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Molecule Tiny Homes

Molecule Tiny Homes
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Brevard Tiny House | "Life's a garden–Dig it!" Tiny Houses designed by Jay Shafer | Four Lights Tiny House Company During the past eighteen years, I’ve refined my designs to create some of the best small homes available. All of our front-gable houses* of 120 square feet or smaller have been configured to fit between the wheel wells of a standard car hauler, which means that: Their construction is much easier and more affordable.It’s possible to build the homes on wheels or on a foundation, and move from one surface to the other.Each home now has 8 times as much insulation and an unbroken waterproof membrane where the wells once were. I’ve also managed to get rid of all the collar beams that obstructed the cathedral ceilings of my dwellings. Not-Quite-So-Tiny I’ve also designed some slightly larger houses that range from about 280 (plus another 250 for prospective loft space) to 380 square feet (plus 350 for loft space). RV or Not RV? These new houses meet all ANSI requirements for RVs when they’re mounted on wheels by a licensed RV manufacturer. Your House, Your Way Jay Shafer

Cai (tm) House Nick Hurt of Cambridge, VT has created a cabin he calls the Cai ™ House. This is a portable cabin. Nick is in the process of getting his business off the ground and wanted to share his design here on the Tiny House Blog. The cabin pictured here is a prototype cabin and is not for sale. Nick describes his prototype cabin below: Definition- a two story 420 square foot portable, energy efficient, low impact, self sufficient structure that can be set up by one person in 6-8 hours. Where transformer toy meets housing- Everything stores neatly inside during transport and unfolds into a cute little house that can be folded up to be transported again. The prototype shown in the photos is not insulated and was constructed for personal use. I would like to custom build you a custom cai ™ house utilizing highest quality sustainable materials assembled by Vermont’s finest Master Carpenters. Intended uses- 1. General Information- 1. Cai (tm) House Folded Living Area Loft Floor Plan Loft Floor Plan

Tiny House Builders and Companies There is a growing number of tiny house builders to choose from and several ways to go about building your own. So which way is best? That’s the question you’ll have to answer for yourself. And there’s a lot to think about... I can help by showing you what I do know about each company and what they offer. You’ll find that you have several options, including... Purchasing tiny house building plansDoing the construction yourselfHiring contractors to build it for youOrdering it ready made by a companyOrdering just the "shell" and completing the rest yourselfETC... And the options go on... Each one offers different things. Tiny Green Cabins Tiny Green Cabins offers a variety of homes from 32 to 250 square feet. Tumbleweed Tiny House BuildersTumbleweed was founded by Jay Shafer, who has lived in houses under 100 square feet for years. Tiny Texas Houses Tiny Texas Houses is another favorite which is founded by Brad Kittel. Yes Wee Cabins Here I'll show you Yes Wee Cabins tiny houses.

Naked Cabins | Tiny Green Cabins “In wilderness is the preservation of the world.” ~ Henry David Thoreau Prairie-Schooner-Tiny House Order a Naked Prairie Schooner tiny house and receive a $1500 discount as part of our new model introductory sale Naked Tiny Houses Love Shacks? My daughter came up with a use for Tiny Green Cabins, and its’ use could be as a private get away “love shack” and a nice private fun “retreat” to get away from the noise and routines of daily life and just have “fun!” Here’s what a Naked Cabin looks like. In the spirit of that “having fun”, we are offering the Breathe Easy ,Wildflower, and Wildfire tiny houses as a welded 18 gauge steel frame on a custom trailer for the drive way and back yard enthusiasts; a head start on building their own Breathe Easy or Wildflower Cabin. Our Tiny Green Cabins 2013 tiny house models on wheels come as a welded cold formed 18 gauge steel frame built to be integral with the custom trailer for your tiny house. TGC Steel’s Benefits: Breathe Easy Storage Area

the pods All our pods are built to customer order and can be tailored to suit your requirements.The following is a typical specification for a Garden Office Archipod® Walls Curved plywood structural box with encapsulated fibreglass insulation, plasterboard finish internally on high performance foil insulation and vapour barrier to a standard that exceeds current building regulations. Fully plastered and decorated after installation, so no visible internal jointing strips. External cladding Western Red Cedar shingles, blue label grade, on breathable membrane on battens. Glazing 1.0m diameter hinged double skin polycarbonate roof dome to maximise natural light and ventilation. Desk An ergonomic semicircular desk, 700mm deep and an effective curved length of 3.1m, in a range of finishes and colours to the customers choice, with 2 cable grommets in the top and cable management below. Floor Suspended timber floor with 75mm closed cell insulation. Electrics Foundations Door

