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Facebook symbols (text characters for chat, status)

Facebook symbols (text characters for chat, status)

Facebook's Zuckerberg Says The Age of Privacy is Over Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg told a live audience yesterday that if he were to create Facebook again today, user information would by default be public, not private as it was for years until the company changed dramatically in December. In a six-minute interview on stage with TechCrunch founder Michael Arrington, Zuckerberg spent 60 seconds talking about Facebook's privacy policies. His statements were of major importance for the world's largest social network - and his arguments in favor of an about-face on privacy deserve close scrutiny. Zuckerberg offered roughly 8 sentences in response to Arrington's question about where privacy was going on Facebook and around the web. The question was referencing the changes Facebook underwent last month. See also: Why Facebook is Wrong: Privacy is Still Important Zuckerberg: "When I got started in my dorm room at Harvard, the question a lot of people asked was 'why would I want to put any information on the Internet at all? The Flimsy Evidence

Къде са роботите? - част втора « Научен форум - Новини за наука, космос, материя и енергия, медицина, генетика, природа Подходът „от долу на горе” Това е вторият и сравнително нов подход към решаването на проблемите на изкуствения интелект. Учените се опитват да наподобят еволюцията и начина, по който се учат бебетата. Видяхме колко трудно е да се създаде човекоподобен робот, който да се ориентира в стая пълна с предмети, по метода от горе – надолу, но прости, насекомо подобни механични роботи, без никакъв начален софтуер освен изкуствена невронна мрежа, се научават да маневрират в такива стаи за минути. Един от адвокатите на подхода от долу на горе е Родни Брук – директор на Лабораторията по изкуствен интелект в МТИ. По времето на създаването на COG, една от участничките в експеримента забременява и учените се обзалагат кой пръв, в рамките на две години, ще се научи да се адаптира в реална среда, COG или нейното бебе. Например, един от най-сложните изкуствени невронни мрежи съдържат около 100 милиарда изкуствени неврона, но по ефективност на работа не могат да се сравнят с червея – C.elegans, например.

Facebook Timeline Cover: 40 (Really) Creative Examples Just if you didn’t know, Facebook Timeline is the latest feature that was introduced in the recent Facebook Conference, F8. It’s generally a complete overhaul of the profile page with the new ability to view your status updates in a list sorted by time, hence the name. With this new feature comes a new way of introducing yourself though graphic other than profile photo, and we call it Timeline Cover. And yes, what you can expect is thousands of facebookers try to be creative with their new timeline cover, spawning the hype all over the web. In this showcase we’re gonna show you 40 awesome and creative timeline covers which either inspire you, amaze you or just make you burst out into laughter. Also, at the end of the article, we are going to throw in a Facebook time PSD template (updated) to guide you creating one accurately. Recommended Reading: Creative Facebook Timeline Cover – Part II Kay Int Veen. Aly Moffatt. Andrew Grojean. Nirajan Bom Malla. Antonio Fadda. Delphin Hauchard.

Facebook privacy: a guide - Ars Technica Everywhere you look (even here at Ars), there are articles about people making poor decisions about what kinds of info and how much to share on sites like Facebook. The Internet is no longer a place where you can hide out easily—friends, family, and employers are all lurking, reading your embarrassing status updates and checking up on those drunken pictures from last week. And that's just the beginning—the world of social networking is a feeding ground for identity thieves and stalkers, too. But it doesn't have to be that way. If you don't want to be socially available at all, then the solution is right in front of you and you can stop reading! Dividing up your friends When Facebook first launched, it was easy to determine who was a friend and who wasn't. You can organize your friends into different groups, which can later be used to divvy up permissions. Once you've split up all your friends into different lists—what's next? Tweak access to your profile Control who finds you via Search

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Facebook Wasting Lives Since 2004 Facebook Covers has only (HD) High Definition Quality Facebook Facebook Wasting Lives Since 2004 Facebook Covers. Our site is the fastest growing timeline covers site on the web and we have many Facebook facebook profile covers for you to use on your facebook timeline profile.. We update our Facebook facebook covers category on a daily basis so make sure to check back for new FB covers! Our covers are fully compatible with Facebook Timeline Cover Size 851x315 otherwise known as 851 pixels in width and 315 pixels in height.

