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Assessment & Teaching of 21st-Century Skills

Assessment & Teaching of 21st-Century Skills
Assessing 21st century skills April 10, 2014Blog, Resources ATC21S™ International Research Coordinator, Associate Professor Esther Care has written a perspective piece for the Centre for Education Research and Practice (CERP) in the United Kingdom. The article, titled, ‘Assessing 21st century skills’, details the rationale of why large-scale assessment initiatives need to take into account emerging or enabling skills, not only traditional skills such as [...] Collaborative Problem Solving Empirical Progressions Released March 21, 2014Resources

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21st Century Learning Design app for Windows in the Windows Store Students around the world need advanced skills to succeed in the globalized, knowledge based world of today. 21st Century Learning Design, or 21CLD, professional development helps teachers design lessons and learning activities to build students’ 21st century skills. The program is based on rubrics developed and tested in one of the largest ever international studies of 21st Century Skills - Innovative Teaching and Learning (ITL) Research project ( The 21CLD materials are presented in an easy to use, highly interactive way in this app. Using this app will help educators identify and understand the opportunities that learning activities give students to build 21st century skills.

re-mediating assessment: Can We Really Measure "21st Century" Skills? The members of the 21st Century Assessment Project were asked a while ago to respond to four pressing questions regarding assessment of “21st Century Skills.” These questions had come via program officers at leading foundations, including Connie Yowell at MacArthur’s Digital Media and Learning Initiative, which funds our Project. I am going to launch my efforts to blog more during my much-needed sabbatical by answering the first question, with some help from my doctoral student Jenna McWilliams. As Dan Koretz nicely illustrated in the introduction to his 2008 book, , the answers to questions about educational testing are never simple. We embrace strongly situative and participatory view of knowing and learning, which is complicated to explain to those who do not embrace it. But I have training in psychometrics (and completed a postdoc at ETS) and have spent most of my career refining a more pragmatic stance that treats educational accountability as inevitable.

100+ Chrome Experiments for HTML5 and More Are you ready to see the limits of what HTML5, JavaScript and similar tools can do with a web browser? Chrome Experiments, a site built specifically to showcase such tricks, now holds more than 100 different demos, most of them visually stunning and quite unique. These experiments toe the delicate line between technology and art, and we've included videos of a few of them below. The Chrome Experiments site was created about a year and a half ago. Experiments were sent in by web designers all over the world, featuring, according to the site, "the latest open standards, including HTML5, Canvas, SVG and more. Their work is making the web faster, more fun, and more open — the same spirit in which we built Google Chrome."

Evaluation Rubric for Educational Apps Harry Walker is the principal of Sandy Plains Elementary School in Baltimore County, Maryland. Fourth and fifth graders at the school are piloting one-to-one computing with iPod touches. In addition, Harry is a doctoral student at John Hopkins University. Assessing 21st Century Skills Recently, one of the teachers who is participating in our district’s 21st Century Learning grant project came to talk with me about assessing 21 century skills – one of the expectations for teachers in this project. Her observation was that students frequently practice the skills when engaged in research or project based learning. The thing she was struggling, with, though, was how to “grade it.” Assessing skills like collaboration, information literacy, creativity, self-direction, and critical thinking seems like a difficult task–when you think of assessment as “grading.” To understand what is meant by assessment of 21st century skills we need to examine the term “assessment.”

12 Popular Free Social Media Icons Set to Spice Your Design Social media is changing the way we blog and also started impacting ranking of any blog. No matter what, when it comes to content distribution on social media sites, social media icons plays a major role. Here I’ve compiled a list of free social media icons set which you can use for your blog or Website and make your design attractive. Specially, designers will find these free social media icons very useful for next site redesign. These are not official social icons, but still you can use them on your blog and you can pick any icons set which fits your design. New study reveals most important skills for students REDMOND, Wash. — Oct. 15, 2013 — Top candidates for current and future jobs will be measured by capabilities and competencies, with 20 distinct skills bubbling up to the top in millions of high-growth, high-paying job postings, according to a white paper commissioned by Microsoft Corp. and released by IDC. The study provides insight into the skills students need for the top 60 high-growth, high-wage occupations that will account for 11.5 million new hires and 28 percent of job growth by 2020. Out of those skills, oral and written communication, detail orientation, and Microsoft Office proficiency top the list. IDC Study: Top Skills Comparison October 15, 2013

‘Philosophy for children’ isn’t real philosophy Surely the worst, most instrumental reason for doing philosophy is that it might improve your skills in other areas, like maths and reading, while also boosting ‘cognitive abilities’ and pupils’ self-esteem. And yet it is for precisely these reasons that philosophy for children — or P4C, as it’s known — was celebrated in a recent evaluation by the UK Education Endowment Foundation (EEF). P4C is a popular method of exploring concepts such as fairness or bullying in small group discussions. By claiming that P4C might help all primary-school pupils — especially those on free school meals — to do better in other disciplines, the EEF report does a serious disservice to philosophy.

Creator Processing ... Personal $ Svg $20 ✓ Up to $75 merchandises for personal use. Merchandise $ Sign in to Office 365 Type the email address of the account you want to sign in with. We're having trouble locating your account. Which type of account do you want to use? Sign in to Office 365 CD19 - What does a culturally educated, design-literate 19 year old look like? I’ve always been a fan of a mixed metaphor. Puns have never done it for me, but the welding of two clichés to create an entirely new meaning, whether by accident or by design, has always tickled my juices. They are the perfect English alternative to those long multi-purpose German words. Whether you are clutching at hairs, a wolf in cheap clothing, or sticking out like a sore throat, bring them on. My all-time favourite, from a friend who was spending his twenties in various bits of bother, was when he told me one hungover Sunday morning that he had been ‘burning his bridges at both ends’. Nicky Morgan’s strange speech to the Creative Industries Federation last week feels like a case of wanting to have your cake and cut it.

Your Brain on Computers: Some Notes on Twitter as an Open Research Community When discussing online social networking in some academic settings, it is easy to find negative opinions. I really liked Cathy Davidson's engagement with the New York Times piece on "digital distraction", precisely because it resists this tendency, debunking common assumptions and proposing more serious approaches to dealing with the influence of digital media in our everyday lives and especially our learning processes. Having finally finished my PhD dissertation, I thought I owed my Twitter timeline an acknowledgement. - Digital Citizenship Education: Over 20 Essential Resources, Part 1 0 Comments April 17, 2014 By: Michael Gorman Apr 16 Written by: 4/16/2014 5:56 PM