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Romance Writers of America

Romance Writers of America
Romance Writers of America is dedicated to advancing the professional interests of career-focused romance writers through networking and advocacy. See what we're all about and learn more about this strong, dynamic association. Education From its monthly trade magazine to conference workshops and online classes, RWA offers a variety of educational opportunities for romance writers to learn and improve upon the skills and knowledge neccessary to thrive in the fast-paced romance publishing industry. Networking Through local chapter meetings, national conferences, online discussion forums, specialized communities and more, RWA members create contacts to further their professions.

The Romance Reader Top 100 List Compiled by Jean Mason Little did I realize a couple of months ago what I was getting into when I blithely suggested to Dede that -- given the furor about the Top 100 Novels of the 20th century -- we ought to compile a list of the Top 100 Romances. And who better to determine the top romances than the readers of The Romance Reader Mari Carr iMovie Movie Trailers across the content areas I have finally had time to work with iMovie movie trailers on the iPad, and it is so much fun! A movie trailer is a perfect summarizing activity. It can also act as a “teaser” as an introduction to a presentation or student paper. The Romance Reader Welcome - Author Jill Shalvis Nerd Girl Problems *whispers into the darkness* hey you guys if you want to follow me on Instagram, that could be cool. I’ll upload the new posts when they come out on tumblr, and I’ll post other funny or cool stuff or something like that. Its justnerdgirlprobs.

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