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How to Create Your Udemy Course

How to Create Your Udemy Course
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Wistia Course Creation Compilation Wistia provides video hosting for businesses and personal users. The Wistia application includes detailed analytics (such as viewer heatmaps) and integrations with external stats tools like Google Analytics. The Wistia interface allows for complete customization of the video player, post and pre-roll behavior of the video, and an API which allows users to make customizations to their videos, accounts, and statistics programmatically on the back end. Along with features like the SuperEmbed Builder, which is the tool that assists with the generation of embed codes as well as the customization of the video's behavior and the player's look, Wistia has also integrated closed captioning, transcripts, and other tools that are growing increasingly important in the video marketing world. Wistia produces educational resources on video marketing; these include instructional videos in the Learning Center as well as regular blog content.

Framing: Learn How to Debate and Create Powerful Messages Prof dr Hans de Bruijn is Professor of Public Administration in the Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management at Delft University of Technology. His research focuses on governance issues at the intersection of politics, management and technology, such as decision-making about large-scale infrastructure projects, the privatisation and deregulation of utilities, safety and security, river management, regulation and inspection, managing professionals and various types of government policy relating to technology. Such issues are usually characterised by a high degree of complexity. Governance involves a network of interdependent actors who behave strategically and know how to play the game. Actors who deal with governance issues need to possess a high tolerance for complexity in order to understand these issues and come up with appropriate governance arrangements.

The Down and Dirty DIY Lighting Kit | Wistia Learning Center How to put together an effective video lighting kit for less than $100. If you follow some basic lighting principles, you can get impressive results from even the cheapest of lighting kits. This is great news for businesses with smaller budgets or folks just starting out with video. As an experiment, we went to Home Depot and built a lighting kit with clothespins, clip lights, and LED bulbs. While this is not the be-all, end-all lighting kit, it is an attainable and repeatable setup that will keep people on camera looking sharp and well-lit. Please allow us to introduce Wistia's "Down and Dirty DIY Lighting Kit" – all for under $100. Our trip to Home Depot You can build almost an entire DIY lighting kit with items you can find at any hardware store. The only thing you won't find is a light stand. The effectiveness of this lighting kit hinges on good quality bulbs. Here's the shopping list that ran us about $60. Home Depot: (x3) Clamp lights - $9 ea. (x3) Light stands - $15 ea. Kit upgrades

Java Eclipse Tools, Entwicklung + Training für Palo Making Better Help Videos | Wistia Learning Center Support videos are just about the most efficient tools under the sun! By placing valuable knowledge in your customers' hands Support videos are just about the most efficient tools under the sun! Here at Wistia, we make lots of tutorial videos that live in our support documentation. Product screencastsVoiceoversLive action video Scripting your help video When you set out to make a support video, you should always start out with a script. Try your best to keep the focus of the script narrow. When you're feeling solid about your script, do a table read. Recording the voiceover After your script is ready, record your voiceover! Before beginning to record to the voiceover, split your script into manageable chunks. At Wistia, we like to use Apple Soundtrack to record our voiceovers, but you could also use Garageband, Quicktime, or even Screenflow! Screencast Before you start to record a screencast, listen to your voiceover a few times and practice the actions you are going to make.

Leadership Training: Becoming a Successful Leader Audit this course for free and have complete access to all the course material, activities, tests, and forums. If your work is satisfactory and you abide by the Honor Code, you'll receive a personalized Honor Code Certificate to showcase your achievement. Audit this course for free and have complete access to all the course material, activities, tests, and forums. If your work is satisfactory and you abide by the Honor Code, you'll receive a personalized Honor Code Certificate to showcase your achievement.

