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Sleeveless Jumper Pattern for American Girl, AG Type 18 Inch Dolls

Sleeveless Jumper Pattern for American Girl, AG Type 18 Inch Dolls
Sleeveless Jumper to Fit American Girl Type 18 Inch Dolls Clothes Patterns for 18 Inch Dolls and Bitty Baby Dolls & Costumes WebsiteSusan Here are instructions for making sleeveless jumpers to fit 18inch (45cm) American Girl, other American historical dolls, Gotz Precious Day Girl Dolls, and dolls with similar body types. Important Note: my Corolle doll (not shown) has fabric and vinyl arms so this dress is not the best for her. You may use the pattern for yourself or gifts but not commercially. Fabric: one third yard or meter. Jumper Sewing Instructions With right sides of back and front jumper facing, sew together at shoulders. On center back side, make a 4 inch long slit down from neck edge for opening. Sew side seams back to front. Before sewing side seams add your decoration to front of jumper. Turn hem up twice one quarter inch and blind stitch. Sew a sticky tape closure at center back seam - no buttons for doll clothes played with by children, please. webmaster Related:  doll patternsdoll clothes patternsPREEMIES, BABIES, DOLLS & BARBIES

American Girl Sundress Tutorial If you happen to be the happy owner of an American Girl doll you will agree with me that they are huge money traps. Oh, do they know how to appeal to young girls (and mothers living vicariously through their daughters!). However, you can spend mere dollars on cute little dresses, and save your cash for clothing purchases that actual humans will wear. ;o) I'm going to attempt a tutorial of how you can make a dress without having to purchase a pattern. What you need: --1/4 yard of fabric (you can use a fat quarter, but you'll have to shave a few inches off the width of the dress skirt--I've done it both ways, and it doesn't make a whole lot of difference) --coordinating thread --any extra trimmings/ribbons you might want to add --velcro/snaps/your choice of fastener--but you can skip this altogether --sewing machine, fabric scissors, pins, needle for hand-gathering, ruler Cutting: Spread out your 1/4 yard of fabric and measure an 8 inch by 24 inch rectangle--this will be the skirt. Cut that out.

AG Type Dolls - Spring/Easter Dress We all love to have a new outfit for Easter, or any Spring holiday. Your dolls would also love a pretty, new dress. This dress pattern will fit 18 inch American Girl, other American historical dolls, Corolle Dolls, Gotz Precious Day Girl Dolls, and other dolls with similar size body types. This is a photo of Julia, my Gotz Precious Day 18 inch doll, in a dress that is perfect for Easter, or any Spring holiday because the fabric is covered in Easter Eggs. Materials - 1/2 yard of fabric, the design of the fabric I used required that all pattern pieces go in the same direction, you may need less if this is not an issue. - 12 inches of 3 to 4 inch wide, pre-gathered lace for the collar. - 1 yard of 2 1/2 inch wide flat lace with holes down the center that a ribbon can be woven into. - 2 yards of 1/4 inch wide satin ribbon. - matching thread. - two sets of sticky dots For sewing instructions click here. For the pattern, click here.

Pickled Okra by Charlie: Free & Easy Pattern & Tutorial for an 18" American Girl Doll's Capri Pants This pattern has been a little delayed in coming because I have been seriously nesting! Cleaning, organizing, donating in a fury. I just HAD to do it, and considering how rarely I enjoy cleaning instead of doing it because I need to, I thought I better just go with it. I plan on finishing up my craft-room/dining room cleaning and organizing today and begin painting Blythe's room towards the end of this week. Have any of you nested in a serious way before? I am taking a break this morning to put up this overdue post for y'all. Here is the pattern. Materials: Left over fabric from the dress or 1/4 yard fabric 8" of 1/4" Elastic Thread Optional: Ric-Rac *Before I began with the tutorial, I seamed the bottom edges up on each piece and put ric-rac on it

Dutch Dress Pattern for 18 Inch Dolls Dutch Doll Dress Pattern for 18 Inch Dolls likeAmerican Girl, Gotz, Corolle designed by Susan Helene Kramer optional collar (directions below): More Clothes Patterns for 18 Inch Dolls and Bitty Baby Here are pattern pieces and sewing directions to make Dutch dresses for 18 inch dolls such as American Girl Dolls or other full bodied heritage, historical and play dolls such as Gotz and Corolle dolls. You may use the pattern for yourself or gifts but not commercially. You can try printing out the patterns from this page to see if they stay 1 inch square, otherwise make the graph paper and copy.Sleeve Pattern: Bodice Pattern: To make your 1-inch square (2.5cm) grid graph paper First, take an 8.5x11 inch piece of plain paper and draw 1 inch squares - I do this by drawing horizontal lines 1 inch apart down the page, and then vertical lines 1 inch apart across the page. Next, looking at the .jpg image you want to enlarge, copy what is in each of my squares into your larger squares. Sleeves Finishing

