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Teaching Elementary Math Lessons w/ Picture Books

Teaching Elementary Math Lessons w/ Picture Books
This page lists fun, clever books on math for kids. Math can be challenging, so when the usual explanations and strategies don't work, what's a teacher to do? Use math picture books! A funny and/or interesting story pulls the kids in, and then the different approach (vs. traditional math direct instruction) means even the frustrated kids are more receptive to learning math. Children who claim to not like math can find an engaging, 'friendly' entry into the subject via clever math picture books. Math children's books are also great for showing math is all around us! The list below of math books for kids includes links to buy the books on Amazon. additionThese creative booksmake learning additionmore fun and concrete. subtractionBest math picture books for subtractionmath lessons. shapesChildren's books makelearning this fun topiceven more fun! graphingGraphing is fun withthese clever mathpicture books for kids. fractionsFractions can be achallenge, but thesebooks can help! 8K+Save

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Children’s picture books that teach mathematics concepts You are here: Home > Learning > Primary Learning Sorry, LiveOnline is currently closed. Use our web form to submit a question for response by email, or try again between 9am to 8pm weekdays, 9am to 5pm weekends. Community Information Christchurch

How Games Lead Kids to the Good Stuff: Understanding Context Part 2 of MindShift’s Guide to Games and Learning. Those who still think of content as the driving force of education may not be ready for game-based learning. What do we mean by “content”? Brian Mendler Classroom Management consultant Brian Mendler is a certified elementary and special education teacher with extensive experience working with challenging students in general ed, self-contained, and inclusion settings. He provides staff development training for K-12 educators and youth service workers throughout North America and Europe with the focus on how to be successful with even the most difficult students. Mr. Mendler has recently authored a book titled, The Taming of the Crew. This book provides easy to use strategies for preventing and responding to difficult, disruptive, defiant, and unmotivated behavior.

Pearson School Canada: Contexts for Learning Mathematics Copyright: 2007 Publisher: HeinemannGrade: K - 6Author: Catherine Twomey Fosnot The new Contexts for Learning Mathematics series by Catherine Fosnot and colleagues from Mathematics in the City and the Freudenthal Institute uses carefully crafted math situations to foster a deep conceptual understanding of essential mathematical ideas, strategies, and models. Building on the ideals of a math workshop, each unit provides a two-week sequence of investigations, minilessons, games, and other contexts for learning. The series’ 18 classroom-tested units are organized into three content-based packages or grade-specific teacher packs.

AB Assessment Consortium, Supporting Mathematical Thinking in Elementary Classrooms through Formative Assessment Teachers in Alberta are working with instructional strategies that are designed to help students become more confident mathematicians. While we want students to be fluent with calculations, we also want them to demonstrate their growing understanding of mathematics as they investigate, solve problems, reason and explain their thinking. This broader focus requires adjustments to traditional assessment practices. In this video series, watch how formative assessment can be used to support student learning.

West Sussex County Council: Maths from stories During the autumn term 2009 West Sussex Leading Mathematics Teachers combined all their ideas and good practice to look at how texts can be used in mathematics. The outcomes are in the PDF document below. You are welcome to use the ideas suggested within your own school. Books used include: Photographic education for all Image copyright Jonathan Worth "I don't think a classroom is an appropriate place to teach any more." This is not the sort of thing you'd expect a National Teaching Fellow and award winning university lecturer to say, but Jonathan Worth has backed his words up with actions and his latest photography class has removed itself from educational institutions completely. Instead he is using the techniques learned from running open classes to raise awareness of the muscle wasting disease Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD) which is the biggest genetic killer of young boys in the world. Image copyright David Davies / PA "When I first started to teach photography classes back in 2007 I recognised that I didn't have all of the answers and I was going to need to ask for help from the photo community," Worth said.

iRubric Welcome to iRubric iRubric is a comprehensive rubric development, assessment, and sharing tool. Designed from the ground up, iRubric supports a variety of applications in an easy-to-use package. Best of all, iRubric is free to individual faculty and students. iRubric School-Edition empowers schools with an easy-to-use system for monitoring student learning outcomes and aligning with standards. Click.