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Flos official web page

Flos official web page

Office Furniture Page 7: Contemporary Home Office Designs with Wooden Office Furniture Decorations, Futuristic Office Designs with Colorful Wall Decals, Modern Newly Portable Workstation Design for Active Employee and Modern Small Office, Office Furniture Office Furniture. These modern minimalist office table designs was designed for those who love in comfortable office table space and enjoy their office activity with happy feeling. The decoration that uses to design this office furniture was completely showed off the performance of the functional and the stylish look. We can see the combination of the modern, futuristic and the functional side was completely can be ... Office Furniture.

Mika – Laser Outfit – Moritz Waldemeyer Mika - We Are Golden - laser outfit, photo Alex Lake Hot out of the cutting room, the racy video for Mika’s brilliant single, ‘We are Golden’ kick-starts the much-anticipated release of his second album. Directed by dynamite Swedish director Jonas Akerlund, the video features Mika suggestively prancing around the set of a teenage bedroom to his boombox in a skimpy pair of boxers. This nostalgic fantasy is intercut with futuristic sequences of Mika dressed in a custom-made Waldemeyer creation of laser-fied gold and white skin-tight attire. The lasers extend his every movement as he creates dynamic and highly sculptural poses – an ultra-kitsch neon Statue of Liberty. Moritz Waldemeyer is an engineer-cum-designer whose work embraces innovative applications of LED and laser lighting, bringing it into everything from fashion and furniture design to the world of music and performance.

Popular colors in 2012 Color Trends 2012 - Popular colors in 2012. This color list is useful for some companies engaged in the fashion, clothing, paint, and other business which uses color as an important part in their daily life. Color has a special role in the industry. Because of the importance of the position so they can not arbitrarily use any colors in their products.

Fit for a Queen (or King): 8 Curved Platform & Canopy Beds So simple yet so central, a mattress platform provides a basis not just for sleeping in but also for styling an entire bedroom. This combination of beds and bedrooms shows just how powerful a single piece of furniture can be. Mazzali is your typical Italian design-and-production company insofar as its focus is on sleek minimalist frames, headboards and mattresses, but the group also takes some more daring directions with select pieces (and photographed layouts).

products With great respect for Gino Sarfatti’s cultural legacy and in a shared mission of design innovation, Astep and Flos explore the wide-ranging Arteluce collection in order to selectively reissue and reintroduce a selection of luminaires with a highly contemporary design expression. The Flos with Sarfatti collection is a tribute to Gino Sarfatti, the leading Italian master of lighting design, who had designed over 600 fixtures between 1939 and 1973. With a constant dedication to research and innovation, he introduced new typologies, functions and light sources from the fluorescent tubes to the first halogens. Many of his designs still appear remarkably contemporary in terms of form, aesthetics, and the relationship they establish with the observer. From June 2017, selected luminaire designs by Gino Sarfatti have been distributed by Astep under licence from Flos as part of the prestigious Flos with Sarfatti collection.

Free 100 euro vouchers for Triitme to be won Competition: Dezeen has teamed up with online design store Triitme! to offer readers the chance to win one of three €100 vouchers to spend on their site. Congratulations to the winners! Domen Barovič from Slovenia, Sonja Tonev from Serbia and Trine Gjerde from Norway all won vouchers for Triitme! Above: Weight Vases by Decha Archjananun for SpecimenTop: Normann Copenhagen products including Large Bell Lamp and Small Tablo Table Launched early last year, Triitme!'

Lofted Space-Saving Furniture for Bedroom Interiors Tumidei is more than just a furniture company – they construct modern and relatively inexpensive (no, not cheap) pieces of furniture that they also create compositions from – interior design photos that you can use to shape your own space. These lofted bedroom interiors are brilliantly varied and are great space-saving solutions for cramped bedrooms. A lot of these lofted interiors are clearly designed for children and teens in terms of sizes, colors and material quality. They incorporate elements needed for a student office, plenty of clothing, game and toy storage and stairs that older people might not be as eager to climb. For a small space (and a small person) one could really see the appeal of fitting everything in.

Compact & Colorful Kids Room Design Ideas by KIBUC From infancy to young adulthood, Spanish furniture manufacturer KIBUC keeps kids organized with a series of colorful and clever space-saving bedroom sets that offer different functions as the children grow. Completely customizable in a wide range of colors and finishes, each design offers a place to sleep, storage for clothes and toys, and, for older kids, a study area. Children’s bedroom sets by KIBUC come in five age ranges: 0-3 years, 3-8 years, 8-12 years, 12-17 years and 17-25 years. The first set deals with the demands of infancy, such as cribs and changing tables, while teen bedrooms offer additional storage and trundle, bunk or transforming beds to accommodate siblings or visitors. The various designs offer solutions for different personality types, like bedrooms with more storage for books and additional privacy, or setups for more social kids who often entertain friends.

Lights, City, Condo! Colorful Cinema-Style Interior Design When you can afford to turn two existing condos into a single-floor-spanning unit, the cost of city living is unlikely to slow down your incredible ideas for interior decoration. Somewhere between an ultra-minimal modernist dream home and the set of some timeless abstract firm, this cinematic condo combines stark white rooms with an expansive array of colorful lighting elements. Flexible, versatile and open, the plan is spacious and the views are sweeping – each room opens up into the next and strange same-colored lighting ties the entire set of spaces together under a single roof at the flip of a switch. A combination of naturally changing direct and indirect daylight light as well as bright colors of artificial lights make for an ever-shifting scenographic experience.

Singapore Shoebox Flat Gets Stunning Modern Renovation A dark and dreary ‘shoebox flat’ in Singapore is virtually unrecognizable after undergoing a modern renovation that uses mirrors and lots of white to visually multiply the space available. KNQ Associates renovated the 550-square-foot one-bedroom apartment into a bright and orderly, “chic and functional semi-bachelorette pad” for a woman living with her mother. The before pictures depict a typical small apartment of the sort that can be found all over Singapore, smaller residential units that have become more popular in recent years. Lacking adequate storage and organization, the apartment was cluttered and out of date.