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Circuits for Fun
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ManyLabs 5. Embedding Python in Another Application The previous chapters discussed how to extend Python, that is, how to extend the functionality of Python by attaching a library of C functions to it. It is also possible to do it the other way around: enrich your C/C++ application by embedding Python in it. Embedding provides your application with the ability to implement some of the functionality of your application in Python rather than C or C++. This can be used for many purposes; one example would be to allow users to tailor the application to their needs by writing some scripts in Python. You can also use it yourself if some of the functionality can be written in Python more easily. Embedding Python is similar to extending it, but not quite. So if you are embedding Python, you are providing your own main program. A simple demo of embedding Python can be found in the directory Demo/embed/ of the source distribution. See also Python/C API Reference Manual The details of Python’s C interface are given in this manual. 5.1. 5.2. 5.3. 5.4.

MCP4921 12 bit DAC interfacing with PIC16F877 microcontroller via SPI Connectivity | NBCAFE In any real time project, MCP4921 12 bit DAC interfacing with PIC16F877 microcontroller via SPI Connectivity is very essential. Because in real world most of the input sensors and output devices are analog. So if we want to work with those we need to know the basic interfacing of those sensors and output devices with microcontroller. Here I give you tutorial project on “MCP4921 12 bit DAC interfacing with PIC16F877 microcontroller via SPI Connectivity”. Project description: In this tutorial project we will see how we generate triangular Wave using MCP4921 12 bit DAC. From above picture it is clear that bit 12-15 is used for control word and bit 0 to bit 11 are used for send 12 bit data. Now question is how we maintain that format to send every 12 bit data along with 4 bit control word at MSB? Let take an example if we want to write data via DCAA with output gain 1X and power down control bit. So for that our control word will be Bit 15 = 0 (write to DACA ) Bit 14 = 0 (Un buffered)

python - real-time plotting in while loop with matplotlib Raspberry Pi, mini computers, Android and microcontrollers General electronics Handling LCD displays via USB UART from your computer - How to control displays from computers via serial UART communications in PythonRemote programming of mini PC like Raspberry Pi or Beaglebone Black - How to use SSH, SSHFS and VNC/RDP to remotely programm and operate an mini PC from another PC. Micro Python and pyboard Micro Python and pyboard - a Python running on a microcontroller scripts your electronics - How doeas a Python works on a microcontroller and what features pyboard board can offer us? Raspberry Pi Benchmarking Raspberry Pi performance - How does Raspberry Pi compares to other computers in terms of performance? Other Single board computers Benchmarking Beaglebone Black single board computer - What capabilities and performance does Beaglebone Black offers to hardware hackers and makers? Android pyMCU Hardware Other boards

LibraryBox 2.0 by Jason Griffey Share this project Done Share Tweet Embed Tweet Share Email LibraryBox 2.0 by Jason Griffey Play Share files with anyone, the Internet, even off the power grid...with LibraryBox. Chattanooga, TNTechnology Share this project backers pledged of $3,000 goal seconds to go Funded! This project was successfully funded . Share files with anyone, the Internet, even off the power grid...with LibraryBox. Jason Griffey Project by First created | 45 backed See full bioContact me About this project LibraryBox is an anonymous fileserver based on cheap hardware that runs on little power and serves files to any wifi-enabled device with a browser. LibraryBox is currently in use around the world by libraries, teachers, museums and more, in more than 7 countries on 5 continents. For another look at LibraryBox, here's the introductory video from the website, which has an example of use: For a more thorough discussion of Project Goals, check out Update 6! SUCCESS! Uses for LibraryBox

PythonTurtle PIC18F4520: Serial Digital-to-Analog Conversion - Northwestern Mechatronics Wiki Since PIC microcontrollers do not offer analog outputs, a Digital-to-Analog converter (DAC) must be used to output an analog signal. An eight bit digital number can be converted to analog by using eight of the output pins from the PIC MCU to a separate DAC chip, however if more than one conversion is neccessary, this will quickly use up many of the available output pins from the PIC microcontroller, and require extensive wiring. Luckily, there is an easier and more effective way of doing this using I2C communication. Between the start and stop conditions are different bytes of information. C Programming The basic building blocks of programming for I2C communication are shown below. Using these three functions, one can program whatever information is required to the slave device. Example of I2C Communication This example shows how to use I2C to communicate with a DAC. Sample Code Program to output analog voltage via an external DAC First include header file with definitions for specific PIC.

Appliquer un traitement à tous les fichiers d’un dossier en Python Opération courante en informatique et on a tous eu besoin de chercher comment faire une fois. Soit l’arborescence : test ├── dossier │ ├── │ ├── fichier.txt │ └── pas_un_dossier.txt ├── Dossier │ ├── dOssier │ │ └── faichier │ └── fichiiiiiiiiier ├── .fichier ├── fichier ├── fIchier └── Fichier Lister le contenu d’un dossier On récupère les noms des dossiers et les fichiers, y compris cachés, mais pas les dossiers spéciaux types .. et .. Le type des noms retournés est str que ce soit en Python 2 ou 3. Si vous voulez récupérer uniquement les dossiers ou les fichiers, il va falloir filtrer : Pareil si on veut filtrer par extensions : Néanmoins, Python vient avec le module glob qui permet de demander le listing du contenu d’un dossier en appliquant des filtres Unix : Même problème Python 2/3 : le type est str dans les 2 cas. Parcours récursif La fonction os.walk permet de lister récursivement tous les fichiers et les dossiers à partir d’un point dans l’arborescence.

Matthew McMillan: pyMCU and DS18B20 temperature sensors As part of my Garage Monitor project I am using a Maxim DS18B20 digital temperature sensor with a pyMCU microcontroller. I found lots of pages and sample code for using the DS18B20 with Arduino boards and various other microcontrollers but nothing for the pyMCU. The pyMCU uses a Python library published by the board manufacturer to control it. The DS18B20 uses the 1-Wire communication bus and the pyMCU Python library includes functions for 1-Wire communication called owWrite and owRead. The tricky part is figuring out the command sequence to coax a temperature reading out of the sensor. It took me the better part of three evenings to figure out the sequence of writes and reads. The pyMCU 1-Wire function uses this format: owWrite(pinNum, mode, writeData) The mode value determines if a reset pulse is sent before or after the data. And is the code that I wrote: #! Please leave a comment if you found this helpful.

DDNS – Free Dynamic DNS Providers | DNS Lookup We maintain the #1 list of Dynamic DNS (DDNS) providers online. Dynamic DNS is a method that allows you to notify a Domain Name Server (DNS) to change in your active DNS configuration on a device such as a router or computer of its configured hostname and address. It is most useful when your computer or network obtains a new IP address lease and you would like to dynamically associate a hostname with that address, without having to manually enter the change every time. Since there are situations where an IP address can change, it helps to have a way of automatically updating hostnames that point to the new address every time. We are proud to be considered the top resource online for information on dynamic dns providers. If you like this list, please link to it will help others find this free list more easily! Can there be only one such feed? Of course not. DNS? DNS, the Domain Name Service, is responsible for helping the Internet to function as it does today. Dotted Quads? Great.