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Romance Writers of America

Romance Writers of America

The Romance Reader Mari Carr Submission call from me! (something I rarely do anymore) | Nice Mommy~Evil Editor So Carina Press keeps me pretty busy on the admin (and travel, omg, the travel!) side of things and it doesn’t leave me a lot of time for editing. I still do some editing, but it’s generally not much more than one or two novels a year, and then the holiday novella collections. I’m looking to acquire a few things for my own schedule for Fall 2012. Here’s what I’m specifically looking for: A contemporary romance trilogy or series. A new paranormal romance (or urban fantasy w/romantic elements) series. A very, very hot erotic romance series. So the trend here is that I’m looking for an author/authors I can build within a series in these particular genres. If you have something now, or in the coming weeks/months that fits the bill, please follow the submissions guidelines here, and send to the submissions address. Edit: I’ve had some questions about subbing an idea or partial. Tags: Carina Press, Editing, submissions

Smart Bitches, Trashy Books Welcome - Author Jill Shalvis iMovie Movie Trailers across the content areas I have finally had time to work with iMovie movie trailers on the iPad, and it is so much fun! A movie trailer is a perfect summarizing activity. It can also act as a “teaser” as an introduction to a presentation or student paper. A movie trailer includes many of the literacy areas. The movie trailer component of the iMovie app for the iPad includes several themes to pick from. The first step in making an iMovie movie trailer is taking a look at the script and storyboard pages. One great site by Timothy Jefferson includes PDFs of all of the theme scripts so students can work things out on paper first, as they are going through the development process. Some ideas for using movie trailers across the curriculum include: You can also find many tutorials which include instructions on the process of using iMovie movie trailers on the iPad From MacLife (written)From Make Use Of (written)From Pasco Schools (video)From Jim Gates (video)

Cherrie Lynn Unshelved by Gene Ambaum and Bill Barnes Nerd Girl Problems *whispers into the darkness* hey you guys if you want to follow me on Instagram, that could be cool. I’ll upload the new posts when they come out on tumblr, and I’ll post other funny or cool stuff or something like that. Its justnerdgirlprobs. Filed under justnerdgirlproblems instagram

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