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Tracking the Pulse of the Tiny World

Tracking the Pulse of the Tiny World
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Cargo Van to Camper Van | Tinycamper's Blog Original cargo van interior with metal shelving If you are looking for a small, affordable RV, I hope this article detailing how my sister Gail built her camper van will spark your DIY enthusiasm. This is not meant as a step-by-step tutorial. It’s intended to show you how she designed a camper that suited her unique travel needs. She wanted a van that she could overnight in without hookups one or two nights on the way to a destination. But once she arrived at her destination, she would plug into shore power. You may well prefer to build yours differently. You can click the photos to enlarge them if you would like to see more detail. Choosing the Cargo Van Gail’s two most important considerations when looking for a The decals give a fun, friendly touch to the van’s utilitarian exterior. suitable used cargo van were inside standing room and an engine in good condition without excessive mileage. Van exterior showing the air conditioner vent that Gail added on the side. The New Floor Making the Beds

Architecture: A Cozy House Created From As we all know, now that we are experiencing the era of the iPad and Kindle, traditional books are becoming less and less popular. As a matter of fact, even some elementary schools are replacing books with iPads. I have a friend who just got her packet for attending University in the fall, and it came complete with an iPad 2 and a list of e-books to order for her classes. People are handling this major transition in different ways. There are those who always chime in with, “Those e-books will never compare to real books.” Some designers are handling the change by looking at it from a different perspective. Designer Nendo created this award-winning house in Japan a few years ago.

Tiny House Talk SAGE BLADES | CUSTOM MADE Micro Homes Tiny Houses Micro homes are tiny houses, and an exciting new trend in housing options. I define them as ones with less than 500 square feet. Why have more house than you need? The micro homes of the Tumbleweed House Company have received a lot of attention over the last few years. If the construction process is overwhelming you, consider a prefab. The kitHAUS modules are fantastic. 117-square-feet to 289-square-feet aluminum-framed modules that can stand-alone or combine for larger structures. How about the miniHOME trailer home? The BluHomes Origin is a modern pre-fab home. 408 square feet. The micro compact home is a clever little living-space built in Germany. Katrina Cottages are small, high-quality house designs born out of post-Hurricane-Katrina housing needs. Another good source of micro house plans is Sheldon Designs. Here's a plan for a 320 square foot 1-bedroom home. I hope you've found these micro house resources interesting and useful.

Mobile Home De Markies: Timeless Modular Travel Camper It says something about a design (particularly for a fast-paced mobile house) when someone can look at it three decades later and still marvel at the simple, efficient and effective use of materials and space. Created by Dutch designer Eduard Bohtlingk, the name of this classic award-winner means ‘The Awning’ – a fitting description of the fold-down mechanism at the heart of its ingenuity. On the road, it folds up to look like any other camper, but once on site, it deploys to have a footprint three times the size of the main volume, simply by having the walls turn into floors on either side. Add a few pieces of furniture to these auxiliary spaces and they become functional overflow for living and sleeping, while the core functions remain housed in the central area.

Tata’s 215 Square Feet Flat Pack Tiny House on July 25, 2011 The same Indian company that has produced the world’s cheapest car has announced its latest product which is a flat-pack tiny house that costs about $700. It can be assembled in a week and is said to be 215 square feet. It’s a pre-fabricated kit with doors, windows and a roof. According to reports they are experimenting with a few designs. The homes are designed to last about 20 years. A larger version of the home will also be available. An Example of a 215 Square Foot Prefabricated Home The photos of the home shown below are by Sustain Design Studio and have no affiliation with Tata. I just wanted to show you what a 215 square foot home looks like. Photo credits: Sustain Design Studio and Jetsongreen For seven hundred bucks, I doubt that Tata’s home will be anything like this but I’m eager for them to reveal actual photos of the project. What do you think about a 215 square foot home for $700 that’s supposed to last 20 years? The following two tabs change content below. Related

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