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The Nicest Place on the Inernet

The Nicest Place on the Inernet
Related:  kijidongNovelty No homework in Finland. See this hat? Tis' my cat. SCORE 135 the creation of the internet SCORE 148 I'm not even mad... "exotic" SCORE 200 A reader lives a thousand lives... Hey dude can you pass me a beer? I hope she said "yes"... Love at first fight. One Sentence - True stories, told in one sentence. If the Moon Were Only 1 Pixel - A tediously accurate map of the solar system Mercury Venus Earth You Are Here Moon Mars Jupiter Io Europa Ganymede Callisto Saturn Titan Uranus Neptune Pluto (we still love you) That was about 10 million km (6,213,710 mi) just now. Pretty empty out here. Here comes our first planet... As it turns out, things are pretty far apart. We’ll be coming up on a new planet soon. Most of space is just space. Halfway home. Destination: Mars! It would take about seven months to travel this distance in a spaceship. Sit back and relax. When are we gonna be there? Seriously. This is where we might at least see some asteroids to wake us up. I spy, with my little eye... something black. If you were on a road trip, driving at 75mi/hr, it would have taken you over 500 years to get here from earth. All these distances are just averages, mind you. If you plan it right, you can actually move relatively quickly between planets. Pretty close to Jupiter now. Sorry. Lots of time to think out here... Pop the champagne! We're always trying to come up with metaphors for big numbers.

KESSA -MAROKAŃSKA RĘKAWICA DO OCZYSZCZANIA I PEELINGU CIAŁO - SUPER JAKOŚĆ ! - Skarby Maroka Jeśli ktokolwiek zapytałby mnie teraz , który z marokańskich skarbów jest godny polecenia jako numer jeden z wszystkich produktów które posiadam? Bez zastanowienia odpowiem - na pierwszym miejscu jest niezastąpiona i jedyna w swoim rodzaju RĘKAWICA DO PEELINGU I OCZYSZCZANIA CIAŁA!!! W krajach arabskich a przede wszystkim w Maroku nie używa się gąbek czy myjek. Każdy wie, że takie produkty to kompletnie bezużyteczne i nie dające żadnego efektu pozostawiające na skórze brud i zanieczyszczenia . Drodzy Państwo ! MUSZĄ PAŃSTWO MIEĆ TĄ RĘKAWICĘ ! Rękawica Kessa jest złuszczającą rękawicą używaną zwykle w połączeniu z czarnym mydłem z oliwek (savon noir) w celu usunięcia martwego naskórka. UWAGA: w Maroku jest bardzo wiele firm oferujących rękawice , jednakże nie zawsze są one bardzo dobrej jakości. RĘKAWICA KTÓRA POLECAM JEST NAJLEPSZEJ JAKOŚCI , MOŻNA JĄ PRAĆ Z CZARNYMI RZECZAMI I UŻYWAĆ TAK CZĘSTO JAK BĘDĄ PAŃSTWO MIELI POTRZEBĘ. wystarczy nawet na rok używania. Dostępny kolor:czarny

The Psychology of Color [Infographic] | Louisville Painters Download the infographic as a PDF Embed this image on your site: Kostenlose Software für Innendesign und Innenarchitektur - Autodesk Homestyler 40 Fantastic Websites To Help Pass Time | TechWorthy Warning: Reading this story may be hazardous to your productivity. The Web sites within may divert you from the dull tasks in need of your attention and may cause you to goof off for hours instead. Oh, who am I kidding? You weren’t going to get any work done today, anyway. So you might as well waste time in style–and these sites will help you do it. 1. Hey, get your mind out of the gutter–Stripgenerator is about comic creation, not clothing removal–though we wouldn’t claim that the two paths have never crossed. 2. FMyLife encourages people to send in anonymous real-life stories of worst-case scenarios that came horrifyingly true–things you’ll just have to read to believe. 3. A must-try for any music or film fanatic, LivePlasma helps you find new movies and music by building interactive maps around your current favorites. 4. The onetime competitor to Mad Magazine has reinvented itself as a Web site for all things funny. 5. Add some pizzazz to your profile pic with 6. 7. 8.

Oddity Archive Online Room Planner | Urban Barn Creating your new space is easy: Use the Make Room to plan any space in your home with virtually every piece of furniture available at Urban Barn. When your masterpiece is complete you can save your space, email it, or print it out and use it as your shopping list. We have over 40 locations across Canada. Find a location near you Funny Videos, Funny Clips & Funny Pictures |