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iPad in the Classroom – Can we make it simpler?

iPad in the Classroom – Can we make it simpler?
With many educational institutions choosing to use tablets for learning, it can be quite intimidating for teachers when faced with so many applications. The diagram below serves to illustrate that less than 20 core apps can play a significant part in the learning process and hopefully temper any trepidation. (with thanks to Greg Hughes @deepexperience1 for his ideas and input) The apps indicated serve to enhance or modify existing practice with scope to be transformational. Twitter and Skype are part of many students’ lives, with immediate contact and communication a must. A PDF annotator and Skitch (with the ability to annotate images) might take a little more getting used to, but are invaluable to the educator with tablets in the classroom. Perhaps the most important collaborative tool however is GoogleDrive. (with thanks to dc12norfolk) As the video illustrates, GoogleDrive is a very powerful learning tool with transformational possibilities for students and educators alike. Like this:

10 Great Tutorials to Create Interacive eBooks Using iBook Author Are you planning to give iBooks Author a place in your classroom? The video tutorials below will definitely give you a hand. As you know by now, iBooks Author is one of the formidable apps available in the iTunes store. The general process behind creating these interactive ebooks is pretty basic; however, there are certain features and tips teachers need to pay heed to in order to tap into its full potential. All of these video tutorials have been curated by DiyJourno 1- How to start iBook Author with a template 2- Thumbnail, Outline, and Layout panels 3- How to change colour plate in iBook Author 4-Insert pages and navigate thumbnail and outline view 5- Inserting and Modifying Text 6- Using Paragraph Style 7- Layering objects 8- Aligning objects 9- Locking and unlocking objects 10- Sharing your iBook Author

- From the Principal's Office: Looking Back At Year One of 1:1 iPads, Part Two 0 Comments December 27, 2012 By: Patrick Larkin Dec 27 Written by: 12/27/2012 11:34 AM ShareThis One of the big questions that is asked about our iPad initiative at BHS is - What are the goals of the initiative and how do you know if it is successful or not? The biggest point we want to reiterate is that technology by itself will not have a significant impact in our schools. "Technology alone is not going to move an organization or an individual from Good to Great. We continue to focus on higher levels of student engagement as a primary target in all classrooms and our work in this area will continue. cross-posted at Patrick Larkin is the Assistant Superintendent for Learning of Burlington Public Schools in Burlington, MA and the former principal of Burlington High. Alert to All Users of the Disqus commenting system: Because of a recent global security issue, the Disqus website recommends that all users change their Disqus passwords.

Resources | FOR DYSLEXIA Born to Think Different Reposted from HeraldNet. by Jenny Bardsley A beautiful book about overcoming dyslexia Wednesday, January 9, 2013 | 12:01 am When I was a brand new teacher, I once had a third grade student tell me to “hold the book steady, Teacher, How To Password Protect Your USB Stick: 3 Easy Ways USB thumb drives are small, portable, and can be read on any device with a USB port. These features make them the perfect vehicles to transport data between computers. Due to their portability, however, they are also easily lost. Unfortunately, you cannot simply password protect your entire USB stick, like you have password protected your Facebook account. 1. As mentioned above, you can’t safely password protect your entire USB stick without using encryption. Many programs, including Word and Excel, allow you to save files with a password. 2. Many tools can encrypt and password protect your data. Rohos Mini Drive, on the other hand, is a tool that will work whether or not you possess Administrator rights. Once you have created a password protected and encrypted container on your external drive, you can open it by clicking the Rohos Mini.exe icon from the root folder. 3. Download the usbsafeguard.exe and copy it to your USB flash drive. Additional Material

iPad vs. BYOD | IPAD 4 SCHOOLS Yes, we are at the beginning of a revolution in Education. Yes, we have witnessed the world going mobile and yes, there is a variety of tools available to help us make learning mobile and personal. But… Most of the teachers around the world getting excited about this and offering advice (like me) are tech-savvy people. So… Until the vast majority of the teaching profession are aware of what opportunities students would have with one device over another (at least 5 years), the decision a school makes must guarantee simplicity for the non-technical majority. Why should it be iPad and not one of the others? The devices are all the same! have a camera;have a screen;can ‘Skype’access the Internetdo office-style documents So why iPad? I think I can answer that in pictures rather than words. Here is a major section of Apple’s App Store available through the iPad directly focused on the key learning areas, not available on any other system. Conclusion Future Oh and the Flash thing. Like this: Related

