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Homemade Lotion Recipe- How to Make Your Own Lotion

Homemade Lotion Recipe- How to Make Your Own Lotion
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Soap & More :: Welcome to... How to Make Lotion Bars- Easy Recipe I’ve finally reached a point where I make all of our toiletry products by hand. I’ve saved a lot of money doing this with bulk ingredients, and I love that I’m not putting any chemicals on my family’s skin. (Finally even replaced my make-up with homemade versions and more on that coming soon!) I’ve made lotion in the past, but was excited to stumble on this great variation, which is solid at room temperature and looks like a bar of soap. There are endless variations on this lotion bar recipe too. These are fun presents, and could be made for baby shower gifts, birthdays, Christmas gifts or for pregnant moms to use to prevent stretch marks. The Ingredients: This recipe can be adjusted to make any quantity that you’d like. How to Make: Combine all ingredients (except essential oils if using) in a double boiler, or a glass bowl over a smaller saucepan with 1 inch of water in it. Turn the burner on and bring water to a boil. Remove from heat and add the essential oils.

Free massage videos showing the various transisitons between massage strokes. Demonstrations of transitioning massage strokes The purpose of these free massage videos is to give you a basic idea of the transitions between different massage strokes that eventually become a full body massage. While it's practical to to learn massage online, I'd emphasize making sure that you do so safely. massage contraindications before starting any hands on work. While it's convenient to watch and learn visually, you will get more from the site by taking some time to do some reading. More Free Massage Videos Talk It Out Tuesday: All Things Lotion Woohoo! Here we are again with another installment of Talk It Out Tuesday (check out our previous TIOT’s on bath bombs, colorants, melt and pour and our latest on preservatives). I am delighted about the topic this week because I know many of you have questions about water-based lotions. I can’t wait to help you answer them. What is lotion? Lotion is a basic skin-care product that is used to soothe dry skin and often has ingredients that are intended to give extra added benefits to your skin. How do I make lotion? While there are hundreds of recipes for lotions, body butters and salves out there, a basic lotion recipe would consist of your oils/butters, preservative, fragrance, an emulsifier and distilled water. 70-80% Distilled Water 3-5% Stearic Acid 3-6% Emulsifying Wax Add the rest in of your choice of Oils/Butters To this add: .5 – 1% Preservative .5% Fragrance For more information and hands-on-instruction, check out this video: How To Make Lotion Help! What is an emulsifier? 18 oz.

Makeup? Make it! Homemade Eyeshadow and Blush - Hildablue – Beauty Made By You | Hildablue – Beauty Made By You Now you know which ingredients you need to make your own make-up, and here comes the fun part – the actual making of the makeup! And we’re going to start with the most fun part, that is eyeshadows and blush! When making eyeshadow the possibilities are endless, and you can get any shade you desire – and often a bunch of colors that you didn’t even think you desired. In addition to many long evenings of fun-fun experimenting, you get makeup that’s a) cheaper, b) longer lasting and c) more natural than most conventional makeup products. If you still think this seems all too complicated (and believe me, the most difficult part is buying the ingredients), don’t worry – in a couple of weeks time there will be a giveaway with the chance of winning customized eye shadow or blush made by yours truly! First, make an white powder base. In eye makeup, I have no problem using talcum. Eye make up base 1 Eye or cheek makeup base 2 1 part rice starch 1 part mica satin white Eye or cheek makeup base 3 Tip!

- StumbleUpon we blessing sisters have loved notepads, notebooks and all things paper since our first wide-rule pads we bought in gradeschool. we have trouble letting go of even a single sheet of paper, lest we find a use to reuse or recycle it in the craft room! this time, we repurposed our old faxes and paper scraps into notebooks and made them useful again. we pulled out old wrapping paper, books we didn’t mind ripping pages out of, and other odds and ends to make the covers pretty. this is quick and easy to do with what you already have at home, and you end up with a stack of handy, useful pads that might even give you a tinge of back-to-school nostalgia. –bbbcraft sisters CLICK HERE for the full how-to after the jump! Materials: - 8 ½” x 11” scrap paper (from faxes, printing mishaps and mail) - binder clips - scraps of cardboard cut into 1” inch strips OR 2 wood paint mixers cut to size -elmers glue, pvc or a glue gun - paint brush - decorative scrap paper - masking tape and/or decorative tape

