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Calculadora de precio de hora de trabajo

Calculadora de precio de hora de trabajo
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New:You Can Now Add Audio Feedback To Students Presentations on Google Drive June 20, 2014 Kaizena is one of my favourite tools for adding audio and text feedback to Google Docs. I have already shared here a detailed guide on how to use it to attach audio feedback to students documents, check it out if you haven't read it yet. Until recently Kaizena allowed users to add audio feedback to only Google Docs but this is no longer the case. Now Google Presentations are also supported. With this new update, you can easily add audio to the presentations of your students and here is how you can do it. 1- First students should share their Google Presentations with you. 2- Now head over to Kaizena and sign in. 3- Assuming that you have already created a box on Kaizena where you access students files, click on "add document" on that box 4- Click on " shared with me" and select the presentation you want to add audio feedback to. 5- Highlight the parts of the presentation you want to comment on and click on the mic icon to add voice comment.

When can I use... Support tables for HTML5, CSS3, etc KPIs – The Metrics that Drive Performance Management Although selection of the appropriate visuals and graphs contribute to the effectiveness of a business performance management (BPM) dashboard, the true "soul" of the dashboard is the key performance indicators (KPIs). KPIs measure the business health of the enterprise and ensure that all individuals at all levels are "marching in step" to the same goals and strategies. They also provide the focal point for enterprise-wide standardization, collaboration and coordination. The KPI Definition All Information Management articles are archived after 7 days. Full access to including all searchable archived content Exclusive E-Newsletters delivering the latest headlines to your inbox Access to White Papers, Web Seminars, and Blog Discussions Discounts to upcoming conferences & events Uninterrupted access to all sponsored content, and MORE!

OpenEd Releases a New Tool for Creating Common Core-aligned Practice Assessments OpenEd is a free service that has created a huge catalog of educational videos and games that you can browse by topic, grade level, or Common Core standard. The service launched last fall and has steadily added new features since then. The latest addition to OpenEd is an assessment creation tool. OpenEd's assessment creation tool is designed to help teachers create Common Core-aligned assessments. To get started you have to create an accountant on Click the "assessments" tab then the "create" button to start building your standards-aligned resources. The best feature of the OpenEd assessment creation tool is the option to associate images and videos with specific questions. Applications for Education In my testing of the new OpenEd assessment creation tool I had the best experience when I created questions from scratch. OpenEd encourages teachers to publish their assessments publicly on OpenEd so that other teachers can incorporate their questions into new assessments.

20 hermosas plantillas hechas en HTML5 y CSS3. | Needume 20 hermosas plantillas hechas en HTML5 y CSS3. Kroft Incluye 6 imágenes de fondo, 6 plantillas de página, diapositivas de página de inicio y la integración con redes sociales. El archivo PSD de Photoshop también se pueden descargar. Info & Descargar | Demo Lifebook Un plantilla blog sencilla pero divertida que cuenta con esquinas redondeadas. Info & Descargar | Demo HTML5 Admin Template Una avanzada plantilla HTML5 de administración que se puede utilizar para crear un panel rico en características para su área de administración. Info & Descargar | Demo

9 Entrepreneurs Reveal How They Validated Their Business Idea Paul Graham wrote a pretty comprehensive essay on business idea generation two years ago. He emphasized the dangers of coming up with an idea for a business that nobody wants. “Why do so many founders build things no one wants?" he asked. "Because they begin by trying to think of startup ideas. That m.o. is doubly dangerous: it doesn't merely yield few good ideas; it yields bad ideas that sound plausible enough to fool you into working on them.” For my book How We Did It: 100 entrepreneurs share the story of their struggles and life experiences, published earlier this month, I interviewed several entrepreneurs about their process for generating ideas and how they validated them. Related: 'Funded' Doesn't Necessarily Mean 'Validated' 1. 2. 3. Related: Use Crowdfunding to Gauge Interest for Your Idea 4. 5. The second level of validation was running the numbers. Related: Do Pivots Matter? 6. 7. Related: 10 Questions to Ask Before Determining Your Target Market 8. 9.

Diseño de presentaciones | Cómo diseñar presentaciones efectivas y memorables W3Fools – A W3Schools Intervention 30 amazing landing pages for your inspiration Landing Pages are used for many different things. Some of us have products to sell. Many of us have apps to sell. Some of us just want to let the world know about our products or services. When done incorrectly, they can end up being a waste of time. Landing page inspiration Many Landing Pages actually do much of the same thing, but sometimes it’s better to see it and visualize rather than think about it in theory. Bear CSS This is a rarity where a landing page isn’t asking you to buy or download anything, but it is attempting to be helpful. SquareSpace This an effective landing page because everything lives its own space. CrowdSpottr I’m sure you can tell that many people use landing pages for apps. Designed to Move This is one of the rare circumstances where its okay to be a little mysterious with your information. Everest This seems to be a wonderful app that I think is amazing. Flex This landing page is great because of the easy-to-read, easy-to-relate to images and videos that they use.