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70 Tutorials For Learning And Mastering Light Effects In Photoshop

70 Tutorials For Learning And Mastering Light Effects In Photoshop
A collection of a range of different tutorials for learning how to master various types of lighting effects using Photoshop. There are a range of tutorials featured within the compilation which the end result can be achieved by a novice to Photoshop or even teach a guru of Photoshop a few new tips. A must bookmark resources for future reference hope you enjoy. 1. Create a Glowing Effect Scene in Photoshop This tutorial will teach you how to come up a cool glowing effects on your artworks. 2. Here’s a great effect that will bring some energy to your subject. 3. 4. in this tutorial It will cover a couple of different photoshop techniques. 5. For this tutorial you’ll need a photo that you want to manipulate and some special brush sets. 6. A great tutorial on how to create magical sparkles using Photoshop brushes. 7. A great tutorial on how to create magical sparkles using Photoshop brushes.Explosions are cool. 8. Instead of riding snow, this boarder is flying through flames. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13.

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Awesome Keyboard Shortcuts for Photoshop This is a list of the most useful default Photoshop keyboard shortcuts that you can use them to speed up your workflow. Some of them are rarely mentioned, some are more common and some are only available in Photoshop CS5. I hope everyone will find some new and useful shortcuts in this article. So let"s get started! 1. Drag-Zoom

Fresh High Quality Photoshop PSD Files What’s great about .PSD files? For one, we can observe and learn how experts create awesome designs by exploring the different layers and techniques they use. Beginners can appreciate how different functions in Photoshop can affect their images, and hence gain an understanding of how to bring out their desired effects. What’s more, .PSD files allow us to experiment with several layers within the file itself, providing maximum customization for any curious user. If you can recall, we had previously showcased 60 High Quality Photoshop PSD Files For Designers some time ago. Thankfully, designers are often willing to share their works to the public, so we now have yet another 45 Splendid High Quality PSD Files for downloads.

Useful Photoshop Tips And Tricks For Photo Retouching - Smashing Magazine Advertisement When it comes to designing in Photoshop, there is a myriad of ways one could use to achieve a certain result, especially when it comes to photo retouching. Designers use technique they are most confident as well as comfortable with, which is great because it’s always useful to peek into the workflow of our colleagues and learn new design approaches. We have had articles on cloning1, compositing2, masks3 and obscure Photoshop time-savers4 in the past. Show me the light – digital art tutorial In this photoshop tutorial I will show you how to use stock images to make a beautiful digital artwork with nicely colored lights. All you need for this tutorial is my Colors in Motion textures pack and a model. I found the model on deviantArt.

53 Steps to follow if you want to become Freelance Web Designer/Developer (60+ Resources) In recent months I have been setting myself up as a Freelance Web designer/Developer, if I told you it was a rocky road I wouldn’t be exaggerating . If I had followed the check-list I have compiled below it would have made my life that little bit easier and stress free. But, like most things, entering into a new chapter can make you feel blindfolded and you stumble about trying to find the answers.

Camera metering and exposure explained The first step to getting better exposures is to understand how your camera’s metering system interprets a scene. In this beginner’s guide we answer all the common questions and provide a handy series of cheat sheets to help you along… All images by Marcus Hawkins

The Ultimate Photoshop Toolbox - Noupe Design Blog Sep 07 2010 For years now, whenever designers have been asked about their go-to program for image editing and creation, one of the top answers that comes back, is Adobe Photoshop. Its generations of evolution has centered around the growth of any number of digital imaging professionals and has made this software giant a staple in the graphic design community. Create amazing cosmic-inspired scene in Adobe Photoshop CS5 Create amazing cosmic-inspired scene in Adobe Photoshop CS5 September 1st, 2010 by ART-D Posted in Adobe Photoshop, Photo Editing In today’s tutorial we will demonstrate how to use fashion photography and various techniques to create a cosmic-inspired scene in Adobe Photoshop CS5. Layered PSD file included.

10 camera settings you need to learn to master your Nikon (and 10 you can manage without) Confused by the options on your Nikon camera? The experts at the Nikon magazine N-Photo explain which camera settings you really need to get to grips with, and which you can manage without… The vast array of buttons, menus and other features available on even the most affordable Nikon DSLR can sometimes seem pretty daunting, especially if you’re just starting out. Understanding which features are worth exploring, and which are best left alone, is fundamental to getting the most from your camera. So, we’ve come up with the 10 most important camera setting that you need to get to grips with to use your Nikon to its full potential.

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