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DeviceHive - M2M, Machine-to-Machine Communication Framework

DeviceHive - M2M, Machine-to-Machine Communication Framework

Internet of Things Connectivity Platform - - Powered by ioBridge jQuery UI Electronic Shelf Labels AngularJS: API: API Reference RTI - Your systems. Working as one. Business professionals and consumers are discovering... M2M Solutions | NTT DATA Our Vision and Approach to M2M With Smart Grid and its underlining technologies evolving, the “Smart Community” or “Smart World”, as broader and more advanced views of Smart Grid are taking shape. NTT DATA forecasts that intelligent social infrastructure, primarily supported by machine-to-machine (M2M) autonomous communication, will allow governments and businesses to provide highly advanced, comfortable and seamless services on a real-time basis. To that end, we have developed a wide variety of end-to-end technologies and solutions to support a smarter world, including applications, business intelligence, cloud computing platforms and hardware devices, including sensors. Our approach to M2M is three-fold: specifically Connect, Create, and Contribute. Connect Connect various devices, such as smart phones, sensors, automobiles, EV battery chargers, and home appliances, to collected various types of data. Create Contribute Why NTT DATA

AngularJS Tutorial | Learn Angular by Building a Gmail Clone AngularJS Tutorial Build a Gmail Clone Introduction Build a simple email application and learn core AngularJS concepts. Prerequisites: Understand how to build a basic Javascript application with jQuery Know how to launch a basic HTTP server (e.g. python -m SimpleHTTPServer Be able to clone a GitHub repo Topics covered: Single page applications (SPA) Client-side MVC patterns Two way data-binding Routing with templates AngularJS building blocks: Directives, Factories, & Controllers You'll notice that there are code checks included throughout this guide. Note: This guide is open to the public. Ready? Get notified when new guides are released Client side MVC Let's start with a concept that's core to Angular: client-side MVC MVC stands for Model, View, Controller. Model: That's the data; the business information of the application. The MVC pattern is a proven approach to organizing application code that's been refined over many years. Getting Started with AngularJS Adding Angular to your page <! $http

Sensera Systems | Simple. Remote. Sensing. Learn AngularJS with the AngularJS Tutorial Screencasts and eBook - Thinkster Etherios - Solutions for Today's Connected World