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Skylar Tibbits: The emergence of "4D printing"

Skylar Tibbits: The emergence of "4D printing"
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Craig Venter: 'This isn't a fantasy look at the future. We are doing the future' | Science Craig Venter reclines in his chair, puts his feet up on his desk and – gently stroking his milk chocolate-coloured miniature poodle, Darwin, asleep in his arms – shares his vision of the household appliance of the future. It is a box attached to a computer that would receive DNA sequences over the internet to synthesise proteins, viruses and even living cells. It could, for example, fill a prescription for insulin, provide flu vaccine during a pandemic or even produce phage viruses targeted to fight antibiotic-resistant bacteria. It could help future Martian colonists by giving them access to the vaccines, antibiotics or personalised drugs they needed on the red planet. And should DNA-based life ever be found there, a digital version could be transmitted back to Earth, where scientists could recreate the extraterrestrial organism using their own life-printing box. "We call it a Digital Biological Converter. "Some of those people still hate me today," says Venter.

One Radio Network / New Form of GMO Sneaking Into Food Supply This Year - One Radio Network By Daniel Taylor “Within 50 years we could have more life forms invented in a lab than we have ever identified in nature.” – Fidelity Investments “This year [Evolva] will release a product that has been created by genetically modified yeast that converts sugars to vanillin. It will be the first major synthetic-biology food additive to hit supermarkets.” – A Switzerland based company called Evolva has developed a synthetic vanilla that is set to be released in 2014. The vanilla is created using a process of genetic engineering called synthetic biology. Synthetic biology, according to a 2005 European Commission paper is “…the engineering of biology… the synthesis of complex, biologically based (or inspired) systems which display functions that do not exist in nature.” Evolva’s synthetic vanilla is created by inserting computer coded DNA into yeast. Environmental organizations like Friends of the Earth have recognized the potential danger posed by synthetic biology. The Big Picture

Army of Nanobots is Successfully Operating Inside Live Cockroaches -- The Implications Are HUGE! It's a computer - inside a cockroach. Nano-sized entities made of DNA that are able to perform the same kind of logic operations as a si... It's a computer - inside a cockroach. Nano-sized entities made of DNA that are able to perform the same kind of logic operations as a silicon-based computer have been introduced into a living animal. The DNA computers - known as origami robots because they work by folding and unfolding strands of DNA - travel around the insect's body and interact with each other, as well as the insect's cells. "DNA nanorobots could potentially carry out complex programs that could one day be used to diagnose or treat diseases with unprecedented sophistication," says Daniel Levner, a bioengineer at the Wyss Institute at Harvard University. Levner and his colleagues at Bar Ilan University in Ramat-Gan, Israel, made the nanobots by exploiting the binding properties of DNA. The team has now injected various kinds of nanobots into cockroaches. Reference: New Scientist

GenSix Productions | Take the red pill Imagine you just woke up and the NWO agenda had begun while you were sleeping. You go to make some coffee as you ponder why your alarm clock failed to wake you on time only to discover that you have no electricity. As you peer through your curtains, you can see soldiers on the streets herding people into vehicles and then you hear the bull horn announcement echoing through the neighborhood telling you to “shelter in place” until the authorities come to your house to “process” you and your family. So the end “begins”… OK so it has been a while since my last article post, and that is because I ran into some new research and it took quite a bit of my time to study and process it. There is so much to talk about in this article that I literally spent hours (whole 8 hour days) going over it all because there is just so much to cover. Where to begin, where to begin indeed… I guess we can start off with CERN. Mr. the Southern Pole of Saturn. Mr. Why Saturn right? Anyway moving on. Cell culture

Organisms created with synthetic DNA pave way for entirely new life forms | Science From the moment life gained a foothold on Earth its story has been written in a DNA code of four letters. With G, T, C and A - the molecules that pair up in the DNA helix - the lines between humans and all life on Earth are spelled out. Now, the first living organisms to thrive with an expanded genetic code have been made by researchers in work that paves the way for the creation and exploitation of entirely new life forms. Scientists in the US modified common E coli microbes to carry a beefed-up payload of genetic material which, they say, will ultimately allow them to program how the organisms operate and behave. The work is aimed at making bugs that churn out new kinds of proteins which can be harvested and turned into drugs to treat a range of diseases. But the same technology could also lead to new kinds of materials, the researchers say. The need to supply the bugs with the X and Y molecules is meant to ensure that the cells will die should they somehow get out of the lab.

