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Playing action video games may be bad for your brain, study finds - Montreal Playing first-person shooter video games could put certain users at greater risk of developing neuropsychiatric illnesses such as depression and Alzheimer's disease, concludes a new study by two Montreal researchers that comes out Tuesday in the journal Molecular Psychiatry. Gregory West, an associate professor of psychology at the Université de Montréal, says the neuroimaging study is the first to find conclusive evidence of grey matter loss in a key part of the brain as a direct result of computer interaction. "A few studies have been published that show video games could have a positive impact on the brain, namely positive associations between action video games, first-person shooter games, and visual tension and motor control skills," West told CBC News. "To date, no one has shown that human-computer interactions could have negative impacts on the brain — in this case the hippocampal memory system." How the study was done Video-game design challenges Risks to developing brains

Questions and answers on asbestos in your home and workplace | Montreal Gazette Even if the Canadian government were to ban all asbestos use tomorrow, this country will be dealing with the legacy of its love affair with the deadly mineral for decades, perhaps centuries, to come. Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral that was used widely in buildings and homes over the last century because it adds heat resistance, flexibility and strength to other materials. It continues to be used, albeit with more restrictions, in construction materials, car parts and other products today. The safe removal or stabilization of asbestos in homes, schools, hospitals and other buildings will be a significant expense and challenge for the foreseeable future. Asbestos-related disease, such as mesothelioma (a cancer of the lining of the heart, stomach or lungs), lung cancer and asbestosis, is the No. 1 workplace killer in Quebec: 118 of the 196 work-related deaths in the province in 2015 were officially deemed to be caused by asbestos. What is asbestos and why is it used? Yes. No.

New Drug Reverses Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease in Obese People Home » Liver » New drug can reverse liver disease in obese people By: Devon Andre | Health News | Monday, August 07, 2017 - 05:00 AM Obesity has become an international medical pandemic. There are currently no treatment options for nonalcoholic fatty liver disease, aside from weight loss. A new experimental drug developed at the University of Rochester Medical Center was able to reverse the effects of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease in mice. High-fat diets cause the immune system to attack the liver Consuming a diet like the one often viewed in Western societies and the one that was fed to the experiment mice, high in sugars and fats, can cause inflammation in the liver. The new experimental drug that was created and tested on the mice reduced this immune response to an acceptable level. The drug was tested on the mice after they had been on a high-fat and sugar diet for five and a half weeks. Share this information People who read this article should try... Related Reading: Sources:

Med diet plus exercise could aid fatty liver disease Taking daily exercise and following a Mediterranean diet for 6 months, either with or without antioxidant supplementation, led to significant reductions in accumulated liver fat, reduced liver stiffness (a marker of fibrosis) and blood lipids, together with improvements in anthropometric measurements. Compared with patients following the dietary intervention alone, intake of an antioxidant formula additionally led to a significant improvement in insulin sensitivity measures, reported the research team from Magna Graecia University, Catanzaro. “Our study confirms that the Mediterranean diet can improve anthropometric parameters and lipid profile and can contribute to reducing hepatic fat accumulation and liver stiffness,” wrote first author Professor Ludovico Abenavoli. “Moreover, the association of this dietetic regimen with antioxidant supplementation can contribute to improving the insulin sensitivity parameters,” he continued. Study Details Next steps The way forward?

Cayenne Salve Recipe: DIY Natural Pain Relief -Simple Life Mom Cayenne Salve has been used for joint and muscle pain for centuries. It’s a remedy that my grandmother had passed down to her, and one I’ve learned over the years as well. This Cayenne Salve Recipe is easy to make and use, and it is very effective. Why Cayenne? Cayenne naturally works to reduce inflammation and relax muscles. Alchemy of Herbs Rosalee de la Forêt is graciously sharing her cayenne salve recipe with us today. If you hurry, you can jump in and get the Bonuses for this book as well. Cayenne Salve for Natural Pain Relief by Rosalee de la Forêt This simple salve can be made very quickly for minor pain relief. This is a hot mixture! Caution: When cayenne comes in contact with your mucosal membranes or eyes, it will burn! Cayenne Salve: DIY for Natural Pain Relief Total time Author: Rosalee de la Forêt ½ cup olive oil 2 tablespoons cayenne powder (15 grams) ½ ounce beeswax (14 grams) The first step is to infuse your oil. Save

Top 7 DIY Herbal Healing Salves That Every Home Should Have - I Love Herbalism What Is An Herbal Salve? Herbal Salves are thickened ointments that are used to soothe various skin problems, depending on the herb or plant that the salve was made from. They can treat chapped hands, wounds, mild burns, bites, stings, rashes, boils, acne and inflammation. In this post, I have gathered Top 7 DIY Healing Salves that every home should have. This awesome recipe is from grow forage cook ferment. author grow forage cook ferment You will first need to make an infused herbal oil ( or buy one from here) before making the salve. Ingredients Instructions Make the infused herbal oil (see more detailed instructions on how to do this here).Heat the infused herbal oil in a double boiler. 2. This healing herbal calamine salve is designed for all kinds of skin irritation—everything from bug bites to diaper rash. 3. Cayenne Salve has been used for joint and muscle pain for centuries. 4. 5. Sick of dealing with muscle pain? 6. 7.