Royal Bridesmaid Dress Pattern for 18 Inch Dolls Royal Bridesmaid Dress Pattern for 18 Inch Dolls by Susan Kramerinspired by the wedding of Prince William and Princess Kate On the left is Gotz 18 inch doll, Emily, and on the right is American Girl 18 inch doll, Gwen in Royal Bridesmaid Dress Here are instructions for making short sleeve bridesmaid dresses to fit 18inch (45cm) American Girl, other American historical dolls, Corolle dolls, Gotz Precious Day Girl Dolls, and dolls with similar body types. The model above on the left is my 18 inch Gotz Precious Day doll, Emily. This design is my interpretation of the bridesmaid dresses worn by the children in Princess Kate and Prince William's wedding. Under the skirt I made a half slip and a crinoline. You’ll need one third yard (one quarter meter) of material for the skirt. For the front and back bodice, you'll need one quarter yard contrasting material. Try printing out the pattern pieces to see if they stay 1 inch square:To make your 1-inch square (2.5cm) grid graph paper Sleeves Petticoat:

18" Doll Pillowcase Dress Tutorial To Fit AG Dolls Anny's Corner Samantha is Ready for Spring One of my most favorite things I used to do was to make patterns and create designs for my daughters dolls. Out of necessity, I sewed doll clothing through designer children's shops and craft fairs to help the budget. Now with time and two granddaughters I am returning to my roots. Last night I created this outfit and with it will begin my creating kidstuff blog. I created this for my granddaughters and to share for others to sew for their wee ones. What do you need? A Fat Quarter from a fabric or craft store60 inches of 5/6" inch ribbon for the tie strings3 pieces of decorative ribbon each 18" longThreadSafety Pin for threading the ribbon. Making the Pattern Cutting the Dress Pieces Prewash the fat quarter and ironFold the piece of material salvage to salvageCut 2 of the rectangle pattern piecesMark the fold line and the side seam markings Do not throw away your scraps set them aside for making Dolly her own matching drawstring bag. Begin Sewing

Basic Dress Pattern For AG Dolls American Girl doll clothes can be tricky. Buying clothes from their official website can be fun, but pricey! Man, they can really get you with all those adorable little accessories. Everything is so small and cute...and expensive! The off-brand ones you can buy at the store don't always fit right, and can still cost you a pretty penny. Now that I have a little girl who is interested in all things American Girl, I have given her a doll I triumphantly discovered at a garage sale for 25 Cents, as well as the doll my parents purchased for me as a child. Now, for the first time, I am pulling out the very pattern my mom used years ago, to create some dresses for my daughter. Download this pattern for free: HERECheck out our collection of other free patterns: HERE Sewing this pattern will take some basic sewing skill, but let me remind you, I am pretty basic when it comes to sewing! 1/4" Seam Allowance Hem the bottom of the skirt, then baste the top to gather it together (pictured below)

FREE 18" Doll T-Shirt Pattern We’re kicking off this week with a FREE 18″ Doll T-Shirt Pattern! Even dolly deserves a comfy outfit To complete the outfit I made a simple skirt with an elastic waistband. Anne has dubbed this the “Aunt Katy” outfit because green is her aunt’s favorite color Let’s sew it up! 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Happy Sewing! The following two tabs change content below. Amy is the founder and owner of Peek-a-Boo Pattern shop. Diy American Girl Doll Dress With four little kids at home the majority of projects on my list are for them and I don't mind, it just doesn't give my little blog much variety. This is what we made girl's have been wanting to get matching clothes for them and their doll's. They see all the fancy outfits in the American Girl Magazine and they are a little out of our price range so we came up with this. We made this red gingham dress a couple years ago for my little girl after she had been watching Seven Brides for Seven Brothers and loved the dress Milly wore at the Barn know! Oh you don't, well it's only the best show ever and my very favorite growing up. This was my favorite part! So now she and her doll can dress up like Milly and go on all kinds of adventures together. We added a little bow just to give it a little extra somethin, somethin! It went together fairly quickly considering it was the first doll dress I have ever sewn. I used the same fabric for the lining.