Natural Skincare -- 11 Best Organic Products for Your Skin Best Body Wash: Dr. Bronner's Magic Pure Castile Classic Soaps Pricegrabber There's never a reason to spend a ton of money on a soap for the shower because it only stays on your body for a short amount of time. That said, if you are careful about putting only organic, natural, good-for-your-skin-and-your-insides products on your skin, than you can't go wrong with Dr. Bronner's castille soaps. Best Eye Cream: Dr. There's a debate going on in the beauty industry regarding whether or not eye creams actually work (see Eye Cream: A Myth or a Must?). Best Cleanser: Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel Natural and non-drying, Dermalogica's Special Cleansing Gel will clean your skin and pores of impurities without causing excessive dryness. Best Exfoliant: Dermalogica Microfoliant While I don't recommend exfoliating daily, you should exfoliate a couple times a week to make sure you slough off all the dead skin cells. Best Body Lotion: Alba Botanica Very Emollient Body Lotion

coffee scrub Vitamin HB | My Favorite New Coffee Scrub!!! Sun, 13 Nov 2011 DAILY DOSE | BODYBy Huda Heidi Kattan I know I loooove coffee scrubs (remember my HudaBeauty party with the little coffee scrub giveaways), but this one kind of takes the cake when it comes to pure awesomeness! I just the love the way it cleans my skin and leaves it super healthy with a glow! Ingredients 1 Orange, Peeled 2 Cups Yogurt 2 Tablespoons Coffee Grounds 2 Tablespoons Honey Blend the yogurt, orange and honey together in a blender.

Studs And Spikes .com store | Snow-Globe Soap Dec19 by Brenda Ponnay Stuff their stockings with something they can wash their hands with!By Brenda Ponnay What’s cuter than a button, small enough to fit in a stocking, won’t rot your teeth and leaves you squeaky clean? A mini snow-globe soap, of course! This is technically just “melt and pour” soap so it might be considered cheating to some hard-core soap enthusiasts but I’m not about to mess with lye or distilling vodka when I’ve got a small child acting as my personal assistant. First you’ll cut up the glycerine into 1-inch chunks. Don’t be fooled by the picture above. After you’ve poured the glycerine, let it cool just enough to form a thin skin on the top. After all your toys are arranged, you can add your snow. Next you’ll pop it in the freezer for about twenty minutes or until the cubes are cool to touch from the underside of the ice cube tray (be sure to check the middle). If you found us through Stumble Upon!

Save Your Hands!® Injury Prevention & Ergonomics for Manual Therapists Aug 29 2013 The little things do matter Bear with me as I share something that will seem unrelated to massage at first. I’ve been riding my bike to work for quite a while now, and I recently switched to a new bike. After a while, I started to notice a little knee pain when riding, and this got progressively worse the more I rode. I’ve worked with biomechanical models enough to know that a small change in the angle of a joint can make a significant difference in the forces across that joint during muscular exertion. Jul 30 2013 Going to the dogs? More than 4.5 million Americans are bitten by dogs every year. If you find your client’s dog blocking your way into their house, the best strategy may be to go back to your car and call your client so that they can come out and hold their dog while you come in. Here are some dog bite prevention tips from the CDC and the AVMA. And here’s a web site with visual guides to dog behavior. Jun 28 2013 Just change one thing Be well, Rick May 30 2013 Apr 30 2013

How to Make a Molded Candle for Christmas 1 of 7 in Series: The Essentials of Making a Spa Gift Basket Homemade gifts are always appreciated. This basic molded candle is an inexpensive gift idea and even better, you can customize the candle colors and scents with your recipients in mind. Why not start a new Christmas tradition and give homemade gifts to family and friends? Basic molded candles are great for Christmas gifts. After you choose your mold, figure out how much wax you need to melt by pouring water into your mold and then measuring the amount of water you used. Some manufacturers label the mold with its wax capacity so that no measuring is necessary. Metal-cored (lead-free) and paper-cored wicks are appropriate for this project. If your mold is 0–1 inch diameter, you need extra small, 20 ply If your mold is 1–2 inches diameter, use 24 ply If your mold is 2–3 inches diameter, use medium, 30 ply If your mold is 3–4inches diameter, use large, 36 ply If your mold is 4 inches or more diameter, use extra large, 40-plus ply