Wildflower II | Tiny Green Cabins Wildflower II Base Plan The Wildflower II tiny house, micro home is built to the specifications of our healthy homes series. It is 8′ x 22′ with a 3′ covered front porch. The hardwood finish is a Tung oil hand-rubbed finish, steel roof that is classified as Class IV hail resistant, steel lap siding, and a 3/4″ x 6″ White Ash Character grade paneling, with white ash cabinetry and custom white ash doors. To see what the inside of the most recently completed Wildflower II looks like follow this link The Grand Tour Featuring: Healthy LivingBarrel VaultStairs to LoftSpace for Washer/DryerElectric in-Floor HeatAbundant StorageSteel FrameHardwood PanelingHardwood FloorsCovered Front Porch Dimensions Cabin Size: 8′ x 22′Sleeps 1-3Road height when mounted on Trailer: 11′-8″Approximate weight: 10,000 – 12,000 lbsPorch: 7′ x 3′Loft Height: 2′-8″Ceiling Height: 6′-3″

Sweet Pea Tiny House Plans: Big Enough to Start a Family? Published onSeptember 23, 2013 I thought I’d let you know that Dee Williams and her team at PAD Tiny Houses have made the Sweet Pea tiny house design available to the public. It’s a design that was created for their friend Gina who wanted a tiny house that she can maybe start a family in. What do you think? Can you see yourself starting a family in this tiny house? Photos by Chris Tack Do you think this tiny house is spacious enough for a young family who enjoys simplicity? Sweet Pea Tiny House Plans: Do You Think it’s Enough to Start a Family In? Exterior – Hitch Side I love the little bump out that gives you just that little bit of extra space. Interior of the Sweet Pea Tiny Home I really like how there’s a lot of open space when you come in. Looking Towards the Sleeping Loft and Kitchen Pretty Big Kitchen for a Tiny House, Right? Closet Space I think closet space might be one of the biggest challenges for a family living in a tiny house like this. Bathroom in the Sweet Pea Tiny House

The Small House Movement in a Nutshell | Four Lights Tiny House Company tall tales and tiny fictions It makes sense that, as more information gets published about small houses, more misinformation is bound to surface too. Most of the stories out there are as harmless as they are entertaining. So far as I can tell, it’s not true that the typical tiny house can be built for less than the cost of a single tank of gas; nor is it, apparently, true that some of these places can be heated for a whole week by a single human fart. 1920's House on wheels. One of the most widely-disseminated stories out there also happens to be one of the most misleading. This short fiction readily dismisses the enormous contributions of all the tiny house pioneers who inspired me and my contemporaries. Images from the book Rolling Homes by Jane Lidz. Credit where credit is due While credit for this, so called, revolution can’t be assigned to just one person or house, there is one influence that seems to have held particular sway. The seeds of a tiny revolution Jay Shafer

Sweet Life Tiny Houses | Tiny Green Cabins “To find the universal elements enough; to find the air and the water exhilarating; to be refreshed by a morning walk or an evening saunter… to be thrilled by the stars at night; to be elated over a bird’s nest or a wildflower in spring – these are some of the rewards of the simple life.” John Burroughs Introducing The “Sweet Life” series of tiny houses by Tiny Green Cabins LLC The Sweet Life series is a wood framed tiny house that can be built on skids to have the “nested” look, or a trailer added to it for making it easily transportable from one location to another. Sunflower Sunflower Tiny House 96 sq. ft. on main level32 sq. ft in lofts10′ – 14 long8.5′ wideApprox Weight 5,100 lbsSleeps 1 – 2lofts – 4′ x 8′Entry door – 2′ 6″ x 6′ 8″ Base model starts at $19,900 Add Incinerator Toilet $ 2480.00Add P12000 propane heater $ 1,605.00Add Fakro Skylight in loft $1,098.00Add 600 Watts Solar Package $5,799.00 Wildflower The Wildflower Tiny House Wildflower was our 1st design for simpler living.