32 Ways to Use Facebook for Business Facebook’s not just for keeping tabs on friends and filling out quizzes — it can also be used as a highly effective business tool. It’s great for marketing your products, landing gigs and connecting with your customers. Here are 32 ways to use Facebook in your business. Manage Your ProfileFill out your profile completely to earn trust.Establish a business account if you don’t already have one.Stay out of trouble by reading the Facebook rules regarding business accounts.Install appropriate applications to integrate feeds from your blog and other social media accounts into your Facebook profile. Connect and share with others Obtain a Facebook vanity URL so that people can find you easily.Add your Facebok URL to your email signature and any marketing collateral (business cards, etc.) so prospects can learn more about you.Post business updates on your wall. Use Network, Group and Fan Pages Start a group or fan page for product, brand or business.

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Seven great writing quotes from seven great American writers Ernest Hemingway once said “All American literature comes from one book by Mark Twain called Huckleberry Finn. There was nothing before. There has been nothing as good since.” John Steinbeck Ernest Hemingway Elmore Leonard Toni Morrison Stephen King Henry Miller F. designed by the awesomely talented Chris Ritter 5 Fantastic Facebook Fan Page Ideas to Learn From This post originally appeared on the American Express OPEN Forum, where Mashable regularly contributes articles about leveraging social media and technology in small business. So your business is on Facebook, and brand engagement is up thanks to some savvy social media strategy. You may even be interested in further distinguishing your brand by building a custom landing page for your account. But what kind of value does a custom Facebook Fan Page offer? Interactivity Social networks are not passive, so your Facebook landing page shouldn't be either. Facebook is all about sharing, and The Gap has an ingenious promotion on the Baby Gap tab of their Fan Page. This kind of campaign provides a wealth of free, user-generated content that displays Gap products, and best of all, the functionality of photo uploading is already built into Facebook — no development necessary. The Home Depot has built a bit on the shareability of Facebook actions with their DIY Gifts app. Deals! Conclusion

Cody McCasland and his amazing spirit (13 pics) Pics | 22 Jul, 2009 | Views: 79370 | Cody McCasland is not an ordinary child. He had to have his legs amputated below the knee when he was only 15 month old because of a rare condition called Sacral Agenesis. Some months later he got his first prosthetic legs and since then he can move almost like any other kid. Do you like it? It is just one of the thousands of posts that we have on the How To Integrate Facebook With WordPress « Smashing Magazine Advertisement Facebook is one of those Web phenomena that impress everyone with numbers. To cite some: about 250 million users are on Facebook, and together they spend more than 5 billion minutes on Facebook… every day. We did some research to find out how the integration of Facebook with WordPress and vice versa works, or — in other words — how you can present your WordPress blog on Facebook or use the functionality of Facebook on your WordPress-powered blog. 1. Integrating a WordPress blog into Facebook is actually quite simply achieved via the Facebook API. The applications sustain themselves through earnings generated by displaying advertisements, which also makes Facebook an even more attractive platform to develop on. Plug-In Installation and Configuration John Eckman developed the WordPress plug-in Wordbook in early 2009. To access a blog via Facebook, you need to first grant access to the application. This makes it look as though Facebook serves merely as a simple feed reader.

Google Tips and Tricks - New Gmail Features - Most of you have heard of Gmail and use Google to search for info on the Internet. But how well do you know all the options and settings at your Googling fingertips? Cosmo talked to Jason Freidenfelds, a communications manager for Google, who revealed some of its favorite "embarrassment reducer" features. 1. Ever hit "Send" too soon on an e-mail? To get it: While logged into Gmail, click on "Settings" in the upper right. 2. We bet you’re a pretty busy chick. To get it: Visit, or simply click on the Calendar link on the top left of your page while logged into Gmail. 3. If you're like most hot-blooded babes out there, you rely on text messaging more than most other forms of communication. To get it: When you create a new event in your calendar, select "Edit Event Details" and then look for the SMS Reminder under "Options." 4. You know how Gmail automatically saves your chats? To get it: While in Chat, select "Options" in the bottom left corner of your Chat screen.