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The Kama Sutra Project — A-Z

The Kama Sutra Project — A-Z
The Kama Sutra Alphabet is a personal project from French born and London based illustrator Malika Favre. Using the original set of 7 letters she created for the cover as a starting point, Malika then decided to develop the full set of 26 letters as part of an exhibition project. The Kama Sutra prints are currently on show at Pick Me Up from the 18th to the 28th of April 2013 at Somerset house in London. Each letter is a very limited edition of 25 screenprints, signed and numbered by the artist.

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The greatest Jazz pianists / Les plus grands pianistes Jazz Hank Jones Hank Jones is the elder brother of the famous jazz drummer Elvin Jones and trumpeter Thad Jones. During his lifetime he has been working piano several hours a day but never improvisation which should be spontaneous according to him. He has been playing with the all-time greatest jazz musicians. Astounding Photorealistic Portraits Drawn In Ballpoint Pen Astounding Photorealistic Portraits Drawn In Ballpoint Pen by Juan Francisco Casas We've previously feature several artists who are masters of photorealism (tricking your vision into think you're staring at a photograph, when really it's been created by hand) - but Spanish artist Juan Francisco Casas is unique in that he only use the trusty and humble Bic ballpoint pen. No fancy paints, oils or expensive brushes - just a regular 99c Bic ballpoint and infinite about of skill, patience and finesse. Many of the people featured in Juan's work are in fact his friends, images captured from nights out, crazy parties and rendevous with more than a few seductive ladies - which just adds to the sense of realism, movement and vitality in his images.

Going Glitch: 15 Logos From The Post-Computer Era One way to subvert the sleek, unctuous image of corporate greed is to mess shamelessly with company logos--distorting, fragmenting, and distressing the symbols that are synonymous with capitalism. Well, that used to be the case back in the 1990s, before companies decided to stop being square and learn how to do the subverting themselves, in the name of "cool." (See Thomas Frank’s seminal book, The Conquest of Cool, for more on that phenomenon).

Egon Schiele : History of Erotic Art Egon Schiele (1890 – 1918) was an Austrian painter. As a favorite protégé of Gustav Klimt, it was thought that Schiele would go on to be Klimt's successor were it not for Schiele's untimely death at the age of 28, less than a year after Klimt. In his short career Schiele painted portraits of the Vienna elite, was a pioneer of Expressionism with both his portraits and his landscapes, and was one of the most prolific draftsman of erotic art in the early 20th century. Egon Schiele is known for being grotesque, erotic, pornographic, and disturbing, focusing on sex, death, and discovery. After Schiele was trained classically by the Academy of Fine Arts, he sort out his idol, Gustav Klimt, who was impressed with Schiele's work and went on to mentor him as well as provided support through buying and exchanging drawings with him, arranged models for him, and introduced him to many of his patrons.

In The Political Realm, Typography Is Power Protest has gone undeniably digital since the Arab Spring, with online tools guiding and broadcasting protest. One vestige of the '60s still hangs on though: the handwritten poster, which is much in evidence at rallies and walks across the country (and world). Voices, a new book by German publishing house Cake, examines the DIY type design found on protest signs, investigating why a scrawled slogan has greater power to move us than a well-set Helvetica or Univers. Cake developed Voices after attending a two-day conference, Typography and Power, that invited attendees to explore how type and print can influence the political realm. Anthony Christian : History of Erotic Art "I paint for many reasons; one of them is to educate, and I hope by the beauty and integrity of my work that I may teach people the difference between pornography and great Art, and shatter the last shackles bonding those imprisoned by ignorance or hypocrisy."Anthony Christian English artist Anthony Christian (24 October 1945 - present) showed talent at an early age.

Choosing the perfect Typeface – Cucumbertown’s journey Update: Cucumbertown is in midst of a design overhaul. We are now focusing on mobile and web and the design changes are not yet reflected on the site. Subscribe, if you want to keep yourself updated. The journey is exciting and we are chronicling everything.

Why Don't Online Readers Like Italics? You can see just about anything you want on the Internet, for better or worse, but one thing you don't come across very often is a major news site that's heavy on italics. So it was striking to see the recently restyled New York Times homepage feature large, italicized headlines running down the left side of the page. The change has the effect of pulling the eye back to that column like some lateral gravity.

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