Bloomin' Apps This page gathers all of the Bloomin' Apps projects in one place.Each image has clickable hotspots and includes suggestions for iPad, Android, Google and online tools and applications to support each of the levels of Bloom's Revised Taxonomy.I have created a page to allow you to share your favorite online tool, iOS, or Android app with others. Cogs of the Cognitive Processes I began to think about the triangular shape of Bloom's Taxonomy and realized I thought of it a bit differently.Since the cognitive processes are meant to be used when necessary, and any learner goes in and out of the each level as they acquire new content and turn it into knowledge, I created a different type of image that showcased my thoughts about Bloom's more meaningfully.Here is my visual which showcases the interlocking nature of the cognitive processes or, simply, the "Cogs of the Cognitive Processes". IPAD APPS TO SUPPORT BLOOM'S REVISED TAXONOMYassembled by Kathy Schrock​ Bloom's and SAMR: My thoughts

iPads and iPhones for filmmaking - Learn about film Why use iPhones and iPads for filmmaking? If you own an iPhone, you’ve always got a small, easy-to-use camera in your pocket. It’s great for filming in situations where other cameras would attract too much attention. Video quality can be excellent, so they’re increasingly being used for news gathering and documentary work. People have even shot feature films with them. You can edit on them, though iMovie is a bit cramped on the phone screen. The larger iPad screen is better for editing, particularly with teams or groups. Both devices can shoot really good quality video in the right circumstances. Why doesn’t everybody film on them? You’ll get soft, ‘noisy’ images in low light, and flare when you shoot into the light. Which iPad or iPhone? Every iPad and iPhone since the 3GS and the iPad 2 can shoot video. The best value iPhone for filmmaking is the iPhone SE. Get plenty of memory: video takes up a lot of space, so 16Gb models will fill up quickly. Do I need 4K? Which accessories? Lenses Cases

From 1 iPad to 20 iPads and How It Has Changed My Classroom ~ Mrs. Wideen’s Blog I was challenged to improve my students’ vocabulary and sight word recognition with one iPad in the Fall of 2011. My students were amazingly successful and we only used 4 skill building apps. This minor success developed into a written proposal for 20 more iPads, a MacBook and an iPad cart. My multidisciplinary approach in the use of the iPads has led to the demonstration of student growth in Literacy, in Math, and in Digital Literacy. I am very excited about the results I have seen and the knowledge I have gained. Students in my class are excited to write because they now have the excitement of an authentic audience. Incorporating the iPads into their math stations have provided them with an important visualization and manipulation tool that relieves anxiety and improves engagement. Aside from the benefits my students have gained, I have been granted additional benefits for myself as an educator.

A Step-by-Step Guide To Hosting or Joining a Twitter Chat A few months ago we started up a new Twitter chat series, #Bufferchat. So far, we’ve talked about everything from productivity to social media monitoring and lots of other topics in between. These days, we have up to 185 participants each week, sending out nearly 2,000 tweets. It’s a true delight! Along the way, I’ve been learning the ins and outs of operating a Twitter chat and testing new tools and ideas to optimize our chat even further. It’s amazing how much there is to know, both for the chat host and the chat participants! Whether you’re a Twitter pro or newer to the network, whether you plan to host your own chat or if you look forward to participating in others, a bit of advance preparation could help. Twitter chat basics What is a Twitter chat? A Twitter chat is where a group of Twitter users meet at a pre-determined time to discuss a certain topic, using a designated hashtag (#) for each tweet contributed. Why participate in a Twitter chat? How to find a Twitter chat Tweetchat Nurph

The Biggest Concern For Schools Deploying iPads When my mother-in-law recently got an iPad for her elementary school classroom , her initial response to us was ‘Really? How fast are they going to break that thing?!” While not all kids are going to break your classroom technology, they’re perhaps less likely than an adult to be careful with it. 22% of iPads are damaged within the first year Most (48%) are damaged in transit from school/home and back. 40% are damaged at home.

App Kickstart Guides from Google Play for Education Kickstart Guides are designed to build your Android app-titude for specific apps in Google Play for Education, by getting you up and running in as little as 15 minutes with videos, best practices, and much more. More info about kickstart guides, including who they are for and how they might be used. Please let us know if you have any feedback. Get the app. Book Creator The simple way to create your own beautiful ebooks, right on your tablet. ClassDojo Simple, free, and easy classroom management! Comic Strip It! Comic Strip It! The Dos and Don'ts for Integrating iPads "Put your wands away!" Professor Umbridge from the Harry Potter stories would tell the students at the beginning of each class. After a few classes when Professor Umbridge would make the announcement, "Put your wands away," the students did not have to do anything because they never even bothered to take the wands out. Our freshman and sophomore students all had iPads (wands) and some of the teachers would have them looking up information, collaborating on an app, or watching chemistry movies. Teacher Tech Blues When I asked them why they did not use the iPads in the classes they taught, these are some of the reasons they mentioned: I don't have time to both prepare a good lesson and then figure out how to fit the technology into it. The two messages that I got out of these remarks are that the teachers did not trust the students, and that they did not have the skills or appropriate apps for the students to be productive with the iPads. Mistakes Made 1. 2. 3. In the Future