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Maximillion Genealogy

Maximillion Genealogy

ProQuest Most database subscriptions are purchased by public or academic libraries who in turn provide access to individuals. If your computer is configured to access your library resources remotely, you may be able to get in using the links below. If you are unable to access our products through the links below, please contact your library for assistance. Update: and recently moved to For Serials Solutions customers: Access the Client Center. Ancestors At Rest, find free death records The Genealogy Professional Podcast

Black's Law Dictionary: First Edition, 1891 Every genealogist, regardless of their time and place of interest, must have a copy of Black's Law Dictionary in their library. Legal terminology differs from place to place and time to time, and successful genealogical research depends on the clear understanding of this changing terminology. The publishers of Black's Law Dictionary are now producing their eighth edition, and the newer editions have added information on the developments in the law in recent decades. But for genealogists the earlier editions retain their value, since they have a higher proportion of information on older law, especially the English feudal law, which is essential for the interpretation of documents from the American colonial period and from the England that the colonists left. While these volumes contain just the sort of legal verbiage that one would expect, there are many other reasons for consulting these volumes. Summary by Robert Charles Anderson, FASGfor Archive CD Books USA

Family ChartMasters Arphax Publishing Co. - Home of the Family Maps Land Patent and Texas Land Survey Maps Series of Books Higginson Book Co. ProGenealogists: Professional Genealogists ALS Rare Genealogy Books on CD-ROM