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Bootstrap Interface Builder

Bootstrap Interface Builder

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Single Page CRUD Application (SPA) using ASP.NET Web API, MVC and Angular.js A Single Page Application (SPA) is a web application that fits on a single web page. In this type of application, the server provides static HTML views, CSS and JavaScript and the application then loads data by making Ajax calls to the server. All subsequent views and navigation occurs without a postback to the server. Envato Market Envato Market ThemeForest CodeCanyon VideoHive AudioJungle GraphicRiver PhotoDune 3DOcean ActiveDen Guest Cart Create an Envato Account Sign In Search Envato Market How to create media queries in Responsive Web Design Ryan Boudreaux shows how to create media queries that allow the web designer to target styles based on a number of device properties, such as screen width, orientation, and resolution. In my last post on Responsive Web Design (RWD), I introduced what RWD is, demonstrated fluid grids, and explained how to make the conversion from the traditional styling of fixed pixels and percentages to proportions using The Marcotte Calculation: Target ÷ Context = Result. Figure A at left shows a web page from Chris Coyier's CSS Tricks as displayed in a simulated iPhone test with a device screen resolution of 320x480. Ethan Marcotte's posts on Responsive Web Design and his new book, Responsive Web Design, has spearheaded the RWD movement. In this post, I will review how media types are evolving into media queries with RWD. Media queries

10 Free Responsive Bootstrap Templates For 2016 There are so many awesome developers and designers out there who have created amazing free resources using Bootstrap. We wanted to help spread the word and share their work with our readers. So, we compiled a list of free frontend templates that we thought are beautiful and worth sharing. Reminder: please respect the license that these amazing free templates come with.

Bootstrap 3 Responsive Images example code Non-stacking grid example Uses the tiny .col-* grid classes This layout displays 4 images per row. Hosting your ASP.NET Web API Services without IIS ASP.NET Web API was introduced as a framework for creating services over HTTP. However to serve up these services, you need an HTTP Server. When developing ASP.NET applications, it’s easy enough to assume presence of a web server.

What Language Do You Need? Comparing Programming Languages By: Eric Suh with large additions by the webmaster, based on an article that originally appeared in Code Journal Today's computer programmer has many languages to choose from, but what's the difference between them? What are these languages used for? Media Queries for Standard Devices If you think responsive's simple, I feel bad for you son. We got 99 viewports, but the iPhone's just one. —Josh Brewer, March 10, 2010 A major component of responsive design is creating the right experience for the right device. Best Bootstrap Visual Editor - In this post I compare the features of currently available Bootstrap editors, discuss how good a job they do in practice before coming to a conclusion about which of them currently is the best Bootstrap Visual Editor. Best Bootstrap Visual Editor For designers who either don’t know how to write code or don’t like to write code using a visual editor can be very appealing. A visual editor lets you drag and drop components on to a canvas and you (instantly) see a live preview of your web page. Most people who know how to code are skeptical about visual editors because they often don’t result in clean HTML. To see which is the best Bootstrap visual editor I’ll briefly discuss their features. posted on 08 Nov 2012 | NancyFX This has to be one of the most awesome features of Nancy, Content Negotiation. Recently added in 0.12, it gives you the ability to implement a single route that responds with different versions of the same document, without having to mess up your code with duplicate methods or conditional statements. When doing this in ASP.NET MVC I would have to check the content type and decide how I want to respond to the request. This ended up making duplicate methods, one which would be used by a normal GET request, while the 2nd would be for an AJAX request.

Minimal and clean magazine free wordpress theme An ideal theme for technology blogs and magazines, counts with a circuitry pattern to give that sensation of an electronic device, the theme elements like the menu and search enforce the techie feeling. Its in general a very simple but nice and sober theme.

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