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How to make a paper bow

How to make a paper bow
I've gotten some questions asking how I made the paper bow on the bottom package in this post. Here's a quick tutorial. I made a template so you can see the parts. Download the free file you need: The PDF template Files for digital cutting machines:The zipped Silhouette .studio file (double click the .zip file after downloading)The .svg fileThe .dxf file If you print the PDF on colored paper and cut out the pieces, you'll have enough parts to make two bows. Anyhow, whether you wing it or use the template, you'll need three parts for each bow: the band in the middle, the loops, and the tails. Grab the two outer tabs on the "loops" piece, bend them to the center, and glue them down. Layer the loops piece on top of the tails with a dot of glue, then wrap the band around the center and secure it in the back with a little more glue. Related:  Flowers / BowsDeco

How to Make Fabric Bows Tutorial In case you haven’t noticed, fabric bows are insanely popular right now! Everywhere I look, I see bows I think. I love the look of the rounded fabric bows, especially on little girls. So of course, I had to make my sweet baby girl a bunch of rounded fabric bows to wear! 3K+These bows are easy to make and only take about 15 minutes each. Little Desi Jane wore one of her bow headbands for her 3 months photo shoot a couple weeks ago. How to Make Fabric Bows Supplies: fabric- cotton or jersey work well. Using my free Fabric Bow Template, cut out 2 pieces per bow. Then add your fabric bow to a headband, pin, hat, warmers, etc! These little fabric bows are super easy to make and totally stylin! Don’t know how to sew? Who could you make these little fabric bows for? Make sure to follow Craftaholics Anonymous® on Bloglovin for new crafts and on Pinterest for crafting inspiration from around the web! Share and Enjoy Hi!

Flapping Paper Butterfly I had a baby so I’ve invited some fave guests to take over for me while I spend time with the little guy. Today’s post is from super crafter and cute mom, Amelia of The Homebook. Growing up, I had an aunt who lived in Canada. Every year for my birthday she’d send me a card and a fancy little gift. She always found the neatest things! I made my butterflies into Monarchs, but you could use different materials to create any sort of colorful butterfly. Materials: You’ll need heavy cardstock, 24 gauge wire, silicone rubber bands (I found mine in the hair aisle at Walgreens) needle-nose pliers, scissors, tape, a paintbrush, a black marker, and a white ink pen. Step 1: Measure and cut your wire. Step 2: Find the center of the longer wire. Step 5: Find the center of the shorter wire, and wrap it around the base of the paintbrush. Step 8: Draw the shape of your wings and cut them out. Step 11: Tape each wing to the body of the butterfly. See more awesome from Amelia on The Homebook

Inspired by Yulia Brodskaya I can't get over how amazing these are. I wouldn't be surprised if Yulia invented quilling. She is a 28 year old artist from Moscow who creates beautiful designs from vertical pieces of thin paper and her website is full of inspiration in color, line, shadow and technique. Even though her pieces would be amazing if they were drawn, it was the fact that they are 3d that caught my attention. When my husband and I were engaged, I bought wooden letters to spell out 'save the date' and covered them with different patterned paper. (I couldn't resist showing our cute picture) The letters were already covered (I know, I didn't post a diy... I picked out 4 colors of paper that went with the colors in the pattern and had them cut into 1/2" strips. It feels great when you know that it takes alot of time and effort, but the end result makes up for all of that. In hindsight, I would choose a letter that had a meaning. I only have an h.

Lucky Wishing Stars Tutorial You’ve probably seen these little puffy origami stars before. They are really quick to make, and you don’t need any special materials to make them. You can buy lucky star pre-cut strips from origami stores, but you can just as easily make your own from medium weight coloured paper, e.g. scrapbooking paper, or even strips cut from magazine pages – as the strips are so narrow, the original text or image won’t be obvious in the finished star. Anti-clockwise from top left: pre-cut strips, paper cutter, scrapbook paper, magazine page. Now on to the tutorial! To give you an idea of size, I’ve made stars in 3 different sizes to show you: blue stars (from pre-cut strips): 35cm x 1.25cmpink stars (from a magazine page): 30cm x 1cmgreen stars (scrapbook paper): 15cm x 0.6cm The finished star will be approx 1.5 x the width of your strip, so pick an appropriate size for the size of star you’d like to end up with. For the rest of this tutorial, I will be using a paper strip cut from a magazine page.

DIY Giant Crepe Paper Roses Happy Monday, folks! In case you didn’t notice last week, these giant crepe paper roses really stole my heart after I was asked to lead a workshop on them at a private Martha Stewart event last week. I’m hoping to share more on the class later this week, but for now I wanted to share my very own tutorial for making them! Of course, I am not the first to make these, but I did want to post a tutorial so I could share all the tips and tricks I learned along the way. This tutorial is very long and detailed, but if you do make these roses, you’ll thank me! They take about an hour to make when you first start out but are so very, very worth it. Doublette Crepe Paper (Cream Pink, Pink Apricot and Bubblegum for my petals and the Pale Olive and Deep Olive for my leaves) Templates (Download them here on Martha Stewart and enlarge to your desired size. Craft Glue Round Pencil Cutting Out Your Crepe Paper You will need: Begin by cutting everything out as listed above. Voila! 1. Phew!

Simple Bows with Ribbon Hair clips for little girls must be adorable enough to meet children’s desire. Nowadays kids are so independent and know their own minds very clearly. If you are worried about buying desirable hair clips for your daughter, why not try this flowing ribbon bow hair clip for her? What do you need to make a hair bow for little girls? 25mm Satin Ribbon 6mm Satin Ribbon Hair Barrette Sewing Thread (Not Shown) Needle (Not Shown) Scissors Double-Sided Tape Glue How to make a hair bow with ribbon? Step 1: make a large bow 1st, cut a strip of 25mm ribbon and stick double-sided tape to its middle line; 2nd, stick both ends to the middle line; 3rd, make a bow shape and secure with thread. Step 2: make a decorative bow 4th, cut a strip of 6mm ribbon; fold both ends to the middle towards opposite direction to make a bow and sew it with the large bow; 5th, cut a short satin ribbon to wrap the middle of two bows and glue both ends; 6th, cut out a long strip of 6mm ribbon and glue the middle under the bow.

Egg Carton Crafts - Chicken Egg Cups Hello! Welcome back to another Easter Craft ideas for you – these adorable Chicken Egg Cups made from Egg Cartons! Super simple, super cute. Takes minutes to make. But actually, these are not just for Easter, I think they definitely fall into the Spring Craft category too! I made one, showed it to the kids and Pip Squeak decided to have a go, whilst Red Ted, just wanted to have mine. If you like the video PLEASE SUNSCRIBE today for lots more crafty videos Materials: an egg carton that has those “peaks in the middle”, one carton will make 2 chickens, felt (or craft foam), googly eyes, PVA glue and feathers optional 1) Cut out your egg carton – I have shared a video below, that shows REALLY well how to cut out the carton to be left with the “right part” for your chicken. 2) Cut out your chicken’s beak and comb etc. 3) Glue on. 4) Pip Squeak decided hers needed feathers too! 5) Let dry and done! Right.. now you have you Easter Chickens… want some Egg Decorating Ideas? Did you like this?

Handmade Tissue Paper Flowers and Pompom Garland You'd think after making hundreds of these for my wedding, I'd be completely sick of them. But I can't help it, I love them so much! I'm a little sad that I didn't save a bouquet of paper flowers from my wedding, but I never thought I'd want to see them again. So I made some for home, only this time as a garland... ...And as bedroom decor... ...And maybe I couldn't resist making just a few little blossoms... Want to make some? Materials: Tissue paper Heavy-duty scissors Floral wire Make sure you use a pair of scissors that you don't mind ruining, because they're going to take a serious beating here. For a package of 20" x 25" tissue paper, 8 sheets: Large flowers (Peonies): 16 per pack Small flowers (Carnations): 32 per pack Mini pompoms (Garland): 8 per pack Small pompoms: 2 per pack Medium pompoms: 1 per pack* Large pompoms: 1 per pack *There will be enough paper leftover from a medium pompom to make flowers or mini pompoms The flowers are easiest, so lets start there. And here's completed!

Origami envelope in Crafts for home stationery and paper for birthdays, anniversaries or dinners Do you need to improvise an envelope paper because you have run out of them? The solution comes from the hand of The Yuppie Lifestyle, with a simple tutorial using a square of paper about 15 cm (5,9 inch.). We can use different styles of paper to invent the cheeriest envelope ever seen in mail traffic! paper mache boat pattern « ann wood And instructions. Epic instructions. They just go on and on. I hope to add more concise printer friendly instructions later but my Christmas brain just isn’t capable of it. What you will need:download pattern here large cereal box scissors scotch tape ruler exacto knife newspaper- 2 colors wall paper paste paint brushes paint skewers. dowels or twigs string heavy duty thread needles – various sizes fabric buttons glue (click thumbnails for larger images) Download the pattern here and cut it out on the dotted line – the solid lines are for scoring - there are little triangles on one end – you can fold those back to trace the line onto your cardboard and poke your pencil through the tip of the V on the pattern to mark your cardboard. Use a ruler to draw the lines as shown on the pattern. Bring the edges together and secure with lots of scotch tape – they shouldn’t overlap but just meet and last tape the front tips together. Poke holes in the boat for attaching buttons for the rigging.

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