CYBERNETICS Parent Node(s): Web Dictionary of Cybernetics and Systems (1) The science of communication and control in animal and machine. (2) Perhaps because the field is still young, there are many definitions of cybernetics. Norbert Wiener, a mathematician, engineer and social philosopher, coined the word "cybernetics" from the Greek word meaning steersman. He defined it as the science of communication and control in the animal and the machine. The term derives from the Greek word for steersman. In cybernetics, theories tend to rest on four basic pillars: variety, circularity, process and observation. The early contributions of cybernetics were mainly technological (see technology), and gave rise to feedback control devices, communication technology, automation of production processes and computers. URL=

nanomarkassimilation Directory of info in regarding Assimilation and Mutation by NanoGentic Engineering Nano Aerosols These have been with us since the industrial revolution and since the early 50's these particulates were called ultrafine particles that were released into the environment~ and over the years through increased releasing of chemicals these particulate matter have interacted in the atmosphere producing chemistry that is not even listed in the periodic table. Fullerenes and NanoAssmebly These are constructs and templates that are utilized in several fashions to construct~ repair~ assemble~ and deliver it's program to a designated area to fulfil a building or an assembly of materials or to to deliver materials and or pharma agents to embed them further into the DNA of the host . Nano Assimilation and Replication Solutions to Assist in the removal of the Nanopoisoning or restoration of the DNA Lattices and Origami

Turning Bacteria into Plastic Factories Escherichia coli (E. coli) can give you a severe case of food poisoning or, with a little genetic engineering, a useful plastic. Scientists at San Diego–based Genomatica, Inc., have announced success in manipulating the bacteria to directly produce butanediol (BDO), a chemical compound used to make everything from spandex to car bumpers, thereby providing a more energy-efficient way of making it without oil or natural gas. "We have engineered the organism such that it has to secrete that product in order for it to grow," says bioengineer Christophe Schilling, president and co-founder of the company, launched in 2000 to develop such chemical-producing microbes. "The interests of the organism are aligned with our interests: It grows faster when it produces more." The E. coli can be grown in large fermentation tanks, exactly like those used to brew ethanol from corn, and have also been genetically tweaked to tolerate high concentrations of BDO in their water.

Immortality 2.0: A Silicon Valley Insider Looks at California’s Transhumanist Movement | ce399 | research archive (eugenics_transhumanism) Immortality 2.0: A Silicon Valley Insider Looks at California’s Transhumanist Movement. by Gelles, David Publication: The Futurist Date: Thursday, January 1 2009 One afternoon in late 2007, a Yahoo executive named Salim Ismail stepped up to a podium at company headquarters to talk about what some call “the world’s most dangerous idea.” An intense man from India, Ismail faced a conference room packed with computer whizzes from the likes of Google, Apple, and Intel and launched into a tirade about the far frontiers of digital technology and the big battle that lay ahead. “The current system is flawed,” he said, pacing the stage. Our brains are poorly programmed, according to Ismail. Ismail’s talk, “The Need to Reengineer the Human Brain,” wasn’t the most ambitious at the conference, a meeting of a local think tank called the Foresight Nanotech Institute. Part science, part faith, and part philosophy, the essence of transhumanism is radical life extension and life expansion. A BATHTUB of ICE

Application of Nanotechnology to Food Products - Nanotechnology in Food Products - NCBI Bookshelf