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Intense Workout - FREE Weightlifting, Weight Loss & Weight Gain Routines

Intense Workout - FREE Weightlifting, Weight Loss & Weight Gain Routines

Lose Fat & Gain Muscle - with Natural Bodybuilding Star Hugo Rivera Fully Tailored Japan Holidays & Vacation Ideas Overview Japan's Studio Ghibli first came to the attention of the West when 2003's Spirited Away picked up the Oscar for Best Animated Film, the first time for a Japanese anime to win the award . It's surprise success outside of Japan introduced Ghibli's extrordinary animated films to millions of fans across the globe. Ghibli films such as My Neighbour Totoro and Kiki's Delivery Service have firmly established them as not only the pre-eminent animation film studio in Japan, but also one who's films surpass language and cultural barriers to be embraced by people all over the world. The Studio Ghibli Museum's motto is "Let's Get Lost Together", and allows you to wonder through Miyazaki's imagination to a world where anything is possible and the surreal and sublime are to be found round every corner. When: The Museum is open 10:00 - 18:00 Wednesday to Monday (closed Tuesdays). Where: The Studio Ghibli Museum is located in Tokyo, making it easily included into any itinerary.

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When to Go to Japan Now that you've decided to visit Japan, you may be wondering when you should go. Let's see what's happening during each season. Spring (March-May) Many flower related events are held around the country. Spring break season for Japanese schools generally begins mid March and continues until the school year starts in the first week of April. Golden Week occurs from the end of April to around May 5. Summer (June-August) Japan's rainy season usually begins in early May in Okinawa. Although July and August can be hot and humid in most parts of Japan, summer is a lively season with many events. Obon in mid August is peak travel season of summer. Fall (September-November) Leaves beautifully turn red, orange, and yellow. Winter (December - February) Colorful holiday illuminations can be seen from November across the country. New Year's holidays are important for the Japanese.

African American Men Paradoxically Have Fewer, Less Severe Coronary Obstructions Than White Males African American Men's Health While African American men are more likely to die from cardiovascular disease, they paradoxically have fewer cases of coronary obstruction than clinically similar white men, according to a new national study led by a Medical College of Wisconsin researcher. The study results, to appear in the May 16 issue of the Journal of the American College of Cardiology, will be presented on April 27 at the American Medical Association's science news briefing in New York. "Our findings suggest the need for greater understanding of factors influencing coronary events in diverse populations," says Jeffrey Whittle, M.D., MPH, associate professor of medicine at the Medical College of Wisconsin in Milwaukee, and lead author of the study. Five U.S. Prior to an angiogram or x-ray examination of these coronary arteries, the patient's physician was asked to estimate the probability of coronary obstruction. The results raise more questions than they answer, points out Dr. Dr. Dr.