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Fala atelier

Fala atelier
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Architekten, Bauherren, öffentliche Bauten Architektur ist Ausdruck von Lebenslust. Die visuelle Inspiration der Sinne. Freude an Licht, Farben und Material. Einfach zu realisieren und doch gleichsam selten vorzufinden. Unsere Projekte unterliegen allesamt strengen, funktionalen und wirtschaftlichen Vorgaben. Die disziplinierte Umsetzung klar geordneter Strukturen führt jeweils zu einfachen und aussagekräftigen Bauwerken. Gebäude sind artifizielle Lebensräume, heute mehr denn je zuvor, permanentes Umfeld des modernen Menschen. Nicht selten ein mühsames Ringen um das Besondere.

LETH & GORI New Maryino Quarter – Moscow (RU) - MLA+ | Architecture, Urbanism & Related Thinking Client: Confidential Floor Area: 370.000 m² Program: residential, retail, community functions, primary school, two kindergardens, supporting uses Team: MLA+ Links:Project sheet New Maryino is located in the south east of Moscow at the the banks of the Moskva. Buildings together with the open space layout and the programming create a dense and intense urban environment for its new residents and other residents of Maryino equally. Currently MLA+ is designing the architecture for the area which will consist of closed city blocks and articulated facades featuring rich detailing. Team MLA+: Markus Appenzeller, Olga Begovatova, Yana Golubeva, Alexey Kanin, Victor Korotych, Gerard Maccreanor, Gabriele Matuzeviciute, Mikhail Stepura, John Steventon, Milena Zaklanovic

Advanced Design Studio: Aureli | Yale School of Architecture Project Description Immigrants - both documented and undocumented - operate from a cultural, economic or legal periphery from which they cannot take access to urban and natural resources for granted. As it stands, documented immigrants lucky enough to be offered housing are usually placed in unsuitable converted apartment buildings that hide them from the city. Meanwhile, undocumented workers are an unrecognized but hugely significant part of our labor force. Our project, then, is to design a new housing typology that, through land access and opportunities for self-sufficiency, addresses issues of integration and visibility.

Interior Design | Richard Lindvall A 2000 square meter former sausage factory in the heart of Stockholm underwent an extensive renovation to give place to the new Usine concept. The new space includes Restaurant Bistro 38, Bar Poche 36, café, take-away, reception and conference spaces. Before the one year long renovations, the premises were used by the Swedish Tax Agency and consisted of a maze of tiny meeting rooms with a ceiling height of 240 cm. The entire bottom floor of the building was completely stripped down. Materials of high quality were selected to last time. Maple wood custom millwork and cognac leather upholstery accompanied with concrete, galvanized steel, white tiles and black iron details create a stylish but relaxed atmosphere. The large space is divided into three rooms, all revolving around a central black iron beam structure that has been designed to serve unique functions. Wallpaper Elle Decoration

raphaelgabrion Homepage Regentekwartier | Van Aken Architecten Door het gedeeltelijk saneren van Philips fabriekscomplexen in het centrum van Eindhoven is het mogelijk een nieuwe ontwikkeling te realiseren voor dit gebied, het zogenaamde Regentekwartier. Woontoren de Regent maakt onderdeel uit van deze plannen. Het ontwerp, bestaande uit een 96 meter hoge toren met 102 appartementen “de Regent” en 460 appartementen in carré-vormige bouwblokken “het Regentekwartier”, vormt een ruimtelijke eenheid met de Witte Dame. De toren staat als een verlengstuk van deze fabriekscomplexen op een markante plaats in de stad. Het totale plan legt nieuwe verbindingen in de stad en omvat tevens de ontwikkeling van een aantal stedelijke ruimtes; De Regent staat op het Clausplein, dat een relatie legt tussen het Lichtplein bij de Witte Dame en het stadscentrum.

La Mer et l'Homme, Grédiac, Lacrocq, Rouchet & Savitchev - Atlas of Places La Mer et l'Homme, Grédiac, Lacrocq, Rouchet & Savitchev Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Architecture de Clermont-Ferrand Sophie Grédiac - Louis Lacrocq - Adrien Rouchet - Dimitri Savitchev Master Project 2016Professors : Olivier Malclès - Simon Teyssou - Laetitia Lafont - Aude Mermier - Olivier Guyon - David Robin - Luc Léotoing A counter-relief interpretation of the city of Copenhagen Water, in its richness and complexity shapes the cartographic representations of Copenhagen. The defensive position on Kystagerparken with a Nautic Center and public facilities Kystagerparken, is a 24-hectare park which forms the western boundary of the Bay of Kalveboderne. Assimilation & fallback with a Data Center Tower The lands of Kalvebod Faelled, on the island of Amager compose the limit of the Bay of Kalveboderne. Thanks to Adrien Rouchet for sharing this project.

Projects - Casey Hughes Architects Residential and Commercial Architect Concursos de Arquitectura - Blog de Concursos para arquitectos