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Teaching Elementary Math Lessons w/ Picture Books

Teaching Elementary Math Lessons w/ Picture Books
This page lists fun, clever books on math for kids. Math can be challenging, so when the usual explanations and strategies don't work, what's a teacher to do? Use math picture books! A funny and/or interesting story pulls the kids in, and then the different approach (vs. traditional math direct instruction) means even the frustrated kids are more receptive to learning math. Children who claim to not like math can find an engaging, 'friendly' entry into the subject via clever math picture books. Math children's books are also great for showing math is all around us! The list below of math books for kids includes links to buy the books on Amazon. additionThese creative booksmake learning additionmore fun and concrete. subtractionBest math picture books for subtractionmath lessons. shapesChildren's books makelearning this fun topiceven more fun! graphingGraphing is fun withthese clever mathpicture books for kids. fractionsFractions can be achallenge, but thesebooks can help! 8K+Save

Children’s picture books that teach mathematics concepts You are here: Home > Learning > Primary Learning Sorry, LiveOnline is currently closed. Use our web form to submit a question for response by email, or try again between 9am to 8pm weekdays, 9am to 5pm weekends. Community Information Christchurch <p><a href="/LearningCentres/">Discover our Learning Centres programmes</a></p><p>Turn on Javascript to see our programmes calendar</p> Picture books are frequently requested by teachers and parents as a way to introduce children to mathematical concepts. Counting The very hungry caterpillar Eric Carle Follows the progress of a hungry little caterpillar as he eats his way through a varied and very large quantity of food. Night noises Mem Fox Lily Laceby was nearly ninety and lived in a cottage in the hills with Butch Aggie, her dog, as her only companion. Ten apples up on top Theo LeSieg A lion, a dog, and a tiger are having a contest - can they get ten apples piled up on top of their heads? The Follow the Line series Laura Ljungkvist Geometry Me first!

Pearson School Canada: Contexts for Learning Mathematics Copyright: 2007 Publisher: HeinemannGrade: K - 6Author: Catherine Twomey Fosnot The new Contexts for Learning Mathematics series by Catherine Fosnot and colleagues from Mathematics in the City and the Freudenthal Institute uses carefully crafted math situations to foster a deep conceptual understanding of essential mathematical ideas, strategies, and models. Building on the ideals of a math workshop, each unit provides a two-week sequence of investigations, minilessons, games, and other contexts for learning. The series’ 18 classroom-tested units are organized into three content-based packages or grade-specific teacher packs. Now available! To view sample resources, visit:

Disciplinary Literacy in Mathematics Mathematical literacy is being able to do, understand, and apply mathematics, not only in the classroom, but in everyday lives. Ensuring that students are mathematically literate must be a priority in every Wisconsin classroom so that students are confident, competent, and ready for college and career. Incorporating reading, writing, speaking, listening, and critical thinking in instruction provides students with opportunities to develop literacy in mathematics while deepening their mathematical knowledge, conceptual understanding, and skills. Mathematically literate students are able to analyze, reason, and communicate ideas effectively as they pose, formulate, solve and interpret mathematical problems in a variety of situations. The eight Standards for Mathematical Practice from the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics provide a framework for developing mathematical literacy.

AB Assessment Consortium, Supporting Mathematical Thinking in Elementary Classrooms through Formative Assessment Teachers in Alberta are working with instructional strategies that are designed to help students become more confident mathematicians. While we want students to be fluent with calculations, we also want them to demonstrate their growing understanding of mathematics as they investigate, solve problems, reason and explain their thinking. This broader focus requires adjustments to traditional assessment practices. Setting the Context Mathematics instruction and assessment must focus on more than simply getting right answers. Learn More Building a Mathematical Community Math talks are an effective way to help students meet the learning goals of the Alberta Mathematics Program of Studies. Learn More

Dazzle your data handling class with an infographic project Infographics are: fun, informative, inspiring, thought-provoking, knowledge-enhancing, stimulating and above all, engaging. If you don’t know what an infographic is, it’s the fusion of graphic design, with data handling. An infographic takes some data and turns it into an attractive poster which uses a variety of data representation techniques to communicate the message that emerges from the data. A nice example is the infographic below that compares the size of historic volcanic eruptions with the number of fatalities caused. Click on the image to see it full-size. Image taken from web/1006/biggest-volcanoes/flat.html For a rich resource of infographics visit the website by clicking here. I believe the use of infographics within teaching maths to be a great way to approach a data handling topic. I’ve blogged in a previous post about this fantastic Facebook infographic that looks at users’ habits. Enjoy!

Reviews @ Edmonton Public Schools Featured Titles The Comic Book War Comic Book War is the final installment in the trilogy written by Metis author Jacqueline Guest that began with Belle of Batoche and Outcast of River Falls. read more Red Bird Sings An inspirational story of the life of Zitkala-Sa also known as Gertrude Simmons-Bonnin, a writer, musician, and activist based on her writings in the Atlantic Monthly in the 1900’s. Raven's Greatest Creation A creation story as dreamed by Métis author, David Bouchard, who introduces the readers to Raven, Turtle Island, Sky World and Earth’s Creatures. Fox on the Ice : Maageesees Maskwameek Kaapit Originally published in 2003. An engaging story, shared in English and Cree, about a family, a fox, and an ice fishing adventure. Buniq's Boots Buniq, which means "my girl" in the Inuit language, loses the new pair of boots loveling made by her grandmother, what will she do? Turtle Island Voices are an outstanding must have co... read more Latest Reviews The Old Ways Raven Brings the Light

Write Mathematics into the Story Writing and mathematics go hand in hand, mathematicians all over the world use writing to express their ideas and proofs. Your students can learn to enjoy writing in mathematics by a few different activities you can do with them. These activities are meant to engage and motivate students to write and to learn, while they write. This will get them going in writing and learn how to write down their thoughts. Write Their Own Novel I believe projects are great ways of showing knowledge and using this knowledge in a creative forum is great for students to get accustomed to when they start for college and the real world. Math journals are a great way to begin class. Fan-Fiction Math BooksOne activity I have come up with over the break is for students to write fan-fiction math books. Write a Vocabulary Paragraph—Assign a list of math vocabulary words to your students, then have them write a paragraph that incorporates all of the words on the list.

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: The 22 Digital Skills Every 21st Century Teacher Must Have One of the most popular articles I have written in this blog was about the 33 Digital Skills Every 21st Teacher should Have. This post has been used in several digital literacy courses in some universities in the States and also here in Canada, I also got it published in a couple of printed journals . Now that one year has elapsed since its first seeing the light I decided to revisit it again but this time adding more updates and organizing its content in a better and easy navigable way. The skills I have mentioned here are essential to every teacher ( and student ) using technology in class, at home , or for professional development purposes. It also contains the best web tools that you can use to better hone in the targeted skill under which they are featured .These web tools can also empower you with the necessary know-how to effectively leverage the power of technology in education. Create and Edit Audio Here are some tools for teachers to develop this skill :