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The 960 Grid System Made Easy

The 960 Grid System Made Easy
By Joshua Johnson The first time I discovered the 960 Grid System, I was immediately excited about the possibilities of implementing complex layouts so easily. However, since I was fairly new to web design at the time, when I downloaded the files, I quickly became overwhelmed at how complicated the whole thing seemed. With all this code, how could this be the easy way to create a layout? This article is for web designers and front-end web developers who are interested in grid-based layout systems but are at a loss on how to decipher them. We’ll focus specifically on the 960 Grid System, but after reading this guide, you’ll find that most of the other grid systems out there are similar and will make much more sense after you understand a few basic principles. Grid-Based Design Before we get into the specifics of the 960 Grid System, let’s briefly discuss grid-based design in general. Our brains like to simplify things to make them readily understandable. Why Do I Need a Grid System? Typogridphy

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Designing Websites for All Screen Resolutions Tutorial on Designing for 800 x 600, 1024 x 768, 1280 x 1024 and higher Designing web sites to fit all resolutions is a very important web design principle. Try out the Entheos site in all resolutions higher than 800 x 600 and you will find that it is designed to fit the page exactly. Therefore, visitors who have higher resolution can see more content in one page which reduces scrolling. Most web sites are designed for only one resolution. Less Framework 4 Every layout in Less Framework is based on a single grid, composed of 68 px columns with 24 px gutters. The only measures that change from layout to layout are the amount of columns and the width of the outer margins. The three sets of typography pre­sets are aligned to a 24 px baseline grid; one is based on 16 px body text, one on 17 px, and one on 18 px.

A Crash Course in Typography: Principles for Combining Typefaces - Noupe Design Blog Apr 11 2011 When combining typefaces, there are a couple of important principles you’ll need to keep in mind, namely contrast and mood. Effectively combining typefaces is a skill best learned through practice, and trial-and-error. Flat UI Kit (free download!) Trends start everyday: an idea is adopted, passed on and before you know it it’s being discussed on design blogs. However, most trends vanish as quickly as they appeared. To paraphrase Andy Warhol, everything will be trendy for 15 minutes. Once in a while, an idea is found to have something so fundamental about it that it thrives, even after the initial clamor dies down. Responsive design was one such ‘trend’ and flat-design looks like becoming another. Flat design — which is more of a rejection of 3D artifice than it is a style — fits so perfectly into the contemporary landscape that it’s already hard to envisage a time when it wasn’t de rigueur.

Lightbox_me - Stupidly Simple Lightboxing What is it? Have you ever had a DOM element that you wanted lightboxed, but didn't want all the fanciness of all the lightbox-related plug-ins out there? Lightbox_me is for you. Lightbox_me is an essential tool for the jQuery developer's toolbox. Feed it a DOM element wrapped in a jQuery object and it will lightbox it for you, no muss no fuss. Skeleton WordPress Theme Skeleton is a Responsive, Mobile-Friendly Theme for WordPress Skeleton is a simple, responsive (video) theme from Simple Themes. If you like this theme, we encourage you to try some of our other WordPress themes. Today, people visit your website from a variety of devices ranging from desktop computers, tablets, and smart phones. The average user spends only a few seconds before making a decision to stay on your site or not. Skeleton is a WordPress theme aimed at helping you build simple, uncluttered, useable, and mobile-friendly WordPress sites.

Best of Black and White Graphic Design Layouts Best of Black and White Graphic Design Layouts I don’t think that I have ever had such a hard time researching a topic. Believe it or not, it is very hard to find any half decent black and white designs online. I have listed a couple of dozen black and white designs. Please send in designs that you like as well. ntech: Our Pipeline GDC-0973 (RG7421), a selective inhibitor of MEK, also known as mitogen activated protein kinase kinase (MAPKK), is a key component of the RAS/RAF/MEK/ERK pathway, which is frequently activated in human tumors. Inappropriate activation of the MEK/ERK pathway promotes cell growth in the absence of exogenous growth factors. Mechanism of Action / Target Receptor tyrosine kinase signaling, mitogen-activated protein kinase (MEK) selective inhibitor Status A Phase III and a Phase Ib clinical trial in combination with Zelboraf® (vemurafenib) for metastatic melanoma; a Phase Ib clinical trial in combination with GDC-0068, an Akt Inhibitor, for solid tumors; and a Phase Ib clinical trial in combination with GDC-0941, a PI3 Kinase Inhibitor, for solid tumors are ongoing.

Golden Grid System GGS was my next step after Less Framework. Instead of a fixed-width grid, it used a fully fluid-width one, without even a maximum width. The resources it was published with are still available on GitHub. The idea was to take a 18-column grid, use the outermost columns as margins, and use the remaining 16 to lay elements out. On smaller screens the 16 columns could be folded into 8, 4 and 2.

How to get started with creative coding Creative code is fun but daunting to break into. If you look at a crazy WebGL experiment or a site with complex CSS transitions it's easy to feel like only a coder Jedi could pull off such feats of engineering brilliance. There's truth that being technically proficient goes a long way, but you don't need to know everything about everything in order to accomplish something beautiful. You just need to have a methodology. I've built my company around that practice. Arbitrary is at the intersection of art, design and technology.

ddSlick - a jQuery plugin for custom drop down with images With traditional drop downs i.e. using <select><option></option></select> you are limited to only text and value. But with this easily configurable jquery plugin, you can now create a custom drop down that can very well include images, a short description, along with your usual text and value. Take a look at the following demos in action. Stunning Collection of Black and White Logo Design Top Home » Gallery • Inspiration • Logo Design » Stunning Collection of Black and White Logo Design A logo is an emblem or the visual representation of the business. Although a logo is a small graphical element but without doubt is of great importance. Simple logo designs are always proved to be the most effective and powerful whether in terms of color selection or concept. Here is an exclusive showcase of over 40 most innovative black and white logos designed by Province Design Studio.