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How To Analyze People On Sight - FULL Audio Book - Human Analysis, Psychology, Body Language

How To Analyze People On Sight - FULL Audio Book - Human Analysis, Psychology, Body Language

18 Tips And Tricks About Reading People Gay Test This is a psychological test to help you explore your sexual orientation. If you are looking for a test to find out if you are "gayyy", first realize that using "gay" as an adjective is mean, then go elsewhere. This test works on the principle that people are better at judging the attractiveness of people they themselves are attracted to. For example, most heterosexual men report that they can easily judge the attractiveness of women, but would have a hard time ranking their male friends. In this test you have to rank the attractiveness of a series of individuals and your responses will be compared to homosexual and heterosexual patterns. What is your age? Are you male? What best descibes you? For all the pairs of individuals below (45), choose which one the most attractive in a general sense. Home

The Wrong Body Language Never look away from your audience. In the outside world you may multitask and look at your Blackberry while ordering a latte, but never lose eye contact with those who have come to hear you speak. Eye contact helps you connect to people and enhance feelings of trustworthiness and likeability. Fidgeting with your hands is distracting. When you use your arms, gesture from the shoulder—not your elbow—to avoid looking like you are doing the chicken dance. You should be neat and organized. “Nobody wants to look at your behind,” says Rosenthal, CEO of Communispond in East Hampton, NY. Do your best to avoid “filler" words. Run through a preview “performance” so you know you have the right amount of material to make the best use of your allotted time, and you’re not forced to rush to squeeze in important points. Keep sounds effects like chortling or laughing at a minimum. You don’t want to distract your audience—or inadvertently convey disdain—with visual effects like rolling your eyes. Smile.

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Brain pathways are affected by drugs of abuse. Skip to main content En español Home » Addiction Science: From Molecules to Managed Care » Why Do People Abuse Drugs? » Brain pathways are affected by drugs of abuse. Addiction Science: From Molecules to Managed Care Brain pathways are affected by drugs of abuse. The dopamine and serotonin pathways are two brain systems affected by drugs of abuse. Prev Index Next This page was last updated July 2008 Addiction Science: From Molecules to Managed Care NIDA Publications Featured Publication Drugs, Brains, and Behavior - The Science of Addiction As a result of scientific research, we know that addiction is a disease that affects both brain and behavior. Read more Ordering Publications

Rajeev Sudhakar’s Testimonial on a Conscious Value System Map | Elijah Ignatieff's - Journey into the New Paradigm In the past 2 days I did 3 value systems with founding members of the Vancouver Knexus…each one has created a very distinctive amazing value system. Here is a testimonial from Rajeev who’s values map I posted on the top of the timeline with his permission. Check out the similarity with a cross section of a sperm’s tail…i theorize that there is a connection between choosing conscious values, programming our DNA, and our spiritual evolution. Like this: Like Loading...