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Android client for Mnemosyne Mnemododo allows cards from Mnemosyne (a spaced-repetition flash-card program) to be reviewed on an Android-powered mobile phone. Mnemododo does not replace Mnemosyne: cards are still added, edited, and deleted using a desktop or laptop computer. Rather, cards for several days are exported using the Mnemogogo plugin and then transferred to a mobile phone where they can be reviewed on the go. Mnemododo has a few limitations: Cards cannot be edited (all editing is done through Mnemosyne). But many advantages: support for HTML Markup, support for Images including LaTeX markup (images are optimized for viewing on a phone), support for ‘map overlaying’, support for sound, statistics are still be contributed to the Mnemosyne project, your cards are retained and managed in Mnemosyne, the scheduling and grading algorithms are ported directly from Mnemosyne, the basic library has been tested and debugged over several months, and, the system does not require an internet connection. Supported devices

Learn Languages Online | LingQ AnyMemo Mylingo Contractions Posted on 06. Jun, 2013 by Adir in Grammar, Learning Hello, there! Today’s post was suggested by a reader and it covers one aspect of learning Portuguese that has students somewhat confused: the contractions. Contractions come mostly with prepositions and articles so here they are! 01. em + o = no em + a = na em + os = nos em + as = nas Minha mochila está no quarto. – My backback is in the bedroom. In some cases contractions are facultative, you can either use them or not. em + um = num em + uma = numa em + uns = nuns em + umas = numas Ele mora num apartamento. – He lives in an apartment. 02. de + o = do de + a = da de + os = dos de + as = das Este carro é do meu cunhado. – This car is my brother-in-law’s. Facultative contractions using de de + um = dum de + uma = duma de + uns = duns de + umas = dumas de + este = deste de + esta = desta de + estes = destes de + estas = destas de + esse = desse de + essa = dessa de + esses = desses de + essas = dessas 03. por + o = pelo por + a = pela 04. 05.

UniLang • Home Konjugation Langled Contos de Grimm Havia um homem cuja mulher morrera, e uma mulher cujo marido morrera; e o homem tinha uma filha, e a mulher tinha uma filha também. As meninas vieram a se conhecer, foram passear juntas e, mais tarde, chegaram à casa da mulher. Esta disse, então, à filha do homem: - Escuta, dize a teu pai que eu gostaria de me casar com ele; terás, todas as manhãs, leite para te lavares e vinho para beber; minha filha porém, terá água para se lavar e água para beber. A menina foi para casa e contou a seu pai o que a mulher havia dito. - Que devo fazer? – disse o homem. – O casamento é uma alegria e é, também, tormento. Por fim, como não conseguisse tomar decisão alguma, descalçou sua bota e disse: - Pega esta bota, que tem um furo na sola, leva-a ao sótão, pendura-a no prego grande e despeja-lhe água dentro. Os mais belos contos de Grimm

Learn 46 Languages Online for Free: Spanish, English & More Get FREE Audio Books from and How to learn languages for free? This collection features lessons in 48 languages, including Spanish, French, English, Mandarin, Italian, Russian and more. Download audio lessons to your computer or mp3 player and you're good to go. Amharic Foreign Service Institute Basic Amharic - Audio - TextbookLessons with dialogues, drills, exercises, and narratives will teach you the basics of this language spoken in Ethiopia. Ancient Greek Ancient Greek Introduction - Web SiteThe UT-Austin Linguistics Research Center provides an overview of Ancient Greek and 10 lessons based on famous Greek texts. Arabic Bookmark our free Arabic lessons section. Bambara Bambara in Mali - Web SiteLessons from the Peace Corps. Bulgarian Bulgarian Survival Phrases - iTunes Free - FeedForeign Service Institute Bulgarian - Web siteTwo textbooks (PDF) and 75 audio lessons (MP3). Cambodian Catalan Chinese Real Chinese - Web SitePresented by the BBC. Czech Danish Dutch English Lao

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