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FindSounds - Search the Web for Sounds

FindSounds - Search the Web for Sounds

An A-Z Index of the Windows CMD command line Atanua - About The Atanua UI Atanua is a real-time logic simulator, designed to help in learning of basic boolean logic and electronics. It uses OpenGL hardware-accelerated rendering and a custom UI designed for a fast workflow and a very low learning curve, letting the students concentrate on learning the subject instead of spending time learning the tool. See the interactive flash demo! See the Atanua Google+ page! The Atanua UI consists of basically three parts: the component listthe work areabuttons for some useful functions, like saving and loading Simple example - SR latch, two implementations As a simple example, the image on the left shows the implementation of a SR-latch using two NOR gates, as well as a SR-latch logic block, and both are connected to a couple of input buttons (bound to keyboard keys 1 and 2) and output LEDs. Editing wires This example can be replicated by simply dragging the needed components from the component list to the work area, and connecting the parts with lines.

10 Best Sites to Learn How to Code Quickly Web development has become a very important topic on the web these days and the internet has become the best source for developers to learn more about code. It is a very easy way and a very popular one and the developers can find important information related to anything on the internet very easily and do not have to face any kind of difficulty to lean new development ways. Web application development has some of its own unique features. Through the medium of the internet website developers can get a lot of information about the already existing applications and can very easily get to know about all the new tools very easily. Therefore the website owners can enhance their knowledge to great extent and can also in addition enhance the functionality of their respective website. Its our pleasure to share best and useful resources for web developers and designers. 1) Codecademy Codecademy is the easiest way to learn to code. 2) PHP Academy 3) Code School 4) Code Google 5) School of Webcraft

10 Resources for Design-Challenged Programmers When it comes to design, why do programmers tend to have difficulty in creating a simple and user-friendly user interface? Perhaps because programmers are traditionally left-brained and more focused on logic, analytics, objectivity, etc. This type of thinking is encouraged in academics. Designers are right-brained and focus on being intuitive, creative and subjective. Just because you tend to be a left-brained thinker, you cannot also have some qualities of a right-brained thinker. 1. 2. 8 Things Programmers Should Know About UI Design 3. 4. 5. 6. 8 Web Design Mistakes That Developers Make 7. 8. 9. 10. Did you identify any design mistakes that you currently make as a programmer? What are the next steps that you will take to move from left-brained to right-brained (or vice versa)? Are there any other websites or books that you think should be included in this list? Tagged with: book, Brian P.

6 Books Every Programmer Should Own I’ve seen many lists about the best programming books and I am sure there are a lot of books that are specific to a programming knowledge or technology – that I have not included in my list. The books I have chosen are those that are meant to inspire, increase productivity and improve your programming design skills. Note: This list has no particular order. Code Complete 2 Steve McConnell The main focus of this book to help you improve your programming design skills. The Pragmatic Programmer: From Journeyman to Master Andrew Hunt and David Thomas This book focuses on the best practices of programming (i.e. what you should and should not do). Pragmatic Thinking and Learning: Refactor Your Wetware Andy Hunt From the author of The Pragmatic Programmer, this book takes one-step back from programming and focuses on your everyday thinking and problem solving skills. The Productive Programmer Neal Ford and David Bock Algorithms in a Nutshell George T Heineman, Gary Pollice and Stanley Selkow Thomas H.

Programming Him: "I can download games like Quake and play them during lunch, you know."Me: "We're only allowed 10 megs in our accounts, and the system administrators would notice you downloading a large file."Him: "Nah, I could hack it so he couldn't."Me: "Ah, so you are into hacking. By the way do you know any programming languages?" I almost cried laughing. One day I was in a public park, reading "C++ For Dummies" when someone came up and asked me what I was reading. Teacher: "You can't do spaces in HTML. My Friend: "Yesterday, I reprogrammed my computer." I was the night-time operator for a university in the northern part of the state. One evening a student was in the pickup area, looking at her listing, and crying. At that point she let out a great wail and sob. "Huh?" It turned out the the instructor told the class what all instructors tell their classes for the first computer program they ever write. I once worked for the IT department of a small manufacturing company. x = x; and removed it.

50 Places You Can Learn to Code (for Free) Online If you’re curious about learning a programming language then you’re in luck: there’s no shortage of resources for learning how to code online. University-level courses, tutorials, cheat sheets, and coding communities all offer excellent ways to pick up a new language, and maybe even a new job, too. Read on, and you’ll discover 50 great places to learn how to code, for free, online. University Many big names in education including MIT and Stanford offer programming courses, absolutely free. General If you’re just dipping your toes into programming, or you want to find a variety of resources, these sites offer several different ways to learn how to code. Community Learn how to code on these sites with a heavy community influence ready to offer help to newbs. Language Specific Drill down to the language you really want on these sites, offering expansive learning in one or two specific languages.

Full-body, real-time motion tracking achieved using 17 sensors, Unreal Engine Microsoft’s Kinect motion sensor brought affordable controller-less motion input to game consoles. However, the resolution on offer does limit the level of body motion that can be detected and used in a game. If you want better detection you need more sensors, and a demo using the Unreal Engine has shown just how good full-body motion sensing can be with the right kit. At the Institute of Navigation (ION) GNSS 2012 conference held last month a system was setup that allowed for full-body, real-time motion tracking of a person walking around a room and doing a range of actions. The system relied on the use of 17 YEI 3-Space Wireless Sensors attached to the body and 3 3-Space Wireless Dongles. The information gathered from tracking those sensors was fed into Epic’s Unreal Engine and applied to a character mesh that copied the actions. The tracking system uses YEI’s miniature, high precision sensors coupled with an attitude and heading reference system. via ggmaina and YEI

Top 15+ Best Practices for Writing Super Readable Code Twice a month, we revisit some of our readers’ favorite posts from throughout the history of Nettuts+. Code readability is a universal subject in the world of computer programming. It's one of the first things we learn as developers. This article will detail the fifteen most important best practices when writing readable code. IDE's (Integrated Development Environment) have come a long way in the past few years. Consider this example: The comments I added at the function definition can be previewed whenever I use that function, even from other files. Here is another example where I call a function from a third party library: In these particular examples, the type of commenting (or documentation) used is based on PHPDoc, and the IDE is Aptana. I assume you already know that you should indent your code. There are more than one way of indenting code. I used to code in style #2 but recently switched to #1. The indentation styles are not always completely distinct from one another. PEAR Style:

64 Things Every Geek Should Know - The term ‘geek’, once used to label a circus freak, has morphed in meaning over the years. What was once an unusual profession transferred into a word indicating social awkwardness. As time has gone on, the word has yet again morphed to indicate a new type of individual: someone who is obsessive over one (or more) particular subjects, whether it be science, photography, electronics, computers, media, or any other field. A techie geek is usually one who knows a little about everything, and is thus the person family and friends turn to whenever they have a question. 1. USB – Universal Serial Bus GPU – Graphics Processing Unit CPU – Central Processing Unit SATA – Serial ATA HTML – Hyper-text Markup Language HTTP – Hypertext Transfer Protocol FTP – File Transfer Protocol P2P – Person to Person data sharing 2. If you rolled your eyes here, that is a good thing. 3. Here’s what one looks like: 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14.