3.049 trillion ($3,049 billion). 2. 3. 4.

t h e (c h l o e) c o n s p i r a c y Fashion Skirts | How to Wear a Skirt Stylishly | Create Multiple Outfits With a Skirt | Disguising Your Problem Areas "How to Wear a Skirt: Chic Outfits & Styling Tricks that Help Conceal Your Problem Areas" What to wear with fashion skirts? Courtesy of ASOS On this page you'll find ideas and inspiration on how to create chic outfits with basic (just to give you a starting point - accessorize them as you please!) Want to look for the latest skirt styles and shop instead? Here you'll also discover tricks on how to wear a skirt to disguise classic problem-areas - from how to minimize curves and a muffin top, to looking taller in a skirt. Get fashion advice & tips on: We're mostly focusing on the styling aspect of skirts, but if you want to get the most out of putting together your skirt-outfits, I suggest that you also check out my tips on how to choose the right skirt for your body figure. Now let's learn how to style your skirts: Secure the Basics First The versatility of basic fashion skirts makes it easier for you to mix & match your outfits - which is super cost-effective, helping you save time and money!

New York fashion week in numbers | Fashion • $20 million: the estimated amount pumped into the local economy during fashion week. • $6 million: the amount spent on hotels during New York fashion week. • $7 million: the money spent in shops (along with $9m in restaurants) during fashion week. • 232,000: the approximate number of people attending fashion week per year (116,000 each fashion week). • 1943: the year New York fashion week was launched – though it was originally called "press week". • 2,000: the number of nail varnish bottles celebrity manicurist Deborah Lippmann and her team goes through during NYFW • 300: shows in eight days. • 250+: designers who showed at NYFW. • 30+: different countries whose press were in attendance. • 32: the number of hairspray cans TIGI head stylist Nick Irwin went through at the Chris Benz show (or so he told me). • 1: the number of fashion designers-cum-dictators' daughters stopped from having a runway show at the Lincoln Centre (left).

jillgg's good life (for less) | a style blog Mail Bag: Topping a Full Skirt Hello I have been reading your blog a fair while now, and it’s pretty great. I’m writing to ask a bit of fashion help from someone who isn’t my husband, or his mum and dad (with whom we live; I’m English living in the states so few real life friends). I have loads of skirts that are fairly voluminous and I’m struggling with what to wear on my top half. Have you any advice you can offer? ThanksLindsayI, too, love voluminous skirts. I agree that camis are for sleep or underwear. To balance out the voluminous skirt, I recommend a top made of a woven fabric. There is no need to rule out knits altogether. For cooler weather or an air-conditioned office, a nipped in blazer looks fabulous over a full skirt. Whatever top you choose, the most important thing to remember is that you want to show off the slimmest parts of your upper body. Here are a few more of my favorite outfits featuring a full skirt and some of the tops and tricks I’ve mentioned above.

10 awesome innovations changing the future of fashion Suzanne Lee's kombucha fabric/Video screen capture Textile production is dirty dirty dirty -- one of the dirtiest industries in the world in fact. Why? Partly because of the damage that cotton crops and synthetic fiber production inflicts on the environment, and partly because of seriously outdated manufacturing methods used to dye and finish fabric. According to the United States Energy Administration, the textile industry in the U.S. is the 5th largest contributor to CO2 emissions in the country. But enough of the depressing facts: As consumers are becoming increasingly aware and clothing manufacturers are stepping up to more environmental accountability, technology is taking off -- and there have been huge advances. From fabric out of food, beer bottles and more to dying with air, and web sites that know your exact measurements, these 10 awesome technologies are changing fashion as we know it. 1. YouTube/Video screen capture Check out this video for more: 2. 3. 4. 5. © Jay Lee 6. 7. 8. 9.

Über Chic for Cheap How To Wear A Pair Of Riding Boots For Fall « : TheGloss - A gloss on beauty, fashion, style, love and more I have never really consider buying a pair of riding boots to incorporate in my Fall ensembles since I like my boots with at least 2 inches heels. However after perusing the Marshall’s Fall 2009 Lookbook wherein a pair of riding boots was featured in different looks , I changed my mind. Let me illustrate How To Wear Riding Boots with the help of Marshall’s Fall 2009 Collection which I think you would love and approve of. For an early Fall ensemble, try a deep colored ruffled top underneath a gray bomber jacket, with sequined skirt and the riding boots. No need for tights coz it’s not that cold yet. The riding boots would also go nicely over skinny jeans paired with a floral top, accented with a fringe scarf and bold necklace. How cute is this black and white floral dress underneath a boyfriend blazer with textured tights and the riding boots? Riding boots and Boho Style sounds interesting, no?. (Images : Marshall’s Press)

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