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Architecture and water

Architecture and water
Combine concrete structure with water are one of favorite tricks of many architects. Water Gardens and Fort Worth, United States Spillway of the reservoir in Armenia Aquarium in Berlin “Scientific barge” on the Hudson River in New York New Zealand House-cloud, Switzerland Fountain, France Cinema on the water, China Restaurant at the Villa Escudero Resort in San – Pablo, Philippines Hydropower plant in Germany

Architecture Archives The Most Spectacular Metro Stations in the World Here are some of the most spectacular metro stations in the world. And North Korea made the list! Inspirational Gallery 67 – Architecture In AIA’s Inspirational Gallery – Architecture, we have a pretty incredible collection of amazing & inspirational Architecture examples from outstanding Architects from all... Inspirational Gallery 52 – Architecture In Artists Inspire Artist’s Inspirational Galleries, we present to you amazing & high quality artwork from incredible artists throughout the world. Inspirational Art Gallery #37 – Architecture In Artists Inspire Artist’s Inspirational Galleries, we present to you amazing & high quality artwork from incredible artists throughout the world. Inspirational Gallery #29 – Architecture Inspirational Gallery #22 – Architecture In Artists Inspire Artist’s Inspirational Galleries, we present to you amazing & high quality artwork from incredible artists throughout the world. Hey guys! Hello everyone.

Hempcrete Could Change The Way We Build Everything When it comes to new and sustainable housing ideas, it seems to always be about creating a more efficient home in terms of insulation, lighting, electricity, etc. Mainstream belief on the subject would have you believe that top corporations and government projects are working with the best possible technology to bring forth solutions that work and are going to be great for the environment. If that was truly the case, I can guarantee you that the whole world would be using Hempcrete right now. Haven’t heard of it? First off, what is Hempcrete? Since lime is the binding material, builders do not have to heat up the lime as much as a supplier would need to in the industrial creation of concrete. conservation when producing Hempcrete vs. concrete. Hempcrete is a much more superior building material due to the fact that it is a very strong, lightweight and breathable material. petrify but is still incredibly strong.

Modern Underground Modern Underground Homes "As an architect, I'm ashamed of what my fellow professionals and I have done during the last fifty years. What do we do? Look around you: America's best land: destroyed, nature: crushed under buildings and parking lots, resources: squandered, energy: wasted. Malator Earth House in Druidston, Pembrokeshire, Wales, built in 1998 and designed by architects Future Systems for a former Member of Parliament. The roof of the Malator house is entirely covered in local grasses and the bulk of the home closely imitates the neighboring hills. Malator Earth House is barely noticable from the road. Villa Vals, Switzerland. Villa Vals, Switzerland. Aloni, Antiparos Island, Greece. Aloni, Antiparos Island, Greece. Edgeland House in Austin, Texas, is located on a rehabilitated brownfield site and is a modern re‐interpretation of one of the oldest housing typologies in North America, the Native American Pit House. Edgeland House in Austin, Texas.

earth house Cottage Posted in Rectangular/Square, tagged blueprint, compact, earth house, earthbag, earthbag building, earthbag design, earthbag home, earthbag home plan, earthbag house, earthbag house plan, home design, small, two bedroom on November 1, 2010 | 4 Comments » Cottage (click to enlarge) Specifications: 838 sq.ft. interior, 2 bedroom, 1 bath, Footprint: 28′ x 41′ Description: Ideal for urban or rural areas, this cozy cottage is the right size for new families, or for retiring couples who want to downsize. Read Full Post » Earthbag Tower House Posted in Round, tagged blueprint, earth house, earthbag, earthbag building, earthbag home plan, earthbag house, earthbag house plan, house plan, sand bag, small house, tower, tower design, tower house, tower house design, tower house plan on November 1, 2010 | 20 Comments » Earthbag Tower House (click to enlarge) Description: This intriguing tower house slopes from 21 feet interior diameter at ground level to 13 feet diameter at the upper deck.

Earth Sheltered Homes “Another type of building is emerging: one that actually heals the scars of its own construction. It conserves rainwater and fuel and it provides a habitat for creatures other than the human one. Maybe it will catch on, maybe it won’t. We’ll see.” – Malcolm Wells, 2002. The earth sheltered house uses the ground as insulating blanket which effectively protects it from temperature extremes, wind, rain and extreme weather events. Fifteen feet below ground the soil maintains a fairly constant temperature equal to the annual average temperature of the area’s surface air. There are two types of earth sheltered building. Honingham Earth Sheltered Social Housing. Looks like vertical placed logs are helping to support the berm on the right. Earth sheltered home with conventional facade. Earth sheltered home, as above. The facade may accommodate any architectural styling of the home owners choosing. An award winning earth shelter dwelling by Cam Architects. Inside of above.

