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La chaine Youtube de Google

La chaine Youtube de Google
This item has been hidden The Data Center Mural Project Play all See how artists have reimagined the exterior walls of a few of our data centers, bringing a bit of the magic from the inside to the outside. Learn more at 2:01 1:39 1:58 1:31 1:18 1:19 This item has been hidden NAT & LO: ALL EPISODES Play all Warning: the following videos contain behind-the-scenes footage and general tomfoolery related to Google, the people that work there, and the stuff they work on. 6:22 4:41 4:13 4:21 5:13 5:17 6:43 2:26 View 8 more This item has been hidden The Moon Shot Series | Google Lunar XPRIZE Play all Academy Award®-nominated director Orlando von Einsiedel, Executive Producer J.J. Abrams, Bad Robot and Epic Digital have joined forces with Google and XPRIZE to create a documentary web series about the people competing for the Google Lunar XPRIZE ( Watch the complete series!

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Chargers commit to S.D. for 2011, but not beyond - The Chargers will not be playing football in Los Angeles — at least not next year. In a mild effort to snuff rumors that the team is headed north and hold off lame-duck status, the NFL franchise informed the city Wednesday it is not triggering the termination clause in its Qualcomm Stadium lease for 2011. The Chargers have the option to do that every year from Feb. 1 through May 1 until their contract expires in 2020. But the team stopped short of any guarantees past 2011 — no one thought it would be going anywhere before 2012 anyway — as it continues its attempt to get a new downtown stadium built. “(Club President) Dean Spanos notified me today that the Chargers would not in 2011 exercise the exit provision in its lease with the city,” Mayor Jerry Sanders said in a statement.

Tech Classroom Tools Trying to figure out how to integrate technology into your curriculum? We can help! We are SmartBoard and Google Certified instructors and we can help you engage your 21st century students with motivating activities centered around technology tools that kids love! Our Experience Shows! Our instructors have years of practical classroom experience, in the public school K-8 arena as well as the graduate level education classroom. Google Developers This morning we welcomed 6,000 developers to our 7th annual Google I/O developer conference. The crowd in San Francisco was joined by millions more watching on the livestream and 597 I/O Extended events, in 90+ countries on six continents. We're meeting at an exciting time for Google, and for our developer community. There are now one billion of you around the world who use an Android device. One billion.

The Ytse Times » Ernie Ball, John Petrucci Introduce The JPXI Well dang, I know the talk about Rudess’s Eigenharp has been exciting, but is that not the sexiest instrument you’ve seen lately? Ernie Ball announced today “the latest evolution in the John Petrucci line of signature guitars.” The JPXI. ברוכים הבאים! – Google Science Fair Start now Sign up now for the competition. Register Learn to Program: The Fundamentals About the Course A computer program is a set of instructions for a computer to follow, just as a recipe is a set of instructions for a chef. Laptops, kitchen appliances, MP3 players, and many other electronic devices all run computer programs.

Make Your Music Go Viral on Facebook By Offering It For Free According to Dave Glassanos, founder of, the price of a song is about the equivalent of a Facebook update. That's up for debate, but I will say that Glassanos's Facebook-oriented startup is pretty cool. is based on the premise that pirating music is a common occurrence — one that yields no benefit for musicians when it comes to publicity. To solve that quandary, Glassanos has come up with an alternative method of free music sharing. Basically, artists can upload their music to, which users can then download for free. However, that song doesn't just end up in the black void of a user's iTunes library — since one is prompted to connect to via Facebook, the song is also automatically shared to the user's Facebook wall, where it can be listened to as a stream by friends.

Google Lit Trips by Jerome Burg: Microsoft Education Award Laureate #gct <div class="greet_block wpgb_cornered"><div class="greet_text"><div class="greet_image"><a href=" rel="nofollow"><img src=" alt="WP Greet Box icon"/></a></div>Hello there! If you are new here, you might want to <a href=" rel="nofollow"><strong>subscribe to the RSS feed</strong></a> for updates on this topic.<div style="clear:both"></div></div></div> Congratulations to Jerome Burg, a phenomenal California educator, Google Certified Teacher, and Apple Distinguished Educator recently recognized as a 2010 “Microsoft Education Award Laureate” for his geo-app mashup, Google Literature Trips. This 2.5 minute video summarizes Google Lit Trips and shares a bit of Jerome’s passion for this kind of geographic, literature mashup. About this course: This two-part course is designed to help students with very little or no computing background learn the basics of building simple interactive applications. Our language of choice, Python, is an easy-to learn, high-level computer language that is used in many of the computational courses offered on Coursera. To make learning Python easy, we have developed a new browser-based programming environment that makes developing interactive applications in Python simple. These applications will involve windows whose contents are graphical and respond to buttons, the keyboard and the mouse.

Introducing Google Drive... yes, really Just like the Loch Ness Monster, you may have heard the rumors about Google Drive. It turns out, one of the two actually does exist. Today, we’re introducing Google Drive—a place where you can create, share, collaborate, and keep all of your stuff. Whether you’re working with a friend on a joint research project, planning a wedding with your fiancé or tracking a budget with roommates, you can do it in Drive. You can upload and access all of your files, including videos, photos, Google Docs, PDFs and beyond. With Google Drive, you can:Create and collaborate.