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Phoronix Test Suite - Linux Testing & Benchmarking Platform - Browser Archive Cross Browser Testing. Pick an OS, Pick a Browser, Test website Talks at the 2009 jQuery Conference This past weekend was the 2009 jQuery Conference here in Boston. It was an incredible event – 300 people attended and a ton of discussion, collaboration, and learning happened. Nearly the entire jQuery project team had the opportunity to meet for two days prior to the conference and hash a number of things out – figuring out most of the planning for the upcoming year. (Left to Right: Mike Hostetler (Infrastructure), John Resig (Core), Paul Bakaus (UI), Brandon Aaron (Core), Richard D. A full list of the presentations that were given can be found on the events site. Recent Changes to jQuery’s Internals A run-down of all the features and internal changes made in 1.3, 1.3.1, 1.3.2, and 1.3.3/1.4. Understanding JavaScript Testing A broad overview of all the different testing solutions that exist for JavaScript and where they might best fit into your full testing solution. State of jQuery ’09 A quick overview of the past year of jQuery and a look towards the upcoming year. Comments are closed.