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Belarc Advisor - Free Personal PC Audit, for software, hardware and security configuration information on your computer. Software license management, IT asset management, cyber security audits, and more.

Belarc Advisor - Free Personal PC Audit, for software, hardware and security configuration information on your computer. Software license management, IT asset management, cyber security audits, and more.
The Belarc Advisor builds a detailed profile of your installed software and hardware, network inventory, missing Microsoft hotfixes, anti-virus status, security benchmarks, and displays the results in your Web browser. All of your PC profile information is kept private on your PC and is not sent to any web server. Operating Systems: Runs on Windows 10, 8.1, 2012 R2, 8, 2012, 7, 2008 R2, Vista, 2008, 2003 SP2, XP SP3. Both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows are supported. Our professional products also run on all other versions of Windows and on the Macintosh OS X, Linux, and Solaris operating systems. Browsers: Runs on Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Safari, Opera, and many others. Belarc's commercial products are used for software license management, hardware upgrade planning, cyber security status, information assurance audits, IT asset management, configuration management, and more. Click on the Click Here to Download icon. FAQs: A: No. A: No.

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Axantum Software AB We help you keep your secrets secret, using properly implemented strong encryption. AxCrypt is the leading open source file encryption software for Windows. It integrates seamlessly with Windows to compress, encrypt, decrypt, store, send and work with individual files. Xecrets is an online password manager. It gives you one password to all your passwords, anywhere, anytime. TestDisk Download TestDisk & PhotoRec To be keep informed of new release, subscribe to testdisk-announce TestDisk & PhotoRec are portable applications, extract the files and the applications are ready to be used. No need to run an installer.

Blubrry PowerPress Podcasting plugin Blubrry PowerPress brings the essential features for podcasting to WordPress. Developed by podcasters for podcasters, PowerPress offers full iTunes support, Web audio/video media players, exclusive subscribe tools, podcasting SEO features and more. PowerPress Key Features Free Database Software Things you can do Build web and mobile applications for multiple data types Support structured and unstructured data while storing business data with native support for relational data, XML, and spatial data. Add geographical information to business applications and build location-aware applications. Increase granularity of temporal data with date and time data types. ProcessAlive – Automatically restart crashed programs ProcessAlive is a simple tool that automatically restarts selected processes when it detects that they have stopped. It’s useful if you have a background program that occasionally crashes or wish to run the same program repeatedly. Ensuring that critical processes do not become unavailable can also be accomplished with this tool.

WebSweep v1.0.65 « Classic Software® WebSweep v1.0.65 - HTML Converter This page was divided into three(3) sections: General Information -- Information about the product's requirements; Product Description -- A detailed description of the product (screenshots included); Package Distribution - Learn how you can acquire the product. 1. General Information Type: Application; Platform: Microsoft Windows (9x, Me, 2000, XP), Slackware Linux; License Type: Freeware; Registration: Not Required. 2. Product Description WebSweep is an HTML converter that will take any text file (or related) and it will transform it into a web page ready for web deployment. WebSweep has the possibility to detect and transform all latin, mathematical or other special characters into web entities, that is, into code that will be compatible with any browser and/on any platform.

TeraCopy for Microsoft Windows - Code Sector One of the most common complaints about newer versions of Windows is the slow copying speed, especially when transferring lots of files over the network. If you want to speed up your copying or if you regularly transfer large amounts of data and have to stop the process to perform some other disk-intensive task, this program may be just what you need. TeraCopy is designed to copy and move files at the maximum possible speed. Pic to Icon Conversion This helps to convert image file into several different icon formats upon your needs: Windows Desktop Icon(32x32 or 48x48 pixel, .ico format), Windows 7(up to 256x256 pixel PNG icon.), Application Icon, iPhone(60x60 pixel PNG icon, 120x120 px for iPhone retina), iPad(76x76 pixels PNG icon, 152x152 px for iPad retina), Android(72x72, 48x48 or 36x36 pixels PNG icon) and Website Favicon(16x16 pixels ICO icon). ApplyWebsite Favicon : (16x16 .ICO), To use the generated icon as your web site Favicon, please add the code below at page header: Website Icon at iPhone & iPad : To use the generated icon as your web site icon for the Home Screen icon of Apple devices, please add the code below at your web page header(4 PNG icons are needed: 60x60, 76x76, 120x120, 152x152):

Unhide Download Unhide is a program that reverts back the changes made to your files and Windows Registry by the rogue.FakeHDD family of rogue anti-spyware program. This family of malware pretends to be a hard disk repair and system optimization program for Windows. In reality, though, these programs are computer infections that deliberately hide your files and change certain settings in the Windows Registry to make it appear that you have lost data on your hard drive. Hyper2000 The Millennium Software Bitte hier klicken für die deutsche Version Hyper2000 Professional is a program package to observe and investigate important atmospheric and consciousness-oriented processes at the beginning of the new millennium. It forms a multimedia unit together with the books of Grazyna Fosar and Franz Bludorf: “Vernetzte Intelligenz” ("Network Intelligence", Omega 2001, American translation under construction) and “Zaubergesang” (“Magic chant”, Herbig 1998, sold out at the moment, paperback edition will be available in 2002). In this context many people send us questions again and again. How would it be, if you could answer these questions yourself immediately? Hyper2000 Professional may help you.

Very usefull utility. This will show you about everything you would ever want to know about a computer. Hardware Processor types Speed Memory and Other hardware - Software "even where and when installed" - All the security updates and any you do not have. It uses a browser to display the output in html format and can be saved for future reference. Also does not add anything or change anything on the computer , It's a standalone application that only will run when you start it. Great if you don't have a manual for a computer or just don't want to open it to see how much memory or other things are installed. Happy Pearling by timepeaces Feb 21

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