Free - AG & 18" Dolls Pattern - Spring Dress This wonderful doll dress has many possibilities. You will learn many sewing techniques while creating the dress, slip, and doll panties. And you can select your own embellishment for the collar. These project instructions are specific to the Janome machine; however, the project can be adapted for use on other machines. Dress Patterns Download dress patterns (patterns are 100% in size). Janome Supplies Required Any Janome sewing machine Zigzag Foot A Satin Stitch Foot F 1/4 Foot O Hemmer Foot 2mm D Blue Tip needle 75/11 Janome Supplies for Embroidered Dress Memory Craft 10001, 10000, 9000, 5700 Memory Card #25 (Small Flower Designs) MC8000 Embroidery Design Gallery CD ROM (MC10001, 10000) Clothsetter Embroidery Foot P Embroidery hoop Janome Embroidery thread Janome Bobbin thread Fabric and Notions Required Fabric Preparation Print out dress pattern, and cut out the pattern pieces. Construct the Dress Note – all seams are 1/4”. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 18.

Dollar Doll Clothes - Free Patterns For AG & 18" Dolls Recognize the source of these cute small-scale prints for doll clothes? Yes, during a recent foray through the neighborhood dollar store we came across some quality women's underwear seconds and naturally asked ourselves what we might make from them. They are the foundation for a fabulous project--Dollar Doll Clothes! Read on for details! *Fits 18-inch dolls, such as American Girls* l. l. 2. 3. Let's get started! > Dollar store women's undies> Matching thread> Scraps of lace or trim>Velcro>Printed Patterns (see end of post!) PANTS or SHORTS orBIKE SHORTS OR LEGGINGS l. 2. 3. 4. l. 2. 3. l. 2. 3. 4. l. 2. 3. 4. I'm including a camisole pattern I created. l. Other Thoughts:-Try narrow elastic stretched and straight stitched to the wrong side of the fabric waistline for fulness--cute! Dollar Doll Clothes

American Girl Doll Flower Dress Material Skirt : 24’’ x 8’’ (60cm x 20cm) Skirt Fleece : 32’’ x 4’’ (80cm x 10cm) Top Front: 6’’ x 6’’ (15cm x15cm) Top back : 2 rectangles : 6’’ x 4’’ (15cm x10cm) Collar : 2 rectangles : 10’’ x 2 ½’’ (25cm x 6cm) Ribbon Lace : 120cm (46’’) Velcro Step 1 : - take the top front and cut to round the collar. Sew a hem. - Sew the top front to the top back fabrics on the shoulder - Sew a hem around the arms up to 4’’ (10cm) on each side - Sew the top together on the sides - Sew a hem on the back Step 2 : - Sew the lace on the collar and round the sides - Sew the collar to the dress. Make the pleats while sewing. - Mark the sewing line between the top and the bottom : 1 ¼’’ (3cm)on the sides and ¾’’ (2cm) in the middle. Draw a line. Step 3 : - Sew the lace on the bottom skirt - Sew the lace on the skirt fleece - Sew the skirt fleece to the skirt - Sew the skirt to the top following the line. Step 4 : - Sew the dress on the back. - Sew the velcro on the back - Sew the ribbon to the dress Voilà!

FREE DOLL DRESS PATTERNS Free Printable Doll Clothes Patterns {Free Sewing Patterns Free Printable Doll Clothes Patterns {Free Sewing Patterns}If you have a young girl that loves dolls, you will love these free pattern guidebooks for trendy clothes Free American Girl Doll Clothes Pattern Drawstring Dress | Liberty A beautifully illustrated Heritage Doll fashions pattern designed to fit 18 inch American Girl Dolls. Download and print to start your project immediately. Free Doll Patterns & Doll Clothes Patterns Free doll patterns and doll clothes patterns including cloth dolls and crochet dolls. Free Doll Clothes Patterns | Free Vintage Knitting Patterns A collection of doll clothes patterns to knit for both male and female fashion model dolls. Free Doll Clothes Patterns Free doll clothes patterns including patterns for 18 inch dolls. Free pattern that fits 18-inch vinyl dolls Free pattern for a dropped-waist dress that fits 18-inch vinyl dolls. Free pattern fits 18-inch dolls – Doll Clothes Patterns

Doll Clothes we made (or remade : ) I have made lots of clothes since we first got Grace that first Christmas. I thought I would share some of them with you. I like to reuse clothes that my kids have outgrown or holes in the knees. This was a super easy dress made from knee socks. The denim skirt is made from jean cutoff. This tee is one of many things I made from outgrown clothes. This Saree is made from purchase fabric. Punjabi dresses. ...and one more. This is an Easter dress made from a $1.00 tea towel I found at Target. This maxidress was made from a repurposed tee of my daughter's. This is one of her favorite doll dresses. These two dresses were made from one blouse found at Goodwill. This was made from a scrap of fabric I found at Wal-mart. I also made the little jacket out of a re-purposed tee. This poncho and hat is a little crochet project I put together. Here is the stripe tee again with some skinny jeans I made from cut offs. This is one of my favorite projects. Here is a picture of them together.