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Makerbot Smart Extruder+ The Smart Extruder+ has double the warranty fo it's predecessor (6 months, rather than the 3 month warranty of the original Smart Extruder), the testing of the Smart Extruder+ proved that the extruder delivers dependable and consistent performance and will help you to produce excellent 3D models using the MakerBot PLA filament. The Smart Extruder+ has been built with improved components and features an enhanced sensor system ensuring that the printing prcoess is simple and reliable. For new customers, the Smart Extruder+ is available with a 50% discount when bought with a new MakerBot 5th Generation Printer (Replicator Desktop, Replicator Mini, Replicator Z18). For existing customers, the Smart Extruder+ is also available with a 50% discount for every 5th generation printer already owned. Just contact us with the serial number of the printer you already own, we will respond shortly after with a discount code for the Extruder. SKU: Smart Extruder+ (Z18) MP07376

OctoPi - Ready-Made OctoPrint OS Disk Image OctoPi - Easiest Option to Explore OctoPrint! The easiest way to setup your RasPi for OctoPrint is to download the pre-loaded SD Card image from the GitHub repo maintained by Guy Sheffer, with source located here. (Latest image can be found here.) This first step -- getting the image on the SD card -- can be a tricky challenge for those not comfortable on the command line or Linux systems. Gigabot 3D Printing: This is Huge! by re:3D Share this project Done Share Tweet Embed Tweet Share Email How to Hack Wi-Fi: Creating an Evil Twin Wireless Access Point to Eavesdrop on Data « Null Byte How to Hack Wi-Fi: Creating an Evil Twin Wireless Access Point to Eavesdrop on Data Welcome back, my greenhorn hackers! Now that we're familiar with the technologies, terminology, and the aircrack-ng suite, we can finally start hacking Wi-Fi. Our first task will be to creating an evil twin access point. Many new hackers are anxious to crack Wi-Fi passwords to gain some free bandwidth (don't worry, we'll get to that), but there are so many other Wi-Fi hacks that are far more powerful and put so much more at risk than a bit of bandwidth. What's an Evil Twin AP?

ITopie iTopie Release status: Working Introduction The iTopie is a derivative of the very popular Prusa i3, the main purpose of this new machine is to save assembly time, especially for workshops. The second goal is to increase rigidity. 100% MDF structure seems to be the best solution, rigid, cheap, no vibration and if we accept that a 3D printer is a CNC with an extruder, then this machine becomes more self-replicant. Note: The plastic parts of the X and Z axes are compatible with the Prusa i3. Simplify3d-docs Simplify3D is a commercial slicer and 3D printer host. It has a number of useful features, but figuring out what everything does can be a daunting task for someone who is not already familiar with 3D printing. This document is an attempt to fill some of the gaps. It is not officially sanctioned by or affiliated with Simplify3D. I am using a Mac; some of the keyboard shortcuts may be different on Windows or Linux.

BTAudio - Domoticz Use a bluetooth speaker Goal is to use a bluetooth (BT) speaker to let domoticz talk. This setup should also be usable for music purposes, which is the first step to take. I used a 'Mini-X6U' speaker and a brandless usb BT stick spoolWorks Scaffold - 1.75mm - 500g Scaffold is a water-soluble and break-away support filament that actually works. Scaffold offers total design freedom, helping you to create complex geometries and complete functioning mechanisms in a single print (with no worries about overhangs!). Part of E3D’s spoolWorks range, Scaffold works best with our Edge and PLA filaments. For a complete overview of Scaffold and what makes it so special, please see our blog. Features: untitled Mini-cars, bracelets, cookie cutters, desserts, shirts – the possibility of what you can make on even a small desktop (FDM) 3D printer is nearly endless. Almost as endless, is the list of possibilities of who can design these amazing toys, trinkets and tools. Thanks to free tools, creative people, and the art of the search engine plus YouTube tutorial combination – we’re finding that the face of these 3D designers is changing, evolving and just as exciting as the designs that they create. So, who are the pioneers who are out there in this new 3D printing wave taking over the maker space?

About This Project This project will read temperature and humidity from a DHT11 or DHT22 sensor and send the values to Cayenne using MQTT. The python MQTT client and Adafruit DHT sensor library will need to be installed for this script to run. Install the MQTT client using "sudo pip install paho-mqtt". CNC Panel Joinery Notebook I’ve been collecting clever ways of slotting flat stock together since I first read Nomadic Furniture back in 1999, well before the advent of the accessible hobby-class CNC tools that today make manufacturing parts like these pretty easy. Now, the world is full of people designing models, project enclosures, sculpture, furniture, and all kinds of other cool stuff to be assembled from parts made on laser cutters and CNC routers. I keep expecting a definitive book or website to emerge that covers the “bag of tricks” in an organized way, but so far, I haven’t found it. Maybe this article can serve as a jumping-off point. In any case, I think it’s time to share my notebook of CNC panel joinery.