3 Vitamins to Keep Hot Flashes Away Hot flashes are bothersome for the majority of perimenopausal women. Ranging from mildly uncomfortable to overwhelming, flashes can undermine your confidence, distract you from your daily routine, and leave you feeling sticky and unhygienic. Hot flashes occur due to hormonal changes that take place as a woman approaches menopause; these trigger sudden and seemingly random changes in body temperature that often come with flushing and sweating as the body attempts to cool down. The symptom could potentially plague you for up to ten years, so it's worth learning which vitamins can help keep hot flashes away. Vitamin E Vitamin E is found in many food sources, including seeds, nuts, spinach, and soybeans. It is not fully understood how vitamin E helps to regulate menopause symptoms, but some believe that it has estrogenic action to help restore levels of estrogen. Vitamin B12 Vitamin C

Ménopause : les huiles essentielles vraiment indispensables - Top Santé Dès la préménopause, les huiles essentielles représentent une aide plus qu'appréciable car elles permettent de lutter en douceur contre les bouffées de chaleur, les troubles de l'humeur et autres désagréments dus au déséquilibre hormonal. Bouffées de chaleur : la sauge sclarée Avant la ménopause, à l'apparition des premières bouffées de chaleur ou sueurs nocturnes : avalez 2 gouttes d'HE de sauge sclarée posées sur un comprimé neutre (ou une cuillère à café de miel ou d'huile d'olive), 3 fois par jour du 7e au 21e jour du cycle. Après la ménopause, suivez la même recette 3 fois par jour pendant 20 jours (puisqu'il n'y a plus de cycle), en observant toujours une trêve d'une semaine par mois. Attention : l'huile essentielle de sauge sclarée est contre-indiquée chez les femmes atteintes de mastose, de fibrome ou d'une pathologie cancéreuse et hormonodépendante. La formule massage Dans une cuillère à café d'huile végétale de calophylle, mélangez 1 goutte de : HE cyprès HE hélichryse HE néroli

Ménopause et bouffées de chaleur Comment diminuer les problèmes désagréables comme les bouffées de chaleur de la ménopause ? Des conseils et surtout des remèdes naturels efficaces pour atténuer de façon naturelle les bouffées de chaleur. Des remèdes naturels contre les bouffées de chaleur La ménopause La ménopause ne concerne que les femmesA la fin de la quarantaine, les ovaires des femmes ne produisent plus d'ovules et ne fabriquent qu'une faible quantité d'œstrogènes. A la cinquantaine si les règles ne sont plus venues pendant un an, la ménopause est installée. Comme il s'agit d'un processus parfaitement naturel, aucun traitement n'existe pour lutter contre la ménopause. En revanche, sont indiqués des traitements pour lutter contre les problèmes de la ménopause Les bouffées de chaleur les bouffées de chaleur représentent le symptôme le plus caractéristique de la ménopause. Quand la bouffée de chaleur cesse, les sueurs deviennent froides puis suivent des frissons. 9 Remèdes naturels contre les bouffées de chaleur Les Tisanes

La valériane pour combattre l'insomnie liée à la ménopause La ménopause entraîne des troubles du sommeil, notamment de l’insomnie, chez environ 50% des femmes1. Ils sont provoqués par la baisse de production d’oestrogènes par les ovaires. Dans une étude réalisée en 20111, 100 femmes âgées entre 50 et 60 ans présentant des symptômes d’insomnie ont reçu 530 mg d’extrait concentré de valériane ou de placebo 2 fois par jour pendant 4 semaines. Les résultats ont montré que 30% des patientes traitées avec de la valériane avaient une meilleure qualité de sommeil, contre 4% des personnes du groupe témoin. Une autre étude réalisée en 20132 a été également réalisée sur 100 femmes âgées entre 50 et 60 ans, mais c’est l’efficacité de l’association valériane-mélisse qui a été évaluée, la mélisse étant réputée pour ses propriétés apaisantes et sédatives. Pour traiter l’insomnie, la valériane peut s’utiliser sous les formes suivantes : La ménopause entraîne des troubles du sommeil, notamment de l’insomnie, chez environ 50% des femmes1.

Herbs during menopause when hot flashes: Clary sage, chamomile In every woman’s life sooner or later reach the menopause. In real life, menopause is not accompanied by anything unnatural, however, during this period arise state, which can cause anxiety and restlessness. Herbs during menopause at high tide greatly facilitate the lives of many women. The planned reorganization Violations of the female body caused by hormonal reorganization. In turn, this rebuilding occurs in the background of the slow cessation of production of sex hormones. Today, medicine is known for a wide range of pharmaceutical drugs, allowing you to stop the symptoms of menopause. The individual herbal components As you know, menopause, the nervous system is affected to a greater extent. Healing properties of sage were known to our ancestors. The first method of reception – the juice of sage. On the positive side proven another herb is nettle. In the treatment of virtually any breakdown used mint. Herbal Herbalists point to the healing power of Valerian, marjoram and sage.

Le furoncle… peut-être plus grave qu’il n’y paraît ! Dans la mesure où il cache souvent un état diabétique ou une baisse du système immunitaire, il ne faut jamais laisser un furoncle dégénérer en furonculose, mais lui apporter les soins les plus vigilants. La survenue d’un furoncle peut être évidemment plus ou moins accidentelle mais, surtout si d’autres apparaissent en série et que s’installe une furonculose, elle indique toujours un mauvais état général et, plus particulièrement, un système immunitaire défaillant ou une affection comme le diabète. S’il y a récidive, il sera donc indispensable de cesser tout comportement à risque, autrement dit, en cas de baisse des défenses, l’usage irraisonné des antibiotiques, de l’alcool, du tabac et des drogues, légales ou illégales. Et en cas de diabète, la consommation d’alcool, de sucreries et d’aliments à index glycémiques élevés. Il est, de toute manière, hautement recommandé d’adopter un régime hypoglycémique durant toute la durée du traitement d’un furoncle, quelle qu’en soit l’origine.