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List of 3D Software

List of 3D Software
When choosing any 3d software, you need to find one that is easy to learn and use, especially if you're beginner. And you should choose one that is going to perform the task you want to and at the level of quality you want to reach. Most professional 3D software is expensive, however there are always some free software that you can use and create the magic. Below is the list of popular 3D software, free or paid 3D software. Most of 3D printers require that you use 3D computer graphics software that saves objects in the STL(stereolithography) format. Free 3D softwares: Google SketchUp - This Google SketchUp is fun and free, and is known for being easy to use. Commercial 3D softwares: Free STL software: MeshLab - Open source software for processing and editing of unstructured 3D triangular meshes. **Comments?

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25 Websites To Download Free STL Models For 3D Printers - Hongkiat 3D printers are going mainstream, as more consumers warm up to and adopt the idea of 3D printing. The Micro, for example, is a Kickstarter project for a 3D printer for consumers. It was funded in mere minutes. Blender Tutorial: Blender 3D printing tutorial This tutorial was made for Blender users with an interest in 3D printing. It covers the essential information for taking your 3D model and turning it into a 3D object using the free CAD software. Through this tutorial, you will learn some of the best practices for modeling, correcting and exporting a 3D file for 3D printing with Blender 2.7. Specifically this tutorial covers the following points: Blender is a free 3D modeling software which is optimized for 3D animation and rendering using polygonal modeling techniques.

Introduction to 3D Printing Introduction to 3D Printing The next industrial revolution is all about personal fabrication, and it’s happening now. 3D printing is poised to unlock the potential in every person to create, innovate and fabricate. It’s already transforming manufacturing; soon it will change the world. Recognizing the profound implications of 3D printing for the future of design and manufacturing, Stratasys Education has designed this course to prepare students for current and emerging careers in those fields. Students will begin their careers equipped with practical 3D printing experience and a critical eye for the technology’s advantages and limitations. From there, the possibilities are theirs to explore.

Geodesic Sphere with Processing and Makerbot Replicator 2 We have been having a bit of fun with Processing lately. For this post, we will talk about using Hemesh. Hemesh is a 3D mesh library developed for use in Processing, by a 38 year old medical radiation physicist during his free time. For a start, we has try our hands at creating a geodesic dome sphere and of course, printing it! To create the geodesic dome, we started off with the HEM_Lattice which is found in the modifiers folder of the Hemesh.

Blender 3D Modeling Software You can do 3D Open Source modelling and animation with Blender software. Blender 3D Modeling Software screenshot About Blender software This free CAD software was published by NaN (Not a Number). Originally, Tom Roosendaal, the cofounder of NeoGeo, the largest 3D animation studio in the Netherlands, was behind creating this CAD software. Since most 3D tools used in his company were out-dated, he began to develop a new 3D creation tool. FLUX All-in-One 3D Printer - UNLIMITED. ELEGANT. SIMPLE. by FLUX Technology LLC With so many 3D printer options, it can be difficult to decide on the right model. Luckily, FLUX makes the choice easy by combining printing, scanning, laser engraving, and more modular functions. It is the only 3D printer you will ever need – for work or at home. Unlimited, elegant, and simple — FLUX is the right choice for everyone because it is simple to set up, elegantly designed, and has an unlimited capacity for expansion. In addition to the basic FFF (fused filament fabrication) 3D printing, FLUX is equipped with a built-in 3D scanner and supports an ever-increasing array of interchangeable modules. FLUX is the everything 3D printer that grows with you— meeting not only your 3D printing needs today, but also of all your tomorrows.

Nested Balls 3D Model Here is a nested series of seven spheres which can rotate freely, independently of each other. This construction is an homage to the long tradition of turning concentric ivory spheres on a lathe. As outlined on this page, this artistic tradition started in Nuremburg in the seventeenth century and is still carried out in parts of Asia. Each sphere is based on the edges of a different Goldberg polyhedron. From inside to inside, they are: 2, 0 (42 faces); 2, 1 (72 faces); 3, 0 (92 faces); 2, 2 (122 faces); 3, 1 (132 faces); 4, 0 (162 faces); 3, 2 (192 faces); When built, the twelve pentagons are aligned in all the spheres, so you can look right through them in to the center and out the other side.

Meshmixer: 3D Modeling Software 3D Printing The MeshMixer software is a free product developed by AutodeskⓇ intended for easy creation of 3D mashups and remixes with specialized tools for 3D printing. The MeshMixer software includes many features that were previously not available combined in a single product that is also free. Some of the main features include: Mesh & Mix - Allows to easily combine multiple models in many creative ways;Sculpt - Customize models as clay in real-time using different tools;Stamp - Texturise models using different grid and pattern options;Edit - Modify models and optimize them for 3D printing; Analysis - Analyse different properties of the models (e.g. thickness, solidity, stability) related to 3D printing;Print - Print your creation directly on a connected desktop 3D printer or by using an online 3D printing service like Sculpteo. The main advantage of the MeshMixer software is that you can modify the 3D model without caring about it's 3D topology. Edit tools

3D Printing Heats Up on Campus IT Trends 3D Printing Heats Up on Campus More than just a toy for engineers, 3D printing is beginning to move from experimental tech to multi-disciplinary learning tool. By Dian Schaffhauser02/26/15 A young woman walks up to a vending machine, slides her student ID card, plugs in a USB drive, specifies the right file, chooses a color and starts the production process.