background preloader Wald: Welcome Pentium Compiler Group Daily Cup of Tech gHacks Technology News Information Warfare - Defense 8 January 1997 November 1996 This report is a product of the Defense Science Board (DSB). This report is UNCLASSIFIED. 25 November 1996 SUBJECT: Report of the DSB Task Force on Information Warfare (Defense) I am pleased to forward the final report of the DSB Task Force on Information Warfare (Defense), which was chaired by Mr. The Task Force recommends a series of over 50 actions designed to better prepare the Department for this new form of warfare beginning with identification of an accountable focal point within the Department for all IW activities and ending with the allocation or reallocation of approximately $3 billion over the next 5 years to implement these recommended actions. [Signature] Craig I. 21 November 1996 Dr. Dear Dr. Attached is the report of the DSB Task Force on Information Warfare (Defense). We will be, of course, happy to provide any further assistance you may desire. Sincerely, Duane P. Attachment Executive Summary. Section APPENDIX A: Threat Assessment Exhibit

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