Setting Up a DIY Office Video Studio | Wistia Learning Center Having a dedicated space in your office to shoot your videos is a competitive advantage. Here are some tips to help you turn that boring old confe... Shooting a video in the middle of an office can be pretty tricky… that's why we recommend filming in a conference room. Shooting in a conference room will not only give you control over lighting and ambient noise, but it will keep you from distracting the entire office (and keep the entire office from distracting you). Set up a backdrop Shooting your CEO sitting in a chair with some fake plants in the background doesn't look cool. Filming against an off-white wall looks pretty boring, and can lead to nasty glare and reflections. You can use stands for the paper, or just cut and tape it to the wall. Use studio lights Filming with the overhead lights from your office tends to create nasty shadows on the face. You don't need fancy lights to get a good image. 3 well-placed lights should get you just the amount of light that you need.

SkySQL Raises $20M To Support Open-Source Relational Database MariaDB SkySQL has raised $20 million to deepen its support for MariaDB, the fast growing open-source relational database and the emerging database of choice for Wikipedia. The round was led by Intel Capital with participation from California Technology Ventures, Finnish Industry Investment, Open Ocean Capital and Spintop Private Partners. Until late this year, MariaDB had primarily been an engineering project but this year it emerged as a foundation SQL technology for Wikipedia and major Linux distributions such as Fedora and OpenSuse, said SkySQL CEO Patrik Sallner. The round validates SkySQL’s approach to make MariaDB, the fastest-growing open-source database and considered the premiere alternative to MySQL. SkySQL will use the funding to invest in the MariaDB open source project, support the SkySQL community and develop commercial offerings for scaling the MariaDB database server. One of MySQL’s drawbacks is its poor scalability on cloud services such as Amazon Web Services.

Créer une vidéo Archives La vidéo interactive : Animaker (Musique dramatique, voix-off pleine de testostérone). Après Powtoon en 2013, Moovly en 2014, les logiciels de montage vidéo e... La vidéo interactive : YouTube Nous vous parlions la semaine dernière d’un type particulier de vidéo interactive. La vidéo interactive : ThingLink vidéo Pour ce nouvel article de notre dossier « Les vidéos interactives, c’est trop cool », nous avons choisi de nous intéresser... La vidéo interactive : Adways Une vidéo interactive, c’est une vidéo tout à fait normale sur laquelle nous ajoutons d’autres ressources, comme du texte,... PixiClip Un petit dessin vaut mieux qu’un long discours, voilà la promesse de PixiClip. Moovly Après Pow Toon et wireWAX, restons dans le monde magique des vidéos « fait maison » et penchons-nous aujourd’hui ... WireWax Nous vous avions déjà parlé de Thinglink, une solution web pour créer des images interactives. Pow Toon Pow Toon est un service en ligne qui permet de créer ses propres vidéos animées.

e-Learning Software - Easygenerator Make or Break It: Introduction Video Case Studies Your introduction lecture is one of the most important lectures in your entire course because it’s your first (and sometimes only) chance to convince students that your course is the correct one for them. After that first lecture, you want students to commit to the learning journey that you have planned for them. In our previous resource articles we showed you how to structure your introduction lecture and shared some successful strategies for filming. Nothing says that you believe in your material more than getting on camera – this allows your students to both know and trust you. We enlisted the help of an on-camera superstar, bestselling instructor Alexa Fischer, to coach two first time instructors through the filming of their first lecture. Richard…Take 1! Check out Richard’s first take at his intro lecture and Alexa’s video feedback: Richard…Take 2! Richard incorporates Alexa’s suggestions and re-films the lecture, then Alexa offers him some final feedback: Errette…Take 1!

7 Top Wishes of IT Project Managers CIO — Ah, the joys of being a project manager. From being treated like a servant of management and not being included in key decisions, to having priorities, tasks and deadlines constantly changed on them -- and then being blamed for delays and slipups -- IT project managers have a lot to deal with.But what if project managers could change all that? What if a genie could grant IT project managers three (project-related) wishes? What would project managers wish for? decided to find out -- and asked IT project managers, If you could have three project management-related wishes, what would they be? Here are the seven most-wished-for items. Wish No. 1: To be involved from project inception. [Related: 7 Tips to Help Project Managers Track Their Tech Teams/strong>] "This means involve them from the start so that the right resources are budgeted for, correct assumptions are made and the right questions are asked," he says. [Related: 7 Must-Have Project Management Skills for IT Pros]