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Homemade Sunscreen Lotion Bars

Homemade Sunscreen Lotion Bars
Tired of Takeout? YOU can cook real food simply and easily with meal plans! Meal planning has now been revolutionized! 71.2K 130Google +465 110K 328 Make your own non-toxic homemade sunscreen lotion bars with this easy homemade sunscreen lotion bar recipe. Why a Non-toxic Homemade Bar? If you didn’t already know, commercial lotions can be toxic due to potential endocrine disruptors and other nasty chemicals. However, I live in Texas and the sun can get pretty brutal during the summer. I was inspired by Robin Konie of Thank Your Body to make non-toxic homemade lotion bars after reading her eBook, Toxic Free. What I love about this bar is that it is goes on easily and soaks right in without being overly greasy. Non-Toxic Homemade Lotion Bars Homemade Ingredients Homemade Lotion Bar Directions Combine the shea butter, coconut oil and beeswax in a glass bowl placed over a hot pot of water or use a double boiler. Homemade Notes These homemade sunscreen lotion bars will melt in the hot sun. Related:  alt.personal care

Homemade Bug Repellent Bug Repellent...another thing with way too many scary chemicals in it! And I don't know about you, but I think the reason the bugs stay away isn't because of what's in the repellent, it's because of how smelly it is! Here are some essential oil buy spray recipes to try that won't leave your nose burning! Lemon Repellent Peppermint Repellent Citronella Repellent I found the little spray bottle pictured above at Target for less than $1 in the travel section. Since these recipes contain citrus oils this spray is best used on your clothing or around the area you are in instead of on your skin. Do you make homemade bug spray? Get even more great articles! Get a free ebook, Fast Breakfasts! Keep in touch by signing up for our weekly newsletters and get my free mini ebook, Fast Breakfasts with recipes and inspiration for quick, from-scratch breakfasts! Tagged as: Green Living, Make Your Own Disclaimer: This post may contain a link to an affiliate.

Dandelion Jelly - A Unique Honey Flavored Treat Dandelion jelly is spring in a jar. If you haven't tried making it, you should add it to your list of fun spring projects. Before I developed an interest in canning, I explored a few recipes and refrigerated them instead. I followed that success by making dandelion jelly the following spring. Why This One's a Keeper Since it's that time of year, I thought I'd share my take on basic dandelion jelly using this recipe. Another nice thing is that you can easily gather the main ingredient (dandelions) on a mild spring morning, which always feels like harvesting strewn sunshine in a basket -- a nice way to start the day whether you're making jam or not. If you like to cook and haven't prepared jelly before, a walk down the canning aisle of your grocery store can be an enlightening experience, too. Dandelion Jelly Recipe Special Note: The original recipe called for rain water too (which is naturally soft and used to be relatively pure). Directions Tips and Notes on Making Dandelion Jelly

Homemade Shaving Cream – Silky & Natural 8K+ This recipe/post has been a long time coming. Feels like forever since I wrote down the note on my idea board "Homemade Shave Cream". I think for some reason I was thinking it would be difficult to make or require something I didn't have on hand. Turns out that neither of those things were true and I'm glad I finally took the plunge! Easy Homemade Shaving Cream What You Need: 1/3 c. The ingredients! Just like with coconut oil, with Shea Butter you want to pick a good unrefined, unprocessed kind. Start by melting the shea butter and the coconut oil on a low heat on the stove top. Once it's melted, pour into a container and add in the olive oil and stir. Once it's solid again you can take it out of the fridge and put it in a bowl you can whip it in. Whip it! Isn't it beautiful? Use this homemade shaving cream the same as you would any store bought shave cream! Want more DIY projects and natural health and beauty make-your-own ideas? Enter your email below to get our weekly newsletter!

Homemade Creamcheese (without a starter culture) My last challange was to homemake cream cheese, and I did it! This recipe requires no special equipment, starter cultures or complicated ingredients. In fact, the only difficult thing is trying to plan it around your schedule because it takes about 5 days! I did not take step-by-step pictures as I was not sure I was going to succed with this, but I will try to be as precise as possible in my instructions. Have fun people! Ingredients (makes 250 g): 2 cups (475 ml) non-ultra pasteurized half and half 1/2 cup (117.5 ml) non-ultra pasteurized whipping cream 1 tablespoon (14 ml) buttermilk Salt to taste Day 1: In a saucepan, heat creams to 32° C (90 F). Day 3: Remove the curd from the refrigerator and pour it into a mixing bowl. Day 5: Place the finished cream cheese in a plastic or glass container and store in the refrigerator for up to two weeks.

How To Make Your Own Natural Non-Toxic Deodorant | High Existence Deodorant is an essential ingredient to combat body odour. We all love to smell nice, and perhaps more importantly, we know the social consequences if we don’t. The problem is that most deodorants don’t really do a good job of helping us out. I found out the hard way. About a year ago I moved further away from the city center of Amsterdam. Even during the harsh dutch winter, biking is by far the best way of transportation. Steamy sweat was inevitable. It happened time and again that after my first ride I started smelling. After my second ride back home, the deodorant I put my faith in had obviously let me down. I had been using deodorant for years. They lied. I am tempted to mention the possible hormonal and cancer risks of parabens, PEGs, synthetic fragrances and antibacterials, petrochemicals, or aluminum compounds. I also found that with a few simple ingredients you can easily prevent these micro organisms from thriving. Trust me, I now smell amazing. The Three Essential ingredients 1. 2.

Dandelions: Hear Them Roar Dandelion Burgers from Forage Ahead 1 cup packed dandelion petals (no greens) 1 cup flour 1 egg 1/4 cup milk 1/2 cup chopped onions 1/4 tsp salt 1/2 tsp garlic powder 1/4 tsp each basil and oregano 1/8 tsp pepper Mix all ingredients together. Dandelion Blossom Bread 2 cups flour 2 tsp baking powder 1/2 Teaspoon salt 1 cup dandelion blossoms, all green sepals and leaves removed 1/4 cup oil 4 Tablespoons honey 1 1/2 cups milk Combine dry ingredients in large bowl, including petals making sure to separate clumps of petals. MORE DANDELION RECIPES, by Rose Barlow Cream of Dandelion Soup 4 cups chopped dandelion leaves 2 cups dandelion flower petals 2 cups dandelion buds 1 Tbsp butter or olive oil 1 cup chopped wild leeks (or onions) 6 cloves garlic, minced 4 cups water 2 cups half-n-half or heavy cream 2 tsp salt 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Garnish with flower petals. Pumpkin-Dandelion Soup Prepare in advance: 1 large handful Dandelion greens: Chop leaves into bite-sized pieces. 1 small pumpkin: 1 medium to large onion, chopped 1. 2.

Un-Colgate your Colgate This weekend I decided to Crest the hill ofgood health and chemical free living and experiment with home made toothpaste. I have tried this before and was woefully disappointed and decided that I just didn’t give a Gum any longer and went back to my Colgate Total which is less than Aqua Fresh. I have sensitive teeth you see and any other toothpaste leaves me in pain after a few weeks. Oil pulling, the activity whereby you rid your body of some of it’s most annoying toxins by swishing coconut oil and a drop of your favorite essential oils for upwards of 20 min a few days a week, seems to help with my sensitivity, so I am hopeful that is a thing of the past. Anyhoo, as I said, I have tried the coconut oil and baking soda toothpaste and just was not impressed. The first recipe involved me boiling the egg shells from ourhappy hens. Dash of Sea Salt 3-4 T Water 1/2 t Xylitol 1 T coconut oil (optional) Add the warm water to a small bowl. I tried it out. Nope, that wasn’t the elf on the shelf.

Fake Betty Crocker Cookie Mixes Ever have one of those "Ah-ha!" moments? I happened to me yesterday when I was lamenting the price of those very convenient Betty Crocker Cookie Mixes. I remember when they used to only cost $1.00 each in Walmart and now they're $2.50 each! Anyway, I usually just tell myself that I can make cookies from scratch anytime with the plentiful ingredients of my pantry, but then it came to me...Why can't I make cookie pre-mixes and keep them in ziplock bags for use at my convenience? So, I've come up with recipes for four of my family's favorite Betty Crocker Cookie Mixes. Fake Betty Crocker Chocolate Chip Cookies: 1 Cup Flour 1/4 Cup White Sugar 1/2 Cup Brown Sugar 1/2 teaspoon Baking Soda 1/2 teaspoon Salt 3/4 Cup Chocolate Chips Mix together and store in a quart size ziplock bag. Fake Betty Crocker Sugar Cookies: 1 1/2 Cups Flour 3/4 Cup White Sugar 1/2 teaspoon Baking Powder 1/2 teaspoon Baking Soda 1/2 teaspoon Salt Mix together and store in a quart size ziplock bag.