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Facebook Symbols (cool text signs, emoticons & text pictures)

Facebook Symbols (cool text signs, emoticons & text pictures)
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Carty - Generate BIG text art signs - fsymbols This is my favourite and self-made generator for artful text signs. I made this because I was seriously into text art. I liked it a lot. I though it would be awesome if characters would get into each other's regions, like in graffiti if I'd want to, but I wanted to also have an ability to disable this feature (disable "Closer") if I'd want to. Bookmarklet available Before saving this bookmarklet you can try it right here. Characters You can type characters a-z, A-Z, 0-9, and :,.!?) Encool Style Online Parallel Bible Facebook's Zuckerberg Says The Age of Privacy is Over Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg told a live audience yesterday that if he were to create Facebook again today, user information would by default be public, not private as it was for years until the company changed dramatically in December. In a six-minute interview on stage with TechCrunch founder Michael Arrington, Zuckerberg spent 60 seconds talking about Facebook's privacy policies. His statements were of major importance for the world's largest social network - and his arguments in favor of an about-face on privacy deserve close scrutiny. Zuckerberg offered roughly 8 sentences in response to Arrington's question about where privacy was going on Facebook and around the web. See also: Why Facebook is Wrong: Privacy is Still Important Zuckerberg: "When I got started in my dorm room at Harvard, the question a lot of people asked was 'why would I want to put any information on the Internet at all? That's Not a Believable Explanation Perhaps the new privacy controls will prove sufficient.

Къде са роботите? - част втора « Научен форум - Новини за наука, космос, материя и енергия, медицина, генетика, природа Подходът „от долу на горе” Това е вторият и сравнително нов подход към решаването на проблемите на изкуствения интелект. Учените се опитват да наподобят еволюцията и начина, по който се учат бебетата. Мравките например нямат сложни големи нервни системи и не могат да анализират постоянно постъпващото количество информация от околния свят. Вместо това те се учат на принципа на проби и грешки, докато изградят невронна мрежа, която да моделира околния свят. Видяхме колко трудно е да се създаде човекоподобен робот, който да се ориентира в стая пълна с предмети, по метода от горе – надолу, но прости, насекомо подобни механични роботи, без никакъв начален софтуер освен изкуствена невронна мрежа, се научават да маневрират в такива стаи за минути. Един от адвокатите на подхода от долу на горе е Родни Брук – директор на Лабораторията по изкуствен интелект в МТИ. Въпреки тежките неуспехи и сложните проблеми пред учените, болшинството от тях остават оптимисти. Марвин Мински

Nerd Paradise : How to Write a 20 Page Research Paper in Under a Day Posted on: 10 Cado 7:0 - 5.27.29 So you've procrastinated again. You told yourself you wouldn't do this 2 months ago when your professor assigned you this. But you procrastinated anyway. Pick a Topic The more "legally-oriented" your topic is, the better. Make a list ...of every possible outcome that this issue could cause in...the near future...the far future...of every person that this topic affects....of any instances where this topic has come in the news....what you would do about this topic if you had the chance/power/enough-sugar...any little detail you can think ofThe important thing about this is to think of ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING, no matter how silly or far-fetched. Reorder everything Put your most obvious argument first. Then put weird off the wall stuff, regardless of importance. Put the strongest argument for your case next. Now list the incidents that will help argue for your point. It's best to keep all this in the form of an outline. Spaces Now print it out. Write Go Back Inside

TArty - Generate big artful text signs - fsymbols Tart is not only a sweet goody cake, or a teasy girl anymore. Now it's also the name for my tool that makes textual art signs. ≧^◡^≦ You can ask Tarty to make some big artful texting for you. She'll do it gladly, and what's more - your text is going to get so-o-o large!.. Ж-D That's the thing that makes my Tarty one of the sweetest and BIGgest tools that transform text into symbols. Bookmarklet available Before saving, you can try it right here. Characters You can type English characters a-z, A-Z, digits 0-9, and punctuation signs ., !? Symbols, my tarty uses are: ▓▒░▄█▀▌▐─. Some times it makes sense to try enable perforation, because the place where you'll put the sign (for ex., Facebook) might have large distances between lines and perforation will add horizontal distances which may balance those vertical ones out and make a legit unique style. Encool Restyle

Amazing Photo Moments Amazing Photo Moments Some extremely beautiful and creative moments captured from various authors. Cool stuff on other blogs Facebook privacy: a guide - Ars Technica Everywhere you look (even here at Ars), there are articles about people making poor decisions about what kinds of info and how much to share on sites like Facebook. The Internet is no longer a place where you can hide out easily—friends, family, and employers are all lurking, reading your embarrassing status updates and checking up on those drunken pictures from last week. And that's just the beginning—the world of social networking is a feeding ground for identity thieves and stalkers, too. But it doesn't have to be that way. Many users are aware that Facebook has numerous privacy controls, for example, but even the most experienced Facebook users often don't know just how much they can control who sees what. For instance, did you know that you can specify exactly who can see your status updates, down to different groups of friends (not just "friends" versus "everyone")? Dividing up your friends When Facebook first launched, it was easy to determine who was a friend and who wasn't. No.

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Convert Audio Online (MP3, WAV, Ogg, WMA, M4A, AAC) - New Facebook emoticons & chat pictures (smiley & image codes) Before we start, take a long pleasant breath now and let your mind slip into a world of kindness and deep emotions. This article is not about Facebook. It's about sharing the enjoyment of life with other people. Whole Facebook is not about Facebook. So get into a well relaxed ergonomic posture, and don't let anyone bother you. A tool that will enhance your Facebook name with cool letters and symbols. Hurray! I really pleasant surprises when they process what I thought they won't. Symbols ➟ Images It was a special pleasure to me as a fan of symbols to find that Facebook now recognises symbols. Note, that big and small heart symbols become different emoticons. Copied. Click a symbol on white background to auto-copy it. Icon art from symbols With these symbols we can arrange some interesting patterns and make whole "smiley pictures" in the same way that we make text pictures using plainly symbols. You'll have more fun with Emoji if you'll arrange them into meaningful patterns.

32 Ways to Use Facebook for Business Facebook’s not just for keeping tabs on friends and filling out quizzes — it can also be used as a highly effective business tool. It’s great for marketing your products, landing gigs and connecting with your customers. Here are 32 ways to use Facebook in your business. Manage Your ProfileFill out your profile completely to earn trust.Establish a business account if you don’t already have one.Stay out of trouble by reading the Facebook rules regarding business accounts.Install appropriate applications to integrate feeds from your blog and other social media accounts into your Facebook profile. Connect and share with others Obtain a Facebook vanity URL so that people can find you easily.Add your Facebok URL to your email signature and any marketing collateral (business cards, etc.) so prospects can learn more about you.Post business updates on your wall. Use Network, Group and Fan Pages Start a group or fan page for product, brand or business.

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