Free Plans Several free plans by Owen Geiger are now available: Preview the Economizer House Plan here.Economizer House Plan PDF Solar Pit House PDF Preview the Solar Pit House plan here. esert Shelters PDF Preview Desert Shelters by searching this phrase in the built-in search in the right hand column. Craftsman Bamboo/Plastic Bottle House PDF (Honorable Mention in Shelters for All housing competition) Preview the Craftsman plan here. oot Cellar Plan Earthbag House for Haiti View download complete complete plans at Teach Want to see more plans? Is This What Urban Buildings Will Look Like In 2050? In the two weeks since President Donald Trump issued his executive order on immigration, banning travel from seven Muslim-majority countries, he's met with opposition from a surprising sector: the tech industry. In a radical change of tune since executives like Jeff Bezos and Sheryl Sandberg filed into Trump Tower to meet with the president in December, 128 tech companies have now filed an amicus brief against the ban; the Washington Post reported that Apple CEO Tim Cook said in a company-wide email that the ban "is not a policy we support" and added that "Apple would not exist without immigration." While many of these denunciations of Trump's order appear motivated by some higher corporate ethos, there's another factor at play here: pressure from employees. A new study has taken a step toward measuring the importance of business ethics to young employees (in a very different sector: the apparel and textile industry) and how it could affect retention and on-the-job satisfaction.

A Milan Skyscraper With A Forest Inside It We may need to start building our parks in the sky. In the 1850s, New York City needed a place to escape from its own urban crush. It was easy enough to evict more than a thousand poor tenement dwellers and re-landscape the heart of Manhattan, creating what we know as Central Park. Today, such a project would prove far more difficult, if not impossible, in most of the world’s major cities. The Bosco Verticale towers taking shape in the northern Italian city of Milan, although private residential towers, show the technology is more than possible. The vertical forest spreads out one hectare of woodland across 27 floors. This doesn’t make them particularly expensive. Other architects are working on the same challenge by taking the biological metaphor to extremes. But most green buildings today merely evoke the forms found in nature.

Vertical Farm in San Diego Mixed-use vertical farm designed by Brandon Martella for the city of San Diego. The project is located next to the waterfront and the historical Gaslamp district. Food as a resource is limited. Supply will soon not meet demand. A new type of residential tower needs to come forth. To commemorate the 9th Annual Skyscraper Competition, eVolo is publishing the Limited Edition Book "eVolo Skyscrapers 2" which is the follow-up to its highly acclaimed book “eVolo Skyscrapers”. -> EVOLO SKYSCRAPERS 2 - Limited Edition Book

new york breathing machine superskyscraper by IAD jul 30, 2013 new york breathing machine superskyscraper by IAD new york breathing machine vertical garden superskyscraper by IADimage © independent architectural diplomacyall images courtesy of independent architectural diplomacy european firm independent architectural diplomacy (IAD) has designed the ‘new york breathing machine‘, a net-positive energy ‘superskyscraper’ in uptown manhattan. the sustainably designed building links indoor and outdoor spaces within an gridded armature: separated in one side of the structure, three core modules house private offices and a hotel; these are interwoven by spiral pathways of public vertical gardens that serve as a ‘lung’ for the mixed use building. at street level, an urban mall and conference center open the corner of west 125th street and broadway to expanded commercial and public use, without losing the facade typology typical to broadway of clear connections between sidewalk and building. project info: heather carlsen I designboom

What the Heck Is This Thing? - John Metcalfe I have stared at this concept drawing for a London building for five minutes now, and I am still alternately amazed, confused and a bit scared of it. The tower's creator, the Hong Kong and Beijing-based FABLAB Design, is billing it as a vertical farm. But as my colleague Henry Grabar points out, it looks more like somebody used a cheat code in SimCity 2000 to build the biggest, whackiest arcology ever. To me, it's more like a race of mutated, Godzilla-sized dragonflies decided to have sex on a hyperspace Slinky. In the future-farm's competition description, the designer writes that he was inspired by "Locust Wings Structure, Japanese Transformer Robots, Articles on why farming is dying but a rebirth is necessary, Aeronautical Engineering, Next Generation Sustainable Energy Methods." • Solar Helium Balloons • Laterally Mounted Wind Turbine • Plant Covered External Cladding System that absorbs surrounding CO2 admission of London • seed research laboratories within its Monocoque structure