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PLTS Wall Posters Draft Version 1

PLTS Wall Posters Draft Version 1
Have spent this morning compiling these draft A3 versions of student speak generic PLTS posters. Wondering if anyone has any thoughts. Thanks in advance :0)

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Mentoring Minds As we venture into the 21st century, we as a society, are faced with more innovation and challenge than ever before. We now live in an interconnected world, where the Internet and global communications are simultaneously uniting and isolating us as a society. How do we raise critical thinkers to best face the challenges that face our modern society? What changes in education methods should be implemented to create a better learning environment for these budding minds? social networking with students After being in full time tech integration for nearly seven years, I’ve had the privilege to return to the classroom at such a pivotal time in education. With the use of wonderful Web 2.0 tools and the ability to easily collaborate across the globe, students have opportunities today that weren’t even envisioned three years ago. One of those opportunities involves creating a professional learning community through Edmodo, a teacher moderated social network where students can share ideas, publish their work, and learn how to communicate effectively online. What better place to build on our 21st Century Skills? What can Edmodo do?

Picture books for tough feelings Depression, anxiety, grief – they’re feelings we hope the children in our lives will never have to experience, but the reality is that we can’t always shield them from these things. A thoughtful book can help kids make sense of dark times by framing their emotions in a way they can process, and can go some way in preventing children from feeling overwhelmed. Here is a list of great picture books to help kids with tough feelings. Underwater Fancy Dress Parade by Davina Bell and Allison Colpoys

Teaching Students to Dig Deeper Image credit: iStockphoto A backwoodsman went to a home improvement store and purchased a chainsaw to replace an old, worn-out saw. After a month, the backwoodsman returned the saw to the store, complaining, "It doesn't work worth a darn! I could hardly cut half the wood I normally do." The salesman, looking at the chainsaw and seeing nothing wrong with it, pulled the cord. The chainsaw started easily with a roar.

21 Google Chrome Extensions For Increased Productivity Google Chrome is such a great resource for students. First things first, the browser allows users to sign in to Chrome anywhere and bring up bookmarks, history, and settings, an incredible feature for students on-the-go who are using multiple computers. In addition to this useful feature are a wealth of awesome extensions that students can use to save time and concentrate their efforts. We’ve found 21 time-saving Chrome extensions that students can put to use, from note-taking apps to books, citations, and reminders. Note AnywhereFind something interesting on Wikipedia? You can scribble notes online with the help of this Chrome extension.Google BooksUse Google Books to read just about any book anywhere, from any device you access on or off campus.

10 books to read on International Friendship Day - Reading Australia - ABC Splash - To celebrate International Friendship Day on July 30, Reading Australia has found five primary and five secondary books all about friendship - complete with Teacher Resources, essays and more! Friendship - it's a beautiful thing. From the books listed below you'll discover that friendships come in all shapes, sizes and genres; that brand new friends can develop into lifelong ones; that loyalty and trust are important; and that friendship with cats rule. So grab the nearest cat and read on! Primary

Questioning Toolkit Essential Questions These are questions which touch our hearts and souls. They are central to our lives. Eliademy: A simple free Virtual Learning Environment Yesterday, I discovered a new website called Eliademy and it is one of the simplest tools I have ever seen for creating a Virtual Learning Environment and not only that, it is free, has no adverts and "will always be free". After an afternoon giving a session on using Frog ( my school's new VLE), I was impressed at how simple it was to start creating learning materials on Eliademy. It does not have the range of functionality as Frog, it doesn't come close, but it is an amazing tool if you want to create an online course quickly and simply. Eliademy have 3 bold claims on their website: smart and friendly interface, fast and easy to use and that it increases productivity.When you visit the Eliademy website, it is certainly smart, to the point and very welcoming. Eliademy claim that you will own your own classroom in 3 steps and it really is that simple, you just sign in, create a course and then add resources. This is a tool I would absolutely love to see take off in lots of schools.