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Listening Game : 12 : Directions

Listening Game : 12 : Directions
(1) OK, here is how to get to my house from the train station. Go out of the train station and turn left. Go about half a block and you will see a pub. At that intersection, turn right and go down that street for about three and a half blocks. Go past the post office, and you'll go past a river, and past a hospital and the first road past the hospital, you want to turn right. (2) OK, if I'm not home, then just go to my friends house, so I might be busy at work, so in that case, from my house turn right down the street and go past the gas station and keep going straight until you get to a bookstore. (3) OK, if my friend's not home then just go an wait for me at Miki's Tavern. Related:  Chapter 6listening

Have you ever? Genki English Songs for Adult Learners Page in Japanese Listen to the song above, click the answers and see what score you got! Try the other Songs: Excuse me, where's the ... ? If you had a million dollars... Have you ever ... Dream Holiday I have to ... How you doing? Also have a look at the kids' songs , they work great for adults too! If you're a teacher, try the worksheet and use the song in class. Cut out & re-arrange worksheet is in the Advanced Hip Hop Pack 1. Each of these words is a great topic starter, for example asking "Would you like to?" be genki, Richard 3: Directions Useful English Ex. 3: Directions Choose the most appropriate answer. 1. Excuse me! 2. Could you tell me how to get to the History Museum, please? 3. Can you tell me where the bank is , please? 4. Would you mind giving me some directions, please? 5. I am looking for the new children's library. 6. Walk two blocks and turn left at the traffic light . 7. Go past the flower shop, the drugstore, and the supermarket. 8. The library will be on your left. 9. Could you tell me where I can buy some souvenirs, please? 10. There are several souvenir shops on Apple Street, about three blocks from here . Your result: 00% correct.

Teens and listening skills The Listening skills practice section on LearnEnglish Teens helps teenagers to improve their listening skills for their school studies and English exams. There are activities for a range of levels from A1 to B2. Find out more about CEF levels here: Here are some classroom tips and ideas to help your teenage learners to improve their listening skills. Before listening We can help our learners with listening activities by activating their schemata or background knowledge, arousing their interest in the topic or preparing them linguistically before they listen. 1. 2. Another way is to put the key words on the board (I also include key words that may be familiar but have tricky pronunciation to prepare students to listen out for them). You could also prepare students for familiar words with tricky pronunciation with a game of taboo. 3. 4. 5. While listening 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. After listening 1. 2. 3. 4. Extensive listening outside classroom

Asking For and Giving Street Directions English Exercise | Blair English Introduction: Anybody who has travelled to another country or city has got lost. Sometimes maps don't help, so you have to ask somebody for directions. If you're in a country where they don't speak your language, this can be difficult. At other times, you will have to give directions to people visiting your country. In this online exercise, we will look at the essential vocabulary used to both ask for and to give directions in English. Exercise: Receiving directions A visitor to the city of York in the North of England asks a person in the street for directions to the Silk Cottage restaurant. Using both the directions and the map, try to guess what the meaning of the words/phrases in bold are. Visitor:'Excuse me, could you tell me the way to the Silk Cottage restaurant please?' York Resident:'Eh, the Silk Cottage restaurant. You'll then come to a bridge, go over the bridge. Link to Dictionary Quiz: Street directions in English vocabulary ". ". Leeds Resident: Practice

Podcasts | Independent English podcast (noun)a recording of a radio broadcast or a video that can be taken from the InternetTo listen to the podcast, click on the link below.I download podcasts of radio shows and listen to them in the car.[Definition from the Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary] Although the word podcast was originally taken from ‘iPod’ and ‘broadcast’, you don’t need an iPod to listen to one. Why should I use podcasts? As you listen to more and more English, you will understand more. How can I use podcasts? You can download podcasts from some of the places listed below and listen to them as you are doing other things. Here are some activities you can do using podcasts if you want to use them for studying: Choose a podcast on a subject you are interested in. If you have any other ideas, please share them in the comments. How do I choose a podcast to listen to? Look at the list below to help you find podcasts. Where can I find podcasts? Almost all of these podcasts are free to download. ‘Real’ English P.S.

Asking and giving directions conversation English lesson Whats the conversation on giving and asking directions about? This conversation is between 2 people called William and Kate. William stops Kate in the street to ask for directions on how to get to the train station. After the conversation is some useful tips on asking and giving directions. Conversation on asking for directions William: Excuse me, am sorry to trouble you, but could you tell me how I can get to the train station? Kate: Yes no problem, it’s that way. William: Thank you so much! Kate: Oh, I know that feeling. William: So just to double check Keep walking straight ahead till I pass the library, then I have to turn left and take the first right. Kate: Yes, that is correct. William: Well thanks for helping me. Kate: OK, bye. Useful hints on asking and giving directions Print the English lesson on asking and giving direction conversation To print the lesson on asking and giving directions conversation between 2 people. Lessons that might be related to this one Easy Pace Learning Forum

The 10 Best Places To Find ELT Listening Materials | Teach Them English If, like me, you find that one of the most commonly heard requests from your learners is to provide them with additional listening materials to study with outside of class, this post is definitely for you. I’ve trawled the internet and the result of my extensive labors is the list of ten great resources you see below… enjoy! 1) Link Eng Park This site doesn’t actually produce any of its own materials, but it’s as close as an encyclopedia of all ESL online listening materials as you’re ever likely to find. Link Eng Park is a great resource for ELT podcasts. Reasons why I use this site Free to use (as are all on this list unless otherwise stated)Organized according to various levelsMany if not all include scripts of the listeningMany video clips as well as regular audioUpdated regularlySimple and effective search function 2) British Council Learn English Teens 3) Elllo Elllo provides a wealth of listening exercises in video or audio format. 4) Easy Listening for Kids 6) ESL Cyber Listening Lab

Exercise 10 - Hotel Directions Part 1 - You are the front desk. A woman asks: Can you tell me the way to the jewelry shop, please?1 - Look at this picture. You are at the Front Desk.Click here. Watch. Guest: Can you tell me the way to the jewelry shop please? You are cleaning the bar. 2 - Look at this picture. Guest: Where is the Imperial Conference room? You are at the news stand. 3 - Look at this picture! Guest:Where are the restrooms, please? You are in the restaurant. 4 - Look at this picture! Guest:Where's the souvenir shop, please? Just one question: You are a customer in the hotel. Listen A Minute: Easier English Listening and Activities