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Photo editor | PicMonkey: Free Online Photo Editing The Textbooks Of Tomorrow [INFOGRAPHIC] As someone who has just bought an iPad, I can personally appreciate its potential to become the dominant force in the digital book wars. PDF and ePub files can be uploaded instantly, and then annotated with your stylus pen or finger. Let’s face it, if you were a student, what would you rather have? 10 heavy textbooks or a thin much lighter iPad? According to this infographic by, 1 in 4 students would prefer digital books so much that they would give up sex for a month in order to get them. One figure I am not entirely convinced about is the assertion that digital books are on average 53% cheaper than print books. What do you think? Image Credit : ntr23

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Digital slidebooks for student creativity, self-expression, and imagination - Biteslide Picadilo - Photo editing at its best Label 59 : Label . Explain . Present interactively ... in minutes Create your own <div><!-- inspired by's noscript text --><p><strong>Uh oh! You don't appear to have Javascript enabled.</strong> We're sorry, but requires Javascript to function. </p><p> If you have a modern browser, you can turn Javascript on (we promise, it's worth it). Otherwise, consider upgrading to a recent version of <a target="_blank" href=" Internet Explorer</a>. Create your own. Need some help? Find... the link to an image on the web, e.g. this one. Techie power user? Want more info?

How To Make Your Own eBooks And Publish Them On Amazon I’m sure that more than a few of you readers have a half-written book or useful guide you’ve put together to help people learn something. You’ve probably wondered if it would be possible to make money off of your book, or at least gain some exposure, by selling it as an eBook on Amazon. Well, the idea isn’t as far-fetched as you might imagine. As long as you have already created something worth reading, the process of getting it into Amazon as an eBook isn’t that onerous. We’ll take you through the basic steps of how to make your own ebook today and you can be selling your eBook in a few days. Download Sigil And Kindle Previewer Sigil and Kindle Previewer are two free programs you’ll need to create eBooks, so grab them now. Use Sigil To Create An ePub File You’ll need to use Sigil to create an ePub file. On the left you’ll see the book browser. For each chapter, you can paste your text in using the book view and adjust the text styles using the toolbar. Upload eBook to Amazon

Just1Photo, una web para crear concursos de fotografía de forma sencilla Desde Promivia, una nueva empresa que nace en la Universidad Miguel Hernández, nos hablan de su nuevo proyecto. Se trata de Just1Photo (, una aplicación web diseñada para crear y gestionar concursos de fotografía desde Internet. El objetivo es permitir recibir, clasificar y dejar las fotos listas para votación en los diferentes concursos creados, para evitar tener que recibir el material por email, sincronizar jurados y clasificar contenido de la forma tradicional (lo que puede llevar mucho tiempo). Solo tenemos que crear el concurso, personalizar sus datos, elegir al jurado y definir las fechas, obteniendo así una url única para cada concurso creado, facilitando su divulgación. Una de las metas que se quieren alcanzar es hacer de Just1Photo una nueva herramienta de marketing para empresas, por lo que han potenciado el componente social para que se pueda divulgar fácilmente el contenido en las redes sociales.

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