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Darik's Boot and Nuke (DBAN) is free erasure software designed for consumer use. DBAN users should be aware of some product limitations, including: No guarantee that data is removedLimited hardware support (e.g. no RAID dismantling)No customer support DBAN is a self-contained boot disk that automatically deletes the contents of any hard disk that it can detect. This method can help prevent identity theft before recycling a computer. It is also a solution commonly used to remove viruses and spyware from Microsoft Windows installations.

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Rudy's Delphi Corner - Console unit Download I write a lot of console programs to test simple concepts, containing a few test routines and a few Writeln commands. To me, this is much more convenient than having to write a VCL program where the output goes to a ListBox or a Memo. The problem with the console windows in Delphi is, that they close immediately after they are finished. So most of my console programs contain a Readln command as the last instruction in the program. BleachBit Portable cache, temp file and history cleaner BleachBit quickly frees disk space, removes hidden junk, and easily guards your privacy. Erase cache, delete cookies, clear Internet history, remove unused localizations, shred logs, and delete temporary files. Version 1.10 for Windows, Multilingual 6MB download / 8MB installed (Details) - Support BleachBit development

oclHashcat - advanced password recovery Download latest version GPU Driver and SDK Requirements: NV users require ForceWare 319.37 or later AMD users require Catalyst 13.4 or later Features Worlds fastest password cracker Worlds first and only GPGPU based rule engine Free Multi-GPU (up to 128 gpus) Multi-Hash (up to 15 million hashes) Multi-OS (Linux & Windows native binaries) Multi-Platform (OpenCL & CUDA support) Multi-Algo (see below) Low resource utilization, you can still watch movies or play games while cracking Focuses highly iterated modern hashes Focuses dictionary based attacks Supports distributed cracking Supports pause / resume while cracking Supports sessions Supports restore Supports reading words from file Supports reading words from stdin Supports hex-salt Supports hex-charset Built-in benchmarking system Integrated thermal watchdog 80+ Algorithms implemented with performance in mind ... and much more

Secure Role Based Access Control - AppGate Security Server A new module is available for the AppGate Security Server that provides a fully integrated one-time password (OTP) solution. AppGate has always supported a wide range of authentication methods and two-factor authentication. This new module enables customers to deploy a robust OTP solution without the need for additional hardware or servers. One-time passwords are generated on users’ mobile phones, avoiding the need to distribute and maintain physical tokens, and provisioning and initialisation is handled automatically. The user’s phone does not require any network connectivity in order to generate each one-time password as no SMS is sent. With AppGate one-time password authentication can be combined with other authentication methods to provide added security where required.

IO Ninja Scriptable/Programmable The word "programmable" speaks for itself. Now you can turn IO Ninja into your personal IO debugger and tune it to your liking with Jancy scripting. Full Path Disclosure This is an Attack. To view all attacks, please see the Attack Category page. Last revision: 11/8/2012 Description Security Onion Our easy-to-use Setup wizard allows you to build an army of distributed sensors for your enterprise in minutes Analyze and visualize your NIDS/HIDS alerts with Squert Pivot between multiple data types with Sguil and send pcaps to Wireshark and NetworkMiner Use ELSA to slice and dice your logs and hunt for adversaries Pivot to CapME to analyze full packet capture transcripts (including automatic gzip decoding) and download pcaps

Denmark Police Wants to Ban Anonymous Internet Use Should using the internet Anonymously be a thing of the past? That’s what police in Denmark are hoping. They are currently recommending that identities be verified before someone is able to log on to the internet. CHAOS (operating system) Designed for large-scale ad hoc clusters, once booted, CHAOS runs from memory allowing the CD to be used on the next node (and allowing for automated rebooting into the host operating system). CHAOS aims to be the most compact, secure and straightforward openMosix cluster platform available.[2] A six node CHAOS/openMosix cluster: The mosmon view with no load While this deployment model suits the typical cluster builder, openMosix is a peer-based cluster, consisting of only one type of node. All openMosix nodes are inherently equal and each can be, simultaneously, parent and child. A six node CHAOS/openMosix cluster: The mosmon view with one process' load, launched from node two

Mail PassView Related Utilities NK2Edit - Edit, merge and fix the AutoComplete files (.NK2) of Microsoft Outlook. PstPassword - Outlook PST Password Recovery. WebBrowserPassView - Recover passwords stored by common Web browsers (IE, Firefox, Chrome) Dialupass - Recover VPN/RAS/Dialup passwords

Has the flawed password system finally had its day? 29 August 2014Last updated at 06:33 ET By Paul Rubens Technology reporter Could biometrics and other systems replace easily forgettable passwords? Passwords are a pain. We choose simple words that are easy to remember, but equally easy for hackers to guess. Yet we still forget them. And they also get stolen with alarming frequency.

DE(E)SU - Liberté Linux Summary Liberté Linux is a secure, reliable, lightweight and easy to use Gentoo-based LiveUSB/SD/CD Linux distribution with the primary purpose of enabling anyone to communicate safely and covertly in hostile environments. Whether you are a privacy advocate, a dissident, or a sleeper agent, you are equally likely to find Liberté Linux useful as a mission-critical communication aid. Download Liberté Linux 2012.3, released on 2012‑09‑01 (pick binary image for full functionality): Why should you choose Liberté over alternative open-source, commercial, or military systems?

Liste anonymous Live CD/DVD Home > Anonymous Live DVD/CD list The best way to avoid leaving traces of your computer activities on the hard disk is by using RAM memory that can not be recovered after switching off your computer. You can accomplish this surfing the Internet with a live DVD/CD, and if you add an anonymous proxy like tor to that live operating system, you have a terrific hard to beat anonymity tool. List of Anonymous Live CD/DVD Mandragora Linux: Gnome desktop built on Ubuntu, to be used for digital forensics during incident response and vulnerability assessments.

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