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AR Glasses by Optinvent

AR Glasses by Optinvent

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20 Websites You Can't Miss If You Want To Make Money As A Freelancer Being a freelancer has a lot of benefits – you can work from anywhere you like, you make up your own rules, you don’t have to concern yourself with trivial office politics, there is less stress involved and you get to spend a lot more time with your friends and family. However, not having a stable job means that you will be living a nomad’s life, moving from project to project, constantly on the lookout for a new employer. Kind of like an online ronin, a masterless samurai roaming the virtual wastes. Well, there are places you can go to look for great freelance opportunities, so do not despair. Here are 20 great freelance websites you should definitely check out.

Cambridge News - Augmented Reality technology can add value to our lives, 23 December 2014 Matthew Gooding Cambridge News 23 December 2014 This article first appeared in Cambridge News. PROJECTS Sunao Hashimoto, Akihiko Ishida, Masahiko Inami, Takeo Igarashi Abstract The most popular remote control method for robot is a joystick and a gamepad. Enterprise Gamification Consultancy - An Overview of Gamification in Recruitment Standard job interview questions, used by many recruiters and managers, seem to be really ill fitted to predict a candidate’s future performance. According to professor Allen Huffcutt from Bradley University, who’s been studying job interviews for the better part of the past 20 years, identified a number of problems with the recruitment process in general and the interview process in particular. In several blogs about the gamification score we talked already in length about how unrelated to facts today’s evaluation processes for employees are. But the problem starts way early, during recruiting.

Creating Augmented Reality for Education The cARe project explores two examples of how Augmented Reality (AR) could be used to enhance learning. The examples focus on the use of AR with nursing students. Further details of the projects are described below. Distributors Wanted Distributor wanted to cover one or all of the following countries: EnglandScotlandWalesNorthern IrelandFranceGermanySpainHollandBelgiumAustriaLuxembourgPortugalItaly Part of An International Group

The future of next-generation user interfaces The winning idea from our Project Innovation competition, The Time Machine concept, shows how we might interact with the car of the future – so what can we expect from tomorrow’s touchscreens, gesture controls and Brain Computer Interfaces? © Microsoft Microsoft's intelligent assist technology, Cortana Imagine a world where you can hold a conversation with your car, or overlay the windscreen with an augmented reality display that shows alternative routes, hazards, speed limits and more. Aaron Daubney took this idea one stage further for his winning entry into our Project Innovation competition: his The Time Machine concept is a vision of an artificially intelligent car that draws on these technologies to tailor every drive to your lifestyle.

The Augmented Web: Simplifying Augmented Reality In Education The Augmented Web: Simplifying Augmented Reality In Education by Maria Politis, Head of Content and Community at buildAR If you spend time on twitter looking at the #augmentedreality and #edutech hashtags you will know that there is quite a lot of discussion going on about Augmented Reality, and how it can be used as an educational tool. And with good reason. The web is full of innovative examples of how Augmented Reality is used in classrooms around the world every day. The ability to overlay digital content and information onto the real world, using triggers like images and locations opens up a world of rich learning opportunities.

Part 2: The (augmented) reality of Google Glass on your Supply Chain Written by Jacqueline Toms (pictured, right), Director Marketing Northern Europe hybris Google Glass is on the cutting edge of redefining the future for the omnichannel platform. This is clearly a monumental leap that consumers want rather than a trend that will fade. Sit Back, Relax, and Enjoy This Patent-Pending Virtual Reality Helmet Image: US Patent and Trademark Office We like to romanticize commercial air travel. We fantasize about bathroom sex, and are afforded a God's eye view of the landscapes far, far below. But really, flying is a drag. Anyone who’s been confined to a tiny airborne cylinder with a crying baby and an especially chatty cross-section of humanity can attest to this